‘SHOCKING DOCUMENTARY’ – Part Four – Andrew Strom


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  1. Andrew Sep 17th 2015

    We look forward to hearing your comments, my friends.

  2. Daniel Sep 17th 2015

    Hello Andrew, I do believe that most people check your other website (revival school.com) more than here. It was the place linked to the email that you sent out with this video connected. Just a heads up since I saw you had posted this here instead of where I expected to find it.

    On another note I would like to thank you Andrew for making this video and for warning people concerning Bethel and how dangerous it really is. I recently had a dream concerning Bill Johnson and it totally exposed him. Now I don’t consider my dreams as any credibility when it comes to dealing with what is false, the word of God is the only measure that can expose and correct. So I wrote an article using the dream and expounded God’s Word from it, using the opportunity to show what is behind Bethel. If you would be willing I could send it to you in an email or something (I already sent a Facebook message). These are important warnings that are going out to the body of Christ and again I thank you for your obedience in sharing.

    My email is [email protected]

    Blessings to you brother in Christ.

  3. Andrew Sep 17th 2015

    By all means send it to me by email, my friend.


  4. stephen boyce Sep 17th 2015

    very good work we need more of them

  5. Looking at you most recent email Andrew I am not surprised you are accused of snatching clips out of context and not really understanding what’s going on at Bethel. Recently it was denied by some of the congregation that Bill Johnson had said Jesus had to be born again until I sent the YouTube clip in which he states that catergorically. Lack of discernment coupled with Biblical illiteracy is so sad and so damaging.

  6. I wonder if I could just suck a bit on the grave of Albert Einstein to improve my intelligence … if that worked – what a wonderful shortcut to a Nobel Price. Or maybe on the grave of Beethoven – to get rid of all the tough piano-lessons. What a wide range of possibilities. What a market is opening up here for clever businessmen … We can close all the schools – “grave-sucking” the new way to become anointed, mature and clever without effort. WOW WOW WOW

  7. Andrew my husband and I praise God everyday that I saw your video a few years ago. This garbage going on at bethel is not from the Lord at all and people need to be warned! Those seeking the truth will find it. Those who love their sin, like the person who criticized you will not. They are the ones who want their ears tickled-and don’t want their pet teachers exposed. Grave sucking indeed! We are to read God’s word not act like pagans and worship idols. That’s so disgusting. They are so far out in left field it’s frightening. Finding the truth is like mining for gold. Very rare and you gave to be diligent. Churches are not safe havens for truth any longer I’m afraid. God help us. Our youth are the ones who will have to dig the deepest I’m afraid. Emotionalisim and experience are the gods today.

  8. Hi Andrew.

    Thank you for the Kundalini Warning videos.
    Just as disturbing as when I first saw your original video. I used to frequent a Charismatic church here in South Africa and soon witnessed mass hypnosis, rotten theology and weird behaviour such as uncontrolled laughing and jerking in the church. These practices are definitely spreading all around the world at an alarming rate! May the Lord bring us all to the truth!

    These videos are very needed and should shock anyone who truly loves the Lord and His truth.

    We need to pray for these people, especially the influencial leaders around the world spreading this unholy anointing.

    God help us.

  9. Scott Duesterhoeft Sep 17th 2015

    Shortly after the Lord saved me 16 years ago, I experienced this kind of spirit . It is 100% anti-Christ and God’s people should either stand against or flee depending on leading of qôdesh rûach. Standing alone or in too small of a group will result in being shown the exit door, as what happened to me. At least in wasn’t a stoning or burning at the stake – but, it is what they wanted!

    It is because so many fellowships have fallen into this deception that when the next great revival starts, it will be outside the (now) institutionalized, government-backed church. God will never share His glory with any other and will cast any demon trying into a herd of pigs (bacon is on!!). Be prepared and mindful as the next harvest Is right around the corner. The Lord God Almighty is calling His people/laborers to himself so that this harvest can be manifested in a timely and orderly Way.

    Favor and good wishes to all who are faithful.

  10. Andrew Sep 17th 2015

    Sadly I now get many commenters that would rather believe Bethel is fine. That somehow we are “misrepresenting” them

    I assure you, I have just hours and hours of utter New Age craziness coming out of that place

    And they literally have millions of followers

    But nobody wants to know

    Maybe it really is a lost cause. They have already won.

    Blessings to all


  11. Trevor Sep 17th 2015

    Hi Andrew, was similarly deceived at local church for few years. Took a “scratchy” heart and your tapes to open our eyes to the truth. Continue to speak up – its only the knowledge of the truth that sets you free.


  12. ValleyAnt Sep 17th 2015

    Total chaos. I think the only real answer is to pray for Jesus to raise and send out laborers so that there is an alternative for our dying youth besides emotionalism and ‘goosebumps & glory’. Youth are naturally emotional, but they’re not stupid. The issue I see is that besides dead religion (eg. Evangelicalism, Baptists, etc.) and unfruitful churches (Charismatic-Pentecostal churches that promises experiences with the Lord they can’t deliver on), the third choice the youth have is this brand of Charis-nonsense because it seems to deliver on its promises (unlike the ‘normal’ Charismatic churches) with lots of emotionalism posing as God. I believe that when it comes to the youth, especially the teenagers, a true experience of God will rival any other religious experience they may have had and will bring such a GREAT harvest of youth into the Kingdom. (This is one reason satan is after them.) Somehow, God made it that in the years that children are so hard to tame and control (the teen years), He is strongest and most influential in their lives.

