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-by Andrew Strom.

“Practical steps that will revolutionize your Christian walk”

For many years now I have studied the accounts of past Revivals and Revivalists. This is what I am known for – writing and speaking on the subject of ‘Revival’. But when you study this topic, one of the things you see very quickly is that we in the church today are living well below the level of Christianity that should be considered ‘normal’. (-Even a lot of “Spirit-filled” believers today). When you see what kind of Gospel was preached and what kind of Christian life was lived in the Revival days of old, you start to hunger for that kind of Christianity again. And you start to see that there is a kind-of “Revived” life that is very attainable for us all today – but so few are walking in it – or are even told that it exists.

In many ways, what I am talking about is the ‘Normal’ Christian life. It is nothing else but the “new creation” life found in Romans chapters 6 – 8. There is nothing “amazing” about it at all. Yet it is so far above the kind of Christianity that we have been led to expect, that many think it “unattainable”. How very sad – because it is the free gift of God to us all.

Is it possible to walk before God in a constant state of being ‘clean’ before Him – and knowing it? Is it possible to walk with a totally pure heart and clean conscience as our “normal” state – every day?
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