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VIDEO – “Collapse of US Family Net Worth” – COMMENTS?


Sadly, as we have been saying for some time, this is a long “DEPRESSION”, not just a brief ‘recession’. This week a Citibank report came out showing the US economy was in such poor shape that 23% of small business owners had gone “at least a year” without pay. (That amounts to 6.1 million business owners). And now the news from the US Fed that between 2007-2010, US families lost almost 40% of their net worth. As the analyst says on the video below, history will look at this period as something much greater than just the crisis of 2008. We believe there is a great spiritual “purging” taking place in the West – which will take YEARS. While sad and painful, we truly hope this “purging” will bring down the materialism and selfishness that have reigned for too long. Here is the video-