    The Bible says that Jesus had something that few pastors have even heard of today: compassion. Looking at the crowds of rich and poor, fortunate and unfortunate, honored and dishonored, it says that He was “moved with compassion, because they were weary and scattered like sheep [are who have] no shephered.” But instead of addressing the lack of genuine shepherds, Jesus told His disciples to “pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers.” Not shepherds but laborers. What’s the difference? Shepherds can be true or false; the false ones do nothing, and many true ones don’t have the Grace to ‘labor’. But the distinguishing mark of a laborer is that he/she labors alongside the Lord; i.e. the ministry of a laborer is the ministry of the Lord Himself, therefore, their ministry always has direct and positive effect. Right after Jesus told the disciples to pray for Him to send out laborers, He sent THEM out, and their labor was exactly His: preaching the Kingdom with genuine signs following, healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons. As Paul said, “I labored more than them all, YET NOT I but the [Lord in me].” We can pray for shepherds and pastors and more ministers; but we shoudl follow Jesus’ example and ask Him to send laborers out who are those who can say like He said, “My Father has been working until now, AND I TOO am working” (Jn 5:17). I hope there’s been some wisdom in this. When people get older, they often get harder; but the youth are ‘a field ripe to harvest’. I believe the teen years (seven of them– 13 to 17– not coincidentally), the most intimidating years, actually, according to God’s wisdom, are the seven years when a human being is most ripe for the Lord’s sickle. Let it be, Lord, let it be for Your sake and for the remembrance of Your Name. Amen.

  13. ValleyAnt Sep 17th 2015

    Seven teen years, 13 – 19 I meant. And that’s why proof-reading is so important before posting :)… Okay, I just proof-read this; it’s good to go :)

  14. Willem Sep 17th 2015

    Obviously it’s new age… and I want nothing to do with it!
    But so many of my friends are saying their music is so anointed! Jesus Culture and the Bethel band… and I said a prayer for Kari Jobe the other day… that she will get out of there quickly! May God just move her away….. may His will take her somewhere else.
    You know what, I love Jesus… in my ordinary life, I don’t need to be emotionally vibed up… God knows me by name. A strength comes when we walk with Jesus in our ordinary lives… where he is the center.

  15. Shane Naidoo Sep 17th 2015

    Dearest Bro Strom , it is good that such videos are made and exposed for the body of Christ. Many in the charismatic and Pentecostal movement just merely accept this as a norm and the moment you speak , or question it they will ask you , ” who are you to question the Holy Spirit?” Or “can explain the methods and ways of God”. They believe every thing is of God, and they don’t check for its fruit. It’s sad we are so simple without discernment. Personally I won’t buy any book or read any book that endorses Bill Johnson or anyone that promotes them for the sake of syncretism. I saw the pictures of John Crowder with those guys and soaking up. It’s sad very sad what is going on. I believe it’s going to get way worse. It already here in South Africa you have people eating snakes and thinking it is chocolate, even grass. Bro Strom please unveil more unto us it is needed

  16. L. Alex Smith Sep 17th 2015

    Andrew: don’t give up hope that “maybe they have won”. There is a big mixture going on, like stew in a cauldron. The parable in the Gospel in “the dragnet, that brings in fishes both good and bad”. The thing is, I am formulating an opinion here– the “Mystery, Babylon, the Mother of Harlots and the great abomination” in Revel. 17 is an END-TIME world-wide “church” or religious system. Some used to think it was the R.C.C. because of its many ancient paganistic things worked into it. More recently, I had heard that it was going to be a “New Age conglomerate”. NOW, I think that is true… but WITH the “Christian” Charismania sector worked right into it! But, take hope: God STILL has His remnant. There still is the “righteous” part, the “Woman who bears forth a Fully-Grown son, a male” in Revel. 12, who then is “caught up unto God and to his throne”. There STILL will be “the Two Witnesses” (Rev. 11) which are called “olive branches” –Plural, and “candlesticks” (Menorah, 7-branched ones) would seem to indicate that they are NOT just two individuals but two groups… and there will STILL be those who “keep the Word of My patience, I will keep you out of (ek, in Greek) the Hour of Trial” (Rev. 3:10)…there will STILL be those “which are alive and remain” (I Thess. 4:15)–
    So this Mess WILL BE sorted out eventually. God WILL have His remnant!

  17. I have been blessed to have been part of a true Pentecostal movement all my “Christian” life. I am Hebraic and consider myself a “Part of the Commonwealth of Israel” , by being grafted in, Romans11. I was a youth pastor in 2001 with PawCreek Ministries and watched and have all the footage of the Brownsville “Revival” which is the same ol’ false teaching as this Bethel language. But Chambers at Paw Creek was just as extreme on the other end by “Men can not wear shorts, girls can not wear pants, etc”. I like the fact that you are teaching this false teaching, but in love. Keep on, keeping on brother.

  18. Athena Sep 17th 2015

    Hi Andrew, I have been following your info for some time but I feel I still don’t fully understand your view of signs and wonders. Do they have a place in todays church/evangelism in your opinion? And if so, where is the line drawn between acceptable and deception. Btw, you printed a comment someone else said about John Wimber and the Toronto Blessing, John Wimber distanced himself from Toronto Airport Vineyard very early on for the same reasons.

  19. L. Alex Smith Sep 17th 2015

    I just sent the video to my pastor and several in my church. I hope that I do not get the “Left Boot of fellowship” (a little play on the wording of Galatians 2:9) PLEASE PRAY for their eyes to be opened!

  20. By there fruits you shall know them. People should look at the fruit in the lives of followerd of this movement. 1 Jn 4:1 …beleive not every spirit but prove the spirits whether they are of God…

    Thank you Brother Andrew. Keep up the good work.

  21. Shawna Post Sