STUNNING VIDEO – Japan Tsunami

The most astounding footage that I have come across of this tragedy. Click the picture below and the video will play in a new window-

Tsunami Video

Posted in TV & Videos by Andrew on April 6th, 2011 at 7:45 pm.


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  1. Milinda Apr 6th 2011

    The Japan video does not seem to have a play button – could not view it?? Regards,

  2. Andrew Apr 6th 2011

    Try simply clicking on the picture.


  3. Milinda Apr 6th 2011

    I’ve tried, but to no avail. Could be a problem with my PC… Blessings

  4. Linda Apr 6th 2011

    Milinda, just click on the picture and it will play.

  5. MargieInOz Apr 6th 2011

    Safari can’t play this file on my iPhone either, haven’t tried the computer yet.

  6. Hindsfeet Apr 6th 2011

    I just watched this. I am struck by how much this footage reminds me of Jesus’ warnings about the massive snare that is going to cover ALL that live on this earth. Especially the people driving down the road, seemingly unaware of the monstrous destruction heading their way. So chilling.

    Speaking of the Day of His return:

    Luke 21:35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

    SNARE: An unexpected and deadly peril, unexpectedly, suddenly, catching unawares

    Luke 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man .

    So now I’m wondering- what will God’s snare be?

    What is powerful enough and widespread enough to ensnare the entire earth? What can happen globally that is also SUDDEN and UNEXPECTED?


  7. Hello,

    I am using IE7 (Internet Explorer 7) and it does not play

    Anyone else have issues of this not playing?

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Bob

  8. It works if you use the Firefox browser.

    The video is a reality check on one’s priorities and what’s really most important.

  9. TheDude Apr 7th 2011

    What a powerful reminder of God’s sovereignty. Does anyone have a link to this video with better quality? I can get it to run on my Mac, but the quality is poor.

  10. eaglelife Apr 7th 2011


    Your words resonate deeply. I have expressed many times to people that we have a F5 tornado bearing down on us. We don’t go about life as usual if we know that. It is time to examine our lives to see if we be in the faith, to find God, to seek God, to cry out to God to expose falsehoods in our lives that we not be living out of a faith that is full or partially full of presumption. That is the American way and probably not just America any more.

    But as you quoted in Lu 21:36 , it says just that. I need to use that verse, add that to my stash.

    When I see this I am without words because I see all these people going into eternity probably most of them without the Living God. It is so sobering. I weep. I cry out to Jesus. Only He can touch peoples hearts in their innermost being to wake them up. I can share His word but so many people don’t care to really hear. They listen but they don’t hear. They are so secure in their money and things. They are rich and have need of nothing. My cry to the Lord is to do that work in me that His word coming through me will arrest them, stop them in their tracks as the Lord did to me. My cry is For God to call His own to Himself. He knows those that are His.

    Hinds feet, thank you for sharing. May our Father God through our Lord Jesus Christ touch us all in this in a way that counts for eternity with Him.

  11. alice Apr 7th 2011

    this is so frightening – and like somebody else said – the people driving along the road didnt seem to be aware of the coming disaster – it is very sad to think that we are watching them as they are possibly driving to their death.
    does anyone know what is happening in japan at the moment – it seems to have faded off the news – i guess the media are waiting for the next disaster.
    God have mercy on us.

  12. I am heading to prayer in 2 hrs, and I am made more ready because of this vedio. I have the spirit of intercession all over me and again awakened to the realities of heaven and earth. How short of a time we have to get the True Gospel out of Jesus Christ. How many are dieing in their sin while we still sit back in our comfort refusing to be awakened. We know the power of prayer but still not praying as we should to secure the power of God for a lost and dieing world. We need you Father, we cry for your Mercy and Power.Oh Please Come and Save us!!! Raise up the standard of Holiness and bring us to agreement with You, and pour out your Rains upon us. Floods on Dry Ground!!

  13. Linda Apr 7th 2011

    This video is a big reminder that man is nothing compared to God.

  14. Pastor Brian Bennett Apr 7th 2011

    may we be relentless in our work forthe kingdom in His will…….in His will to save the lost and blinded and dying world in Jesus Name

  15. Do we really know how many of these recent global natural disasters occurred as a result of natural happenstances and how many are as a result of the US and other world military powers testing their newly acquired natural weapons?

    According to suspicion, some of these new type weapons can cause the tectonic plates to shift at particular points under the earth or sea, so that the closest cities or countries to the point experience earthquakes and tsunamis. They can also re-direct a tornado or hurricane from their natural paths to an enemy territory. It’s suspected that they can even form cyclones by themselves and direct them to enemy countries. Perhaps we should expect a big one in Iran or Venezuella sometime soon!

    All of these look like prophecy fulfilling to me. If we look at Matt. 24:7, the Bible says “…there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places”. “Various places” may mean that these earthquakes and pestilences will begin to occur both in places prone to it and places not prone to it. We all know that the places prone to earthquakes are places where there are earthquake faults. But when man has discovered how to make these things happen, they will start occuring in unnatural places. That, I think, is what the Bible refers to as “various places”, or “divers places” in some other translations.

    Haiti, China, Chile, and Japan and many other world wide media events surrounding natural disasters in recent times may just be the work of scientists testing their new acquisition, but they are thereby fulfilling God’s prophecy and plan. For now, these disasters are happening in places prone to them disasters, whether precipitated by human beings or not. When they begin to happen in places not prone to earthquakes and tsunamis, then we know another sure sign of the end is upon us.

  16. ROBERT Apr 7th 2011

    This is the most awesome disaster to happen in a long time. Certainly in my life time and I’m 36. Hurricane Katrina pales in comparison and that was a mighty destructive storm. If I ever have kids I’ll show them footage and describe the details. Of course they may see just as bad themselves if not worse.

    This was just a glimpse of what the world wide flood would have been like. I’ve heard that giant waves rippled across the globe for days but the Ark stood the test as it was God’s great design and it kept the passengers safe until they could settle on dry land.

    For those of you who think Leke and others are silly for talking about powerful secret weapons I challenge you to explain the noise phenomenon in this video clip. There have been several places across America where this loud continuous noise has been heard. The numerous earthquakes that occur aren’t necessarily preceded by the noise but quite often people take photos of colored clouds in the sky just before earthquakes.

  17. nathan Apr 7th 2011

    I would like to add to your reply Leke, its a definite possibility, such as earthquakes happening in Australia and all kinds of weapons that can cause resonance by sending frequencies of a certain wavelength which using the law of resonance can cause these kind of things. Having survived 2 earthquakes and over 5300 aftershocks I am not afraid of earthquakes. However i did have to take my faith seriously and I threw away my hard drive which was an idol.

  18. eaglelife Apr 7th 2011

    Nathan, Robert and Leke,

    I totally agree with you. When I have read revelations I realized it has to have a “natural” explanation for man to go along with it.

    The problem is you can’t prove any of this stuff but I ,like you , believe Haarp has been playing a part. I tend to believe Haiti, Christchurch, Japan, if they didn’t do the whole thing they certainly played a big role. They have had to practice this stuff. Maybe the increase in earthquakes is due to that. They say they are 40 years ahead in research above what any of us know.
    The NWO owns our military.

    God can do any of this without them and all that the word says. But it appears they are going to be the judgment arm extended in a lot ways.

    I find it rather peculiar all these all these nuclear reactors are built on fault lines. The US has the same issue. Dr Bob Bowman ( 4 phd in nuclear physics )has been asking them to replace them with the new and improved version (if a castrophe
    happened they shut down automatically without any ill effect.)

  19. Amazing video of a terrible disaster and a sure sign that we are living at the end of the age.

    Pray for the people, especially the believers of Japan.

    BTW has anyone else noticed the ‘UFO’ in the clip?

    A few minutes into the video – a bright object, leaving what appears to be a trail, moves at speed across the screen from left to right parallel to the Tsunami.

  20. Sally Apr 7th 2011

    I watch this and see God’s just beginning His judgement of Japan. To that thought I find myself wondering when judgement on America will start…

  21. Andrew Apr 8th 2011

    It did not look like a “UFO” to me.

    Looked just like a helicopter.

  22. Interesting!

    The film shown is shot from a helicopter.

    The object moving across the screen is at a much lower altitude and does not look like a helicopter IMO

    Google crop Circles/Light orbs.

    It looks just like those objects.

    Apostolic Blessings

  23. Dear conspiracy posit people.

    God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

    Fear begets fear.

    Courage begets courage.

    Go check out conspiracy blog sites. They generate fear.

    One can never disprove a conspiracy theory. But one CAN generate fear with it.

    Check, check what spirits rise up when conspiracy theories are discussed.

    This is high-level work, actually… to know what spirit you are of.

    Since my guess is, this convinces you of nothing…. try this experiment….

    SHOUT your conspiracies. PROMULGATE your conspiracies! Do it BIGGER, AND BIGGER… AND BIGGER YET STILL.

    Eventually, you will see the fear and lack of sound-mindedness it creates…. that is if you don’t lose it entirely.

    Time for the body Christ to chuck crazy conspiracy theories…. BECAUSE it prevents Christ-in-You-ness. Yup, and that is a big time NO, NO.

  24. And further, the ULTIMATE churchianity conspiracy theory is to believe that we can hasten the end-of-days…. that the smartest church folk know the most about the Third Temple and the PIG that is supposed to be sacrificed on it by MR. A. (A. for antichrist).

    A wise man in the 1950’s saw the problem this creates. (By the way, Extreme Muslims attempt to do the same, hasten their version of end-of-days-today.) This wise man was Eric Voegelin. He said, “Don’t immanentize the Eschaton”, meaning… don’t make more immanent the eschatology of end-times insanity.

    You see, if you are a preacher with flat nothing… you can always drum up SOMETHING with eschatology. Voila! Collection plate money, respect and LOTSA FEAR, baby!

    The Earth’s geological record shows California and Nevada four times were covered by the ocean! You’d take your cruise ship and park on the Western Shore of the American Continent by parking in a harbor in EAST UTAH!

    So this tsunami was SMALL in comparison with that. The above example is SMALL in comparison to other geological events.

    So, YES, the tsunami is a fearsome thing. BUT WE ARE NOT TO BE FEARFUL.

    We are not supposed to obsess on fearsome things. We are not supposed to be gullible Christians who forget Christ-in-You-ness (which is hard, since you have to watch your spirit at all times) and rather remember some eschatological crazy thing or the other that breathlessly ties us into a today of fear!


    Don’t Immanentize the Eschaton
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Copyright 3/21/11

    Don’t immanentize the eschaton,
    Eric Voegelin warned in Nineteen Fifty-two,
    Thus, don’t be so rapture ready,
    That: that’s all that you can do.

    Radical Muslims do this,
    Crazy is their scheme,
    To bring an end-times world,
    In judgment: extreme!

    Just as crazy Christians,
    Occupy their minds with ill thought,
    End times shenanigans,
    They can’t seem to see: what’s been bought!

    Eschaton immanentizers,
    Buy and sell breathless panic and fear,
    They hope, they pray and work always,
    That the end-of-times be: too near!

    They think they are,
    Is their dark star.

    What the world needs,
    Is not this!
    Such folk should be,
    Most remiss!

    Christian escapists might apologize,
    For screwing up world thinking,
    Christians are supposed to sell truth,
    Not backwards, sub-thought slinking!

    Christians might rather promote,
    Natural law,
    Something America’s Founders,
    Were in awe.

    And Western Enlightenment,
    Checks, balances, speaking truth to power,
    Limits on all things too big,
    Self-correction applied to selves: this hour!

    Verily, if Christianity had not,
    Fully abandoned natural law’s ways,
    The world would not appear to be so close to,
    What looks like, but isn’t, end-of-days!

    The only thing we’re at the end of,
    Is stupid, politically correct, socialist culture,
    Because God and man, right on time,
    Are ripping lies from grey matter, as does a vulture!

    And the biggest, greatest lie,
    To come out of Christ’s wayward body,
    Is immanent eschaton,
    After which, minds won’t be so shoddy.

    By seeing tomorrow will come,
    Not the end-of-time’s way,
    Christ-in-You will be possible,
    Bringing to us now: In That Day.

    And what is In That Day,
    But intelligence on the march,
    God’s mind and man’s,
    Bridging love’s great arch.

  25. The mechanic-mind in me that makes me so eccentric prompts me to make a few more precepts and lines from this gold mine vein herein discussed…

    Say a “Christ-in-You” sort of person believes a whacko conspiracy theory… like that 911 was an inside job, that President Bush et al wanted to kill several thousand innocent citizens and blame it on innocent Muslim so-called terrorists on 9/11/01.

    Aside from being thoughtlessly mindless, like believing the NASA’s Apollo moon program was faked at a Hollywood studio… the “inside job” theory is no different than any other conspiracy heresy. You CANNOT prove it wrong! You can only notice it creates fear and is promulgated by the fearful. It’s a bag of FEAR!

    Now this is the fascinating part. Where does the fear come from? Not God, we know that.

    How about fear of “the man”, or the always nefarious “them”, or to get closer to the point: Fear and distrust of “authority.” Now the Bible admonishes us to not speak against “authority” because it must necessarily be existent.

    But the poor(-of-spirit) have poor ways. And in the beginning, they get in a LOT of trouble with authority. Hence, they might have chip on their shoulder against cops, courts, Congress and the Commander-in-Chief. This even after becoming highly indwelt of Christ, after becoming somewhat powerful in Christ-in-You!

    Alas, and alack! What shall we do?

    Well, if God calls you to it, you resist! You speak truth to that low-level Christ-in-You and point out that if the fear-thought (conspiracy claptrap) continues… the Christ-in-You will be a diode one-way preacher teaching down to lesser diodes in the making. UGH! NOT GOOD!

    But your proper resistance in proper time and will of God will energize you like a capacitor and give you at once zest-for-God’s-life while also great peace.

    Conspiracy promulgators have neither peace nor the ability to help others to do greater works (in Christ) than they themselves.

    That’s the key: Is what you are doing giving you the potential to help others do greater works? That will keep us all humble and in truth with God and man!

  26. Merton Gray Apr 12th 2011

    I am not surprized that many are afraid at this time, because without Jesus there is no hope! The reverse is, Christ in me, the hope of glory.

    I was told some time ago that my life span was limited. It did not shatter my life, because I know thwt I will soon see Jesus, and be with Him for evermore.

    The time I have left I am using to try to encourage saints to be the witnesses that God wants them to be. and to pray that the Holy Spirit might fill them as the seek to be witnesses for Jesus.
    Pray, Brethren, Pray that many souls may still be saved.

  27. “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six”. (Rev. 13:18)

    Without this world-wide dictator’s license (mark), no one on earth will be able to buy or sell, or transact any form of business. Isn’t that like a new world order? Moreover, he will be able to call fire from heaven and perform many miracles by which he will subjugate and keep the world’s population in perfect fear!

    To me, none of these sound like “conspiracy claptrap”. Rather, they sound like the stuff that weather weapons and the HAARP agenda will engender. Let us note though that John the Revelator put a caveat in the scripture, that all these end-time “man of sin” new world order eschatological rigmarole, are all meant for “he that hath understanding”. Therefore, others (perhaps with less understanding) should stay out of the fray and be content with keeping their “Christ-in-you-ness”. That cannot be a bad thing.

  28. Here’s an idea for y’all to stretch the brain. God’s brain really stretches, you know! God’s so flexible that He can deal with six billion souls on Earth! Wow!

    So, the mark of the beast is not a computer chip under the skin mandated by a one world government. Rather it is a spiritual mark God’s angels put on a person’s spirit, soul and body if those areas of that person’s life are the number of man, which is six. If people are marked with three sixes, they cannot buy God’s greater truths. So they are stuck with small doctrines and big lies.

    Thus, a rigid religion person stuck with “immanentizing the eschaton”, or trying to hasten the end times or trying to bring on earth that which is for beyond… well, they might not be able to receive TRUTH, they can’t BUY IT, in regards to HOW JESUS COMES… which is NOW, in SPIRIT, in PEOPLE… prepared.

    Usually, it is in people that Jesus comes, and those people are perhaps marked with seven’s. As in Christ-pleasing in spirit, soul and body. NOW, THAT’s a GOOD TEMPLE, prepared well, willing and able to manifest Christ. A real humdinger of a Christ-in-You man, woman or child.

    Don’t you know Christ wants to manifest in every man, woman and child? No?

  29. The Parable of the Mark of 666

    Once there was a gospel recording artist who weighed 350 pounds. In fact, he had such a spirit of gluttony that his body had been marked by God’s angels with a six, which is the number of fallen man. Well, one day he read in the Book of Revelation about the mark of 666. He wanted to know, what did it mean?

    So, he asked a proud lawyer, who was president of a Christian bible college. But this man’s theology was actually so repulsive to God and so far from the Mind of Christ, that angels had marked that man’s soul with a six.

    The lawyer also didn’t know what the mark of 666 meant, so he asked a famous dispensational preacher. Now this preacher was so hungry for gain, God’s angels had marked that man’s spirit with a six. But unlike the other two men, this preacher thought he knew what the mark of 666 meant.

    The dispensational preacher said 666 was the number of the coming antichrist. Further, the preacher told his two friends he was becoming rich by spreading fear far and wide concerning such end-times subjects.

    This intrigued them all, so they decided to collaborate and share their talents. As a team they made many television programs, books, movies and seminars about the expected disappearing of people who were ready to be raptured, the coming world war Armageddon battles, how to fear a dreadful antichrist leader and especially how to avoid the one world mark of the beast.

    Their work generated in their audiences great fear of the future, which they disregarded, and wealth for themselves which they didn’t. Actually in their heart-of-hearts they didn’t believe in the rapture, because why charge for their material unless the royalties created storehouses of wealth for themselves? They also didn’t really believe in end-of-the-earth Armageddon battles after the passage of time proved that wars come…and they go while the earth continues. Neither did they fear a coming antichrist because none of their predictions had ever been true, including dire prophecies about what technology would do with the numeral six.

    But after a while each of them received from God’s angels two more markings which they never had spiritual eyes to see. With the marks, they could no longer buy truth.

    By the time they died they all had become rich, envied and entirely pleased with themselves. But in hell they learned that their spirits, souls and bodies on earth had been marked by God’s angels with the number they knew nothing about: 666.

  30. @Robert Winkler Burke, your point about people receiving the mark in their spirits, souls and bodies first made some impact on me until I checked again and saw that you claim God’s angels are the ones putting the marks on people!

    No way! The scriptures are very clear about who is issuing the mark. Rev. 13:11-18 says a “beast” arising out of the earth is the one exercising great power, deceiving the whole world and marking everyone both small and great. The Bible has never used a beast as a metaphor for an angel, particularly one that’s deceiving the whole world and blaspheming God! Your theology is faulty therefore.

    Or, who is the “God” you’re referring to?

  31. Great question! In the OT, God asked for some marking to be done, no?

    If the Beast’s doctrines get someone to believe beastly lies, and God has that person marked for it…. the Beast has left his mark, hasn’t he? Because I believe the bible is to be taken spiritually. Who would trust a lying beast to make marks, anyway. Only God’s direction would mark correctly, right? THINK! Think about these things.

    I like that you don’t want to be gullible… Here’s a piece about not being gullible.

    The Saga of Three Space Prophets
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Copyright 4/13/11

    Once a space traveler met a strange man in a bar,
    He said, You’ll meet two prophets when traveling far.

    One will say, You’ll have great bad, then good to go thru!
    Then other will say, You’ll have just the opposite true!

    The self-sure space traveler left the bar quite bemused,
    But after meeting those two prophets, it got him confused!

    Which prophet should I believe and follow and do?
    Meeting that eccentric man in the bar, I now rue!

    But before acting, the space traveler thought,
    Of the three men, who knew best what I ought?

    So he blasted his old spaceship right back to the bar,
    Where he met the first man and said, Right you are!

    Your sight, brother, is the greatest tool. Hip Hooray!
    Those two prophets, had me for fool. Didn’t they?

    Thus, safely did the spaceman navigate his space,
    Slow-wit-quick-fast decisions, don’t win the race!

  32. Revised ending:

    Your sight, brother, is the greatest tool. Hip Hooray!
    Those two prophets, had me for fool. Didn’t they?

    Well, no. Actually we all work for same employer,
    But He now knows that you’re a superior voyager.

    Said the quirky, prophetic man in the bar,
    Who saw, more than less, how things are.

    Thus, safely did the spaceman navigate his space,
    Slow-wit-quick-fast decisions, don’t win the race!