SHOCKING VIDEO 3 -“Naming Names”- Please forward it to your friends if you can. -The third (and final) part of our “SHOCKING DOCUMENTARY – Kundalini Warning”-

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Posted in TV & Videos by Andrew on October 26th, 2010 at 1:15 pm.


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  1. Johan Laubser Oct 26th 2010

    Hi Andrew.

    Thank you for being so bold in exposing these demonic and deceiving behaviour.It is time to stand up and call this exactly what it is,and that is DEMONIC.May Father have mercy on those that deliberately deceive the people and may those in deception’s eyes be opened.

    May the fear of the Lord return to us.God,please grant us your mercy for being silent for so long…

    Love in Christ.

    Johan Laubser

  2. Sharon Oct 26th 2010

    If there was as much healing going on in these meetings as there was hollering, then they might be more realistic.
    Just looks like any other rock concert. No one ever loses their mike,or gets off camera.
    Father forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.

  3. Is this not exactly what our Lord describes will happen in the last days? This isn’t even closely associated with anything the word speaks of, yet those who are hungry, those who would be satisfied with the feeding the Lord provides, will do anything, even unto losing their own lives, to experience something from the Lord and they’re too spiritually immature to realize this is right out of the pits of hell.

    These destroyers of the Lords truth must be stopped and challenged at every turn. We are to be fishers of men as the Kingfisher of men taught us; I pray we can fish some of these who have believed the lie, out of the seawaters of death before it is too late.

    The wolves are just waiting for these people who are being starved to death in the prison houses of religion & are being turned over for slaughter. (Isaiah 42).

    Good work on this Andrew. My only divergence with what you stated in the video, is the ‘New Testament’ only striving in order to become the church, when you can’t have the NT w/o the OT since they are both intimately interwined with each other through prophecy.

    A NT church seems to be the operative words used in trying to re-establish the old wine skin of church authority and hierarchy of the ‘church age’ (Time of Christ till now) when the Lord is now producing new wine that goes into a whole new wine skin. The church age is over, the Lord is doing a New and wonderous thing now, let those with ears hear and with eyes, see.

    Certainly we need to pray that those who are truely seeking the Lord will find Him with the available time that is left, but as the Bride rises to her final role, so too does the kingdom of satan and his influences over others who do not have that close relationsihp with our Lord. We see how easily that is accomplished with this video don’t we?

    If one is not ‘spiritually pure, spotless and w/o blemish’, that person risks serious satanic attack upon them; we must all wear the full armor of God and seek His direction, not that of mans.

    The living water comes from the throne of God and He invites us to drink as much as we desire for eternal life; the Spirit and the Bride say “COME!”. Seek Him while He can be found. :)

  4. maizie Oct 26th 2010

    This seems to be Matthwe 8 where the evil spirits enter into the herd of pigs but instead of pigs, the evil spirits are entering people.
    What is missing in this video is the very real destination of those who have lied and mislead so many into this deception.

  5. Tenney Oct 26th 2010

    This video shows bedlam, madness, the result of inviting “familiar spirits” into your life. Bedlam is a corruption of the name Bethlehem, a medieval English asylum for the insane. Having fully participated in New Age practices in the 70’s, I can affirm that what is going on in these “new streams” is NOT new, it is as ancient as the Garden, and is master-minded by Satan to destroy God’s people. Andrew, you are right on with your exhortations: we must discern and be sober, for the day is coming soon when God’s people will be hard tested to stand firm and overcome, by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of our testimony of Jesus, even unto death. Watch and be awake, people. Stay close to God’s word and PRAY for His Presence in your life at all times.

  6. Reborn Oct 26th 2010

    This video breaks my heart. I just don’t know what else to say. Dear God! have mercy on us. The hour of Judgment (1 Peter 4:17) is almost here. Father forgive us. We TRULY know not what we do.

    Brother Andrew, thank you for these eye-opening videos. God help us.

  7. Roberta Oct 26th 2010

    WITH THE BODY OF CHRIST. We are familiar with this as we
    were hungry for more of God and were introduced to the luaghter
    movement by Rodney Howard Brown while living in Hawaii.
    Also attended a meeting in SC that was touted as unrestricting
    the holy spirit a man we watched on Sid Roth TV and so we went
    and were absolutely appalled at what was taking place there, with
    2 or 3 of the members laying hands on a lady during the worship
    service she had her eyes closed and arms up in worship and they just surrounded her at first laying hands on her back and shoulders and head, until they got her on the floor and were “pushing her belly”. We left before they could get to us. Cut off the wrist
    band they attached on my wrist and thre it in the weeds. Felt
    defiled for days. and finally wrote Sid Roth about the experience
    and that he should be more careful of who he promotes on his program. That permission is required to lay hands on people
    unless they are presenting themselves for healing, but to go
    around and start touching people unawares is wrong. Sid did
    write back and apologize for our bad experience and he did agree
    that its wrong to not seek permission from people.
    GAVE OVER $100,000. to Morris Cerullo Ministry believing every
    word spoken to us via letter or in person over a 7 yr period of time
    in which we were told that “we” were end-time financiers.

  8. ashley Oct 26th 2010

    wow andrew thanks for the info. i had no idea how dangerous this movement is. i cant believe how it relates to the hindus. it makes me think about how many christians partake in yoga too. yikes. they think its not affecting them because they think about God when they do it, but i believe they are opening themselves up to the demonic realm. God bless

  9. Kenneth Heck Oct 26th 2010

    This is an excellent video. It brings to mind some questions about the past. What about the “holy rollers” back in the days of Aimee Semple MacPherson? Even beforehand, what about the quakers and shakers?
    Is there a line to be drawn from the past to the present day excesses?

  10. Khandie Oct 26th 2010

    Dearest brother Andrew,
    Thank you so much for sharing this video which I immediately forwarded to those on my list that they may see first hand the deception that has entered the church. I must tell you that my first initial emotion was anger. I wanted to jump through the computer screen to where this was happening and boldly shout STOP IT!!! Stop this MADNESS!! Watching this literally broke my heart to the point where my anger turned to deep sorrow and sadness and all I could do was weep and cry out to The Lord for mercy and pray he raise up more men (like yourself) and women of God whose sole agenda is to fulfill the will of the Lord through preaching the gospel of truth, alleviating all manner of theatrics and ALL manner of lies and foolishness, and simply preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord!!!

  11. Excellent Video Watchman exposing The Works of Darkness with The Light,-The Truth of God’s Word ! Amen !
    Eph 5:11And have no fellowship<-False Christan's(Wolves)with the unfruitful works of darkness, <-Doctrines of Demons(seducing spirits)but rather expose them.<-False Prophets Wolves in Sheeps Clothing Eph 5:12For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret.Eph 5:13But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light,(Truth-Bible) DO NOT FellowShip or CALL (Wolves sons of the Devil)Brethren Rather Expose Them ! Amen !

  12. love you Lynn and Andrew and all The Brethren on staff at JPTV, Keep on Fighting to good fight,and Defending The faith ! many are hearing and taking heed to the warnings, !

  13. one more Exhortation: these scriptures are being fulfilled in this video you did !

    1Ti 4:1 Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons,
    1Ti 4:2 speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron,

    2Th 2:1 , brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you,

    2Th 2:2 not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come.

    2Th 2:3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,

    2Th 2:4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.

    2Th 2:5 Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you these things?

    2Th 2:6 And now you know what is restraining, that he may be revealed in his own time.

    2Th 2:7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.

    2Th 2:8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.

    2Th 2:9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders,

    2Th 2:10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

    2Th 2:11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie,

    2Th 2:12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

  14. Lifesong Oct 27th 2010

    I agree with your message, Andrew, of bewaring of the manmade antics promoted by the leaders you’ve called out in this video. I am well aware of all of these people and agree with your assessment. I live just a few hours from Redding/Bill Johnson’s church and have been there a number of times; in my ministry sphere as a Christian counselor, I have worked with quite a few people who have been hurt in these types of false-spirit ministries.

    The one point of disagreement I have with your content is that you’ve linked Centering Prayer and contemplative practice to this “Kundalini” activity. I think you make an error there. I teach and practice Centering Prayer and many contemplative practices. It is awful to me to see these be linked to the wild, outrageous, what I would call ‘evil’ being perpetrated on vulnerable people by the named leaders here and others you did not name. My experience of Centering Prayer and contemplation is precisely the opposite of what you are exposing in this video… it could not be further removed and opposite. My concern is that people who watch this video and hear you speak will get an impression of Centering Prayer and contemplative practices as false means that lead away from Christ and into deception; that is simply not true.

    I would very much like to have a discussion with you on this. How might we talk privately?

    And thank you for publicizing these names and this movement. People are chasing experiences rather than seeking Jesus Christ – ecstatic experiences and mass hypnosis will always leave a person empty and unfulfilled in the end but encountering the living Lord is a filling, satisfying, whole experience that does not fade away or dissipate. I pray that those who are seeking Him through ecstasy will learn quickly that He is found in quiet and right-mind worship. So few people know how to be still and silent with God… to hear Him… to hear yourself… to hear Him speak to you.
    Centering Prayer and contemplation teach us how to meditate on His Word and His ways and on Him.

  15. harvestisripe Oct 27th 2010

    This is my understanding of centering and contemplation prayer and it comes from the same sourse as the Kundalini spirit, from pagan accultic practics.

    Iam told one has to empty their mind and seeking God from within ones ownself.

    Now is this not the same practice as somone in the occult would do trying to seek some mystical expierance.

    I belive emptying ones mind would most likel open doors for the demonic.

    The New age movement teaches this and this is how they find their spirit guides which are controlling demo spirits.

    Is emptying the mind part of what you tech, is thereguided visualization envolved in any of this when you are teachingand instructing people?

    I am not sying this is what you teach but this is ust my understanding.

  16. harvestisripe Oct 27th 2010

    Mark Virker is one who has taught centering prayer and use to teach at Toronto on occassion.

    His teachings actually taught christians the New Age method of “centering” in guided visualization in order to visualize Jesus, talk to him, hear his voice,. Virkler has a book out called Dialogue With God and in his book he speaks of a woman in ths transcentric state of payer talking to her dead daughter .

  17. Andrew Oct 27th 2010

    Sorry to say-
    Centering Prayer is very definitely based on “Eastern” prayer techniques. The buddhists and New Agers promote exactly the same kind of “centering prayer”. Emptying your mind is a big part of it. Using a so-called Christian “mantra” can be part of it. Very Eastern in origin and practice.

    God bless you! – Andrew.

  18. YES LifeSong I was a Full Blown New Ager in The Early 80′ and YES I practiced this Method many times AND it is VERY VERY SATANIC to Open The doors To Demons, THIS is NOT Like Be Still and Know He is God Bible Meditation ,This is OCCULT what You speak of, I had hands o Experience with New Age Wicca practices for 5 years, before Jesus Saved me “Watch Out that NO ONE Deceives You Jesus said Take Heed !

  19. Roger Souden Oct 27th 2010

    Lifesong – here is part of an article from: http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/dangerous.pdf
    Contemplative prayer claims for itself the experience of God, while setting aside external realities and overcoming the “otherness” of God. It takes these characteristics not from Christian tradition but from Hinduism, through the medium of Transcendental Meditation. The practice of TM is Hinduism adapted by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a Hindu guru, for use in a Western cultural setting. Fr. Pennington, one of the authors of centering prayer and an ardent supporter of TM, says, “Mahesh Yogi, employing the terminology of the ancient Vedic tradition, speaks of this ‘to plunge into deep, deep rest for fifteen or twenty minutes twice a day’ as experiencing the Absolute.” The prayer technique may also incorporate the Buddhist Zen practice of Zazen, or sitting meditation, which involves the detached observation of the thoughts. Paul writes in scripture, “So what shall I do? I will pray with my spirit, but I will also pray with my mind; I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my mind.” (I Corinthians 14:15 NIV). He does not say that he will pray with the spirit and clear the mind, but with the spirit and the mind. Clearing ones mind as to be vacant, and trusting
    God to fill it with whatever He desires, not only has no biblical grounding but also is an open invitation to spiritual invasion of unfriendly familiars. Buddhists call this state Nirvana or Satori, the New Age calls it “at-one-ness”, and Christian mystics perceive they
    have experienced some kind of ecstatic union with God.
    I agree with those who say this is not of Christ Jesus our Lord, and may well take you to another christ or another jesus.

  20. Good Job Brother Roger very good defense of the faith bro !

  21. Fantastic video, hadnt seen that footage of IHOPs drunkeness before either. Keep up all the good work.

  22. Evan Roberts (of the 1904 welsh revival)wrote in the book he co- wrote “War on the Saints “warned about these methods of seeking Christ within too.

  23. There is nothing new in any of these manifestations.

    Even in little old NZ this was happening back in 1998 in a main stream Pentecostal church with the youth.

    Read 2 Cor 11:1>>15 (esp vs 4 , the other Jesus and the other spirit ) along with Matt 7: 21>23, to see what we are up against, in fact it would probably be better to warn using the verses above, because most people who get deceived don’t understand that we have been warned so specifically in the bible about the name of Jesus being used to convey another spirit with unholy ministers.

    The manifestations are always the same with this other spirit, and always revolve around a lack of true surrender, the empowerment of emotional responses, and people getting very protective and defensive about there experiences if challenged.

  24. avoice Oct 27th 2010

    I would love to show these videos to my friends who are involved in prophetic movement, but unfortunately, they regularly see all of this kind of stuff and don’t think it is unusual.
    I wish you had added some clips from Brandon Barthrop, the “pirate ” who runs around with Crowder from time to time. We saw one clip of one of Crowder’s associates in which this man is laying on the floor “Nursing” at Jesus’ breast. REVOLTING!! I wish my friends could see the whole picture. I pray that their eyes would be opened, and the veil removed. I just wish Andrew had chosen some even more revolting clips to add to this warning. I know my friends woud not think the majority of this warning is even innappropriate

  25. Andrew Oct 27th 2010

    Avoice – how sad.
    I went about as “revolting” as I could stomach – but yes – Crowder and co have much worse out there.


  26. harvestisripe Oct 27th 2010

    avoice they need to watch all three videos, these manifestations are demontrated by other groups that are not christian but pagan and occultic and then demonstrated by church people same manifestations if they want to deny this, then saddly they have been deceived to rather blieve a lie than the truth.

    I pray they are able to see the truth.

  27. Question: what percentage of charismatic organizations (not denominations) do you believe have accepted this junk? I know there are many deceived out there in these organizations, but I also know there are legitimate ones (it would seem) that aren’t influenced by this (though there are other deceptive schemes the enemy throws in instead… like the prosperity gospel). Basically, what would be an estimate of the percentage of charismatic, independent churches and/or non/inter-denominational, charismatic organizations that haven’t been led astray?

  28. Mat 7:13 “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many.
    Mat 7:14 For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.

    Maybe 90% to 10%, what do you think ?

  29. I find it hard to judge (which may be part of the reason why I’m asking :P). In the area around my college, I’ve been trying to find a non-denominational, charismatic church to bring a friend to (raised Catholic, interested in the charismatic movement), but of the three I’ve found so far, one was tied to IHOP, another carries Joel Osteen overtones, and the third may have Word of Faith ties. And then I see organizations like Youth With A Mission (YWAM) pairing up with IHOP recently, though I don’t believe these manifestations are widespread through the organization (and hopefully never will be) based on my mother’s friend’s experiences with the organization. Thus, my search for reality continues.

  30. Mark, to be honest , if you, can discern the various problems that are out there, maybe ask Christ if you are to disciple your friend, until something comes up that Christ leads you to.

  31. Rollan McCleary Oct 27th 2010

    The video was good but I wish it had included on Jason Westerfield and David Herzog, both figures promoted by Sid Roth, a perhaps well intentioned person with a lot of influence on Jews but frustratingly lacking in all discernment. In response to my own concerned comments on him I have had letters to my Blog about the damage Westerfield does to Christian groups and minds and yesterday I heard he has been out in NZealand, some people even hoping it is he that will help bring revival to the country and Christchurch. Hopefully Andrew can say and do something about this?

  32. Andrew Oct 27th 2010

    Yes – I have indeed opposed Westerfield’s influence here.

    You are right – others could be included – but every 2 years more pop up – so what we need to show is general principles of what to watch out for


  33. watchful Oct 27th 2010

    “A NT church seems to be the operative words used in trying to re-establish the old wine skin of church authority and hierarchy of the ‘church age’ (Time of Christ till now) when the Lord is now producing new wine that goes into a whole new wine skin. The church age is over, the Lord is doing a New and wonderous thing now, let those with ears hear and with eyes, see.”

    Amen, Believer, that is the understanding I have received as well.

    The root of these deceptions is idolatry – we make an idol out of our doctrine, an idol out of a spiritual experience, an idol out of the bible, an idol out of spiritual activities, an idol out of our spiritual understanding when we camp in what we think we know instead of moving on with the Cloud. It is in our worship of created things, even the things that God has called good, that opens us up to other spirits, when we delight ourselves in the spiritual things of God instead of in Him alone. In trying to sort out what I witnessed at Toronto, this is what I believe happened, making an idol out of “manifestations” opened the door to deception and wrong spirits. Idoltary is in one’s own heart.

    What Jesus wants to do is set us free from the idolatry of the Tree of Knowledge into partaking of His Tree of Life, if we will be willing to continually pull up stakes, put up with the feeling of uncertainty and insecurity and not being in control, something that our flesh hates, and push forward into the unknown, following only Him, being certain of only Him. What we think we know is passing away, except Christ and Him crucified.

  34. maizie Oct 27th 2010

    I didn’t notice anyone forcing people to partake of these activities.
    Will eating of this fruit cause people to die?

  35. Sharon Oct 27th 2010

    Very encouraging words from Watchful. Much appreciated.
    The tree of knowledge is so tempting. Yet it is weak compaired to the tree of life.
    Only one life so soon is passed, only whats done for Christ will last.

  36. Watchful, very true. I posted on the forum about knowledge verses faith in our walk with Christ, and covered similar things.

    Idol worship goes for sport, jobs, money as well, and I think pride of knowledge is a big stumbling block today.

    Worshiping the creation in any way, or the manifestations as you said will cause problems also.

  37. wallbuilder Oct 28th 2010

    I don’t even know what to say anymore to what I continue to observe in the charismatic church today. I’m so grieved. The church my husband and I attend, the entire pastoral staff went to Lakeland and embraced it. My previous prayer friends want nothing to do with me as I openly spoke against it.

    I personally know an intercessor in Cambridge, MN who had a dream of warning about Todd Bentley’s meetings 5 yrs before they happened. I knew 2 wks ahead of time that immorality would be exposed because his teachings were false, and when there’s false teaching, it’s inevitable that immorality is not far behind, because they’re giving place to demons.

    And now, one of my past closest prayer friends is manifesting gold dust on her hands with healing happening. They’ve bought the lie hook, line, and sinker. I’ve mourned and prayed for them for years, and it’s clear to me that they’ve decided what they want.

    As I’ve given my life in intercession, I’ve experienced Biblical manifestations of the HOly Spirit, groanings too deep for words.. (Ro 8). These have always been as I’ve prayed for the church. THe Lord grieves over her, and so longs for her to return to him.

    But nowadays, I only sense impending judgment on our nation, starting with the church. Most in the charismatic movememt are following a spirit of delusion and don’t even realize it. IFCHRIST AND HIS CROSS ARE NOT THE FOCUS OF THE MOVEMENT, THEN IT’S NOT GENUINE REVIVAL. All Biblical, historical revivals were ALL preceded by repentance, a realization of where they fell short with GOd, a return to his Word, and holiness and the fear of the Lord, and salvation. What we have today sickens me. I feel defiled most of the time with what I see in church. I stay because I pray for Jesus’ people. BUt I need help to continue doing it. I just want to scream my head off at what I see. I’ve already been slandered by many, and exiled for the most part. And I greive for them, and for the Lord.

    I’m ready for the desert. I think it’s time.

  38. avoice Oct 28th 2010

    This may seem obvious to all, but last night whne I was praying for my friends, I felt the Lord tell me that just as people’s jugdement is impaired when they are naturally drunk, so is it impaired when they are spiritually drunk. Naturaly drunk people do things they would NEVER do when sober.They make decisons they would not normally make, and even their physical coordination and reaction times are impaired. I felt the Lord said it is the same with spiritual “drunkeness. ” These people are literally impaired.
    Our prayers for them, and videos such as these Warnings, are the “Coffee” they need to wake up

  39. HappyTrails Oct 28th 2010

    AMEN watchful!

  40. Andrew Oct 28th 2010

    Saying the “church age” is over is actually ANTI the New Testament. One of the very major points of saving us is to form us into a glorious Body – a glorious Bride for His son. The church age is not over. Its just that we have never truly “seen” the Church.


  41. Ken Arrand Oct 28th 2010

    What is truth? If we are after truth where do we look? Truth is a Person, even Jesus Christ, for He said, “I am Truth” (John 14:6). What is life? It is not a state, not a position, not enjoyment. Life is a person! Christ is Life! Christ is our armour (HE is our righteousness, our peace, our salvation, truth, etc). Christ is the fruit of the Spirit, namely, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self control. Jesus Christ is all this! The more of Him we have the more thruth we have, the more life we have, the more of the armour we have, the more of the fruit we have. Christ is everything to us!

    Christ is the “Tree of Life” in the book of Genesis. He is our “Garden of Eden”. He is our “Promised Land” flowing with milk and honey! He is our “Ark” in the storms raging around us. Everywhere you look you see this superlative, all embracing, all in all, wonderful and gracious Christ!

    As we let the Holy Spirit form Christ in us, as HE increases and we therefore naturally decrease, we live the life of Christ. Our interests will be for HIM alone, anything else is adultery!

    Shalom! Ken

  42. watchful Oct 28th 2010

    Andrew, I don’t what it will look like, I don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle, but in the meantime i don’t want to form any preconceived ideas or run ahead of the Lord for myself personally. One thing though, isn’t what is coming soon the very thing the New Testament church had been waiting for and looking forward to? At some point there is a transitioning into the millenial rule of Christ, I believe we’re in that ‘transition’ period. The birth pangs have already begun. The whole recent Chilean miner disaster and rescue was a parable and prophecy speaking of the soul’s captivity in ‘hell’, redemption and rebirth – spoken by the Lord to the whole world on prime time news!

    Wherever two or three are gathered in my name – there is the glorious Body. I think of John imprisoned on an island, scrabbling for bits and bites of anything to eat to stay alive, dressed in dirty rags, body covered in hideous burn scars probably, can we just imagine the sight he presented to human eyes….and yet…! How glorious! The Bride waits for the Bridegroom and then goes into the wedding banquet and the door is shut. Noah went into the ark and the door was shut. Go my people enter your rooms and shut the door until my wrath passes by. James Jarjou on the forum posted a comment about the wedding banquet yesterday, how glorious is that, the Bride partaking of the very nature of Jesus Christ! I’m still pondering that.

  43. HappyTrails Oct 29th 2010

    watchful….Praise the Lord for His revealing Himself and His Kingdom to you. I am so excited about what you wrote…I’m dancing in my spirit!

    You are almost there child. Keep believing Him and His revelation.

  44. HappyTrails Oct 29th 2010

    Ken Arrand….What a powerful word from you and God!


  45. HappyTrails Oct 29th 2010



    29 / 3923 June, John turns 30 and begins ministry Luke 3:1-3

    Sept., Jesus turns 30 on Feast of Trumpets

    Oct., Day of Atonement, Jesus baptized by

    John; tempted 40 days in wilderness

    30 / 3924 John imprisoned and beheaded by Herod Matt. 14:3-12

    33 / 3927 April 3, Friday, Jesus crucified while lambs

    were being killed for Passover, this is

    80 x 153 days from His birth

    April 3, lunar eclipse occurs

    End of Daniel’s 70 weeks

    April 5, Sunday, Feast of Firstfruits; Jesus

    raised from the dead; Day 1 of

    Pentecost count (50 days)

    May 25, Sunday, Day of Pentecost Acts 2:1

    Passover Age (2448-3927) ends; Pentecost

    (Church) Age (33-1993 AD) begins

    Seeds of Kingdom sowed; harvest to occur

    in “4 months” (4 x 490 years) John 4:35

    66 / 3960 40 years after 80th Jub. (26 AD); Passover,

    riots in Jerus. begin war against Rome

    Tabernacles, Cestius Gallus defeated by

    Judeans in battle; legion destroyed

    67/ 3961 Feb., Vespasian defeats Josephus in battle

    of Jotapata

    68/ 3962 June 9, Nero commits suicide S

    Galba succeeds him briefly, then Vitellius

    69/ 3963 Fall, Vespasian proclaimed Emperor by his

    troops; he goes to Rome to secure it,

    leaving his son Titus to carry on the war

    70 / 3964 Passover, Roman troops surround Jerusalem

    Sept., Jerusalem conquered; Temple burned;

    Temple vessels taken to Rome 666 years

    after 597 BC when Babylon did it

    73/ 3967 Passover, Masada taken; Sicarii and families commit murder-suicide

    40 years after Jesus’ crucifixion

    313 / 4206 Edict of Milan; Constantine stops the perse- cution of Christians; this is 7 x 40 years

    after the crucifixion of Jesus (33 AD)

    410/ 4304 Alaric the Goth sacks Rome

    455 / 4349 The Vandals sack Rome

    476 / 4370 Odoacer, the German, conquers Rome and

    is proclaimed king of Italy

    End of the Western Roman Empire

    516/ 4410 90th Jubilee from Adam

    622/ 4516 Muslim calendar begins (Hegira), this is

    half-way between 745 BC and 1986 AD

    637/ 4531 Muslims capture Jerusalem and assume the Debt Note from Rome

    1006 / 4900 100th Jubilee from Adam

    1099/ 4993 First Crusade recaptures Jerusalem; Rome

    takes Debt Note back

    1187/ 5081 Muslims retake Jerusalem and take the Debt note back

    1228/ 5122 Fredrick II restores Jerusalem to Latin

    control by diplomacy

    1244 / 5138 Muslims recapture Jerusalem

    1453/ 5347 Turks capture Constantinople; end of

    East Roman Empire (Byzantine)

    First Bible printed by Gutenberg

    1492/ 5386 Columbus “discovers” America

    1496/ 5390 110th Jubilee from Adam

    1776/ 5670 America made an independent nation in
    (12 x 210) years after Assyria begins to

    deport Israel from Samaria in 745 BC

  46. watchful Oct 29th 2010

    Oh amen! Ken, i hardly even noticed your comment earlier, I was so focused on my own thoughts – but that very thing was running through my mind today, that the truth is a Person, Christ our Saviour, and how I would gladly give up everything I “know” as dross, to have Him instead, as in truly partaking of His indescribable loveliness, that He so lovingly and graciously and selflessly offers us!

    Happy Trails, God bless you, I’m dancing right along with you! You are such a blessing and an encouragement!

  47. Andrew,
    The ‘church Age’ is over and it certainly isn’t ANTI. When I say ‘church age’, I’m meaning the religious form of worship seen in 99% of every christian church. The church age is under the banner of Christianity and His Church is moving beyond that now; He’s not revitalizing that old systems/insitutional church, He’s revived His people & are calling them out of the systems/institutional church as we’ve discussed on other subjects with references to the ‘Exodus’ out of the systems/institutional bondage. It served it’s purpose, but prophecy clearly points to a separated church of witnesses during these end times.
    The old system wasn’t much different from the jewish religious system, begun by the catholic system, purifying to the protestant systems, purifying itself even more so by being in the Lord only system, but still the ‘church’. :)

    I hope I clarified myself by putting it into context? :) Thanks

  48. Andrew Oct 29th 2010

    Yes – the old “form” of ‘church’ has had its day. That is for sure.
    The understanding of what “church” IS – this must change back to the biblical understanding.


  49. watchful Oct 29th 2010

    Lovely old hymn: He Leadeth Me, by Joseph Gilmore/William B. Bradbury


  50. Andrew:

    Kudos for your strong stand against these unBiblical practices. What the Lord has been saying to me in Scripture in recent months is that an evil generation seeks a sign, as Jesus said. We seek God and His Kingdom first, and He decides the rest.

    I grew up in the pentecostal movements. My grandfather and father before me were heavily involved, even in leadership. But the fruit of the Spirit was often absent, even when the so-called “signs of the Spirit” were abundant. I sat and watched as a young boy while fiery preachers got people whipped into a frenzy, and the ‘slain in the spirit’ were laying in the aisles. These same people never seemed to change. They had the same depressed or surly or hardhearted personalities the next week, the next year, as they did before. But they were looking for the temporary release of pent-up feelings, without the true repentance and turning away from sin required of true disciples.

    Do we not know, brothers and sisters, that this is the ‘fruit’ of a different kind? These showy manifestations are just that: show. This new generation of young people was raised on lifeless Christianity, and now they are seeking something, anything, to wake up the deadness of their worldly, compromised lives. Like drugs and alcohol and guiltless sex, they seek an “experience” that will shake them and make them feel alive again.

    I weep for the Church, but know the Lord of the Church is not surprised or shocked as we are. He knows all, He sees all, and He is not silent. Many are gaining understanding and wisdom through trial and tribulation, but they are the ones seeking God and His Kingdom, not “signs and wonders”.

    May the Christ-life be manifest in us. May His love and mercy, His wonderful generosity, His powerful holiness, His grace be in us and flow through us, without the “glitter” and the noise of these false movements.

    Your brother,

    A. Brother

  51. Stephane Nov 1st 2010

    Dear Andrew, thank you for the videos and the book you have published. Before Jesus saved me I was involved in spiritism and the occult and I remeber how I visited a local church after I was saved. I wanted to praise my Jesus and all of a sudden this demonic laughter erupted from people all over the church. I had such a fright I ran out the church as fast as I could and never went back there. I know the enemy and didn’t want to be fooled by him again. I praise God for keeping me safe and I am so greatful that people are warned against this deception. I was also told I am new in Christianity and I should just relax and invite this spirit in me – been there done that and no thank you!! never again will any spirit but the Holy Spirit be part of my life again. The holy spirit is holy not drunk! The holy spirit will not disrupt the teaching of the pastor so that the congregation leaves the church without any thing being learned. Read Isaiah 51:21-23

  52. 2Th 3:13 But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing.

  53. Donald Nov 2nd 2010

    Andrew I am very concerned here, even though this exposer is correct, there is clearly a reaction as seen on the various comments to the pentecostal experience on this site. In fact you need to be careful, because anytime one brings a crtique of charismatics or pentecostal ministries cessationalists will swarm in and amen whoever is posting the critques because of there anti-pentecostal theologies. They are in as much error as thisProphetic renewal movement is.I have been in the pentecostal charismatic ministry all of my life and ministry. I still pray come.Holy Spirit We Need you come Holy spirit We Pray Come in thy strength and thy power Come In thy own Gentle way.Without the Holy Spirit and his manifestations we are helpless and there is no ministry in fact He is the Ministry.Now after watching these videos we need to learn from them yes, but make sure we donot shut down the Holy Spirits ministry and quench the Spirits Fire there is a balance here and we must find it with out closing ourselfs off from the real and learn whats false.Error is found in the extremes to far one way or the other and you are in trouble Saints we want to expose the false but we must never stop the real thing from operate in our churches and lifes.If all elese fails read The Word Of God and see how Gods Spirit moved in the early church and pray….

  54. Bruce McIntyre Nov 2nd 2010

    Absolutely satanic in all it’s origins.
    I hear through the South Waikato Evangelist Association that Crowly is putting an appearance at a Church in Hamilton. Are there any out there willing to meet and pray against this thing, before it takes hold here. If so give me a call on (07) 886 0340 or Skype on: alphahomestead.

  55. Hanna Nov 3rd 2010

    When I watch this video, I am reminded of the time when I did volunteering with people who would have epileptic attacks, i used to feel like it was demonic, a demonic attack of some sort (I was only a teenager back then)…the way the people are manifesting in this video, looks like an epileptic attack….wow.

  56. Linda Sio Nov 3rd 2010

    I wept. When I watched the videos of kundalini spirit and the
    irreverence of these deceived elect I wept. I was ashamed before a Holy God for the defiling of what is Holy to what is unclean.

    These false practices and manifestations of unclean spirits
    were shameful and degrading of a holy, perfect and righteous
    God. They do not imitate the heavenlies but they mock all
    that is sacred and they imitate the world. God does not need
    to imitate the world but rather we are to conform to His image.

    There is no glory in what takes place or honor in this circus
    of unclean spirits.

    I praise God that He brought me out of this false movement
    in the apostate church. I thank God that He opened my eyes
    to discern what is of Him and what is not.

    We are to be Bereans and measure all things by the Word.
    We are to engage our minds, soul and bodies in our worship.
    The very practice and preaching of these apostates to turn off
    your mind and just feel is of the flesh and the lusts.

    What fruit do these deceived believers produce from rolling
    around on the floor? It seems that there is personal emotional
    and physcial gain, but nothing holy or fruitful. I did not gain
    any fruitful spiritual gains from my time laying on a hard floor.

    I might add Andrew that you were not strong enough. The
    difference of spirits that I saw between you and Torres is that
    you exposed and judged the practices and teachings but he
    attacked you personally. It was a nasty manifestation of what
    I am sure is quite an infilling of unclean spirits.

    You have spoken and warned Andrew, now give them over
    to God to deal with. Let Him judge between you and them.

    In Fear of a Holy God,
    Dr. Linda Sio

  57. Brother John Nov 4th 2010

    Nov 3rd 2010

    Mr. Storm; you were viciously attacked according to Matthew 7:1-5.
    In verse :2 we see its administered back again, don’t worry my friend, be in prayer for these people.

    Thank you Andrew. We unfortunately had to leave our AoG Church in Michigan when discernment and questioning the weird prophecies and doctrines was a divisive issue and my family on the losing end. See my profie.

    Our Pastor played it well and hid the brunt of the nonsense from the Church at first. Unfortunately one our beautiful daughters went to KC Fellowship for school, while the other went sword fighting out east with Rick Joyner. Both girls are now refuting all that nonsense and are earnestly contending for the faith which was ONCE delivered unto the saints, Jude 3.

    After parading the GREAT REVIVAL held in Lakeland Florida around the little AoG Church, some folks got wise and booked out of town also. My wife had been going there since about 1975.

    My family does not judge these ministers according Matthew 7:1-5., “personal judgments”we are in prayer though that others come to their senses. It appears that 2 Peter 2 and Jude sums up a lot of the apostasy, they accuse the precious Holy Spirit of God orchestrating.

    Praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Brother John

  58. Toking the Ghost?????? God blinging people???? Gold dust??? Angel feathers?? Stigmata???? Barking like dogs???? Crawling around hooked to a leash????? Howling like a wolf???? Gold teeth???? Oil dripping from walls and hands??? Glitter all over the body????

    What is this junk?? Where is any of this found in the Scriptures?? Man!!! How are people so deluded by this stuff? How can “Christians” so easily accept DEMONIC blasphemy and uncontrolled exhibitions of the FLESH?

    God have mercy on us!

  59. MikeG Nov 6th 2010

    I need clarification about “Christ centered prayer” or “seeking God within”.

    These are unfamiliar doctrines to me except on this site.

    When I hear seeking God within I simply think of the fact that God is IN ME. He is IN MY BODY. My prayers are generally focused inward because he is “Christ in you the hope of glory”.

    I do NOT empty my mind while praying but rather focus my thinking toward Jesus.

    I would have thought that most Pentecostal/Charismatics prayed like this.

  60. MikeG Nov 6th 2010

    Toking the ghost? Crawling around on a leash? This is pure wickedness. Let the teaching of holiness and the fear of YHWH come pouring down in every Church that thinks they are Christians. Then this stuff will dry up and go away.

  61. Sandra Nov 7th 2010

    This behavior is so not like Jesus. Remember when Ananias and Sapphira in the New Testament when they lied about how much they gave to the Church and that the Holy Spirit struck them down dead? Our God was so emphatic about purity and Holiness in the New Testament Church, why would we think He has change regarding purity and holiness in HIS Church. Remember, Todd Bentley was committing adultery while supposedly experiencing “the anointing”. I am so very grieved over this infiltration into so many so-called churches. Oh, Jesus purify us from ALL perversions and unrighteousness!!!

  62. Sandra Nov 7th 2010

    Thank you Brother Andrew for your passion for righteousness in our Lord’s Church!!

  63. oneseekingGod Nov 7th 2010

    This video is amazing in that it reveals what I have seen over the US for quite sometime. I have worked in praise and worship around the country. Been to several different meetings of many kinds. This is why I no longer participate in any of these churches period. I attended a meeting in which Joshus Mills took over the praise and worship. We had to step down and allow him to play his prophetic keyboard. This man had many claims of annoiting oil coming from his fingers to the gold dust that is mentioned on the video.
    This kind of thing destoryed my desire to be with such ungodly people. It is a prime example of people trying to as God. It reminds me each time I see these things of Romans 1.
    Andrew continue the good work and reveal all truth with love and discernment!

  64. Lesley Nov 7th 2010

    Has anybody reading this forum attended a Jason Westerfield gathering, or seen the results of his ministry to people? Unfortunately I was invited to one of his gatherings by a Christian friend, and witnessed the power he operates in. This man operates in a tremendous power and was making claims that he is the first man to have gone through the heavenly gates into a galaxy where Adam and Eve lived. He is making a huge impact on people through his advanced teachings and bodily translations. I saw a lady through one look of Jason W from a distance go under the power with both of her arms flying around like a helicopter. There is an extreme freedom that comes in these gatherings, breaking down barriers of fear and restraint. Even creation obeys his power. Fish of the sea appearing, and rain clouds forming, and trees branches bowing to the worship music to the beat of the music playing in Church. Somehow the totality of all this is equated with an experience of deep love….and believe this is the most dangerous power I have ever witnessed/experienced anywhere, including the videos Andrew has put forth on the kundalini. I know many revere this man’s ministry. He states God is chatting to him all the time, And that he has heard the Father call his name with such power that everything in him froze up. I find this man very confusing to one’s mind. Can anyone else comment here please on this man’s ministry with first hand experience or knowledge?

  65. onthenarrowpath Nov 9th 2010

    Hi Andrew and those who read this, I agree that there are alot of deceptions and lies within the church and ministries. I have lived a deep life of sin of the world and spent alot of time in many different denominational churches and ministries. There was times I was caught up into things cause I just went with the crowd in the charismatic circle and seered my discernment. other times I knew something was wrong and started learning that not everything is God in the midst of churches/ministries. One thing that I have noticed as I’ve been studying about the incorporated churches and ministries. Jesus/Yeshua and the apostles never incorporated/licensed the church/gatherings/congregations with rome or other cities. They had the choice to back then with/as all the other religions. so why does the church incorporate and give their God-given birthright to Caesar? A question to ask ourselves, What’s the difference between Esau selling his birthright and the incorporated church giving their governing power over to the state/government? following the roman rule and being tied through contract to the babylonian system of commerce. A big study on seperation between God’s Kingdom and the world kingdom which is the babylonian talmud of commerce and the roman empire which both exist today. I came to the conclusion through study.prayer and Holy Spirit teaching me about the circle of church/ministry history and the false revival/movements who were straw/wood ect.. that were judged and burned up by God’s holy fire and those who could not stand to the judgement of God. What I see as consistent, when a church leader or ministry signs a contract(not reading between the lines) to be incorporated with babylonian commerce/state/government. They give over their God given authority to whom they sign the contract with. In that process, they are decieved and give legal right through contract for the world kingdom, seducing spirits, false doctrines which are brought forth through incorporated bible schools ect, things which started in truth veer off into error and give more place for the devil to reside if they are not corrected and instructed on the narrow path. I believe God still has grace in the midst of all life of those who seek him diligently. All things in the natural have an affect in the spiritual. Are they really trusting God fully and living the true gospel when they are contracting the church out to Babylon/Rome and placing Jesus the KING under the government. They praise me with their lips bit their hearts are far from me. They teach many things, do many good works, but dont know me. They can only recieve what they contract/have legal right to have no matter how much warfare prayer anyone does or how much anyone preaches and does miracles ect, through incorporate indoctrination and false doctrines presented through being under false authoirty there is only so far they can go on a spiritual level of revival or relationship with God.
    It’s a surface relationship and knowledge of God. anyhoo, if anyone wants more info on the truth in these areas, email me at [email protected], Kevin

  66. onthenarrowpath Nov 9th 2010

    Oh yea, that makes the narrow path much more narrow and where persecution from religious begins on a whole other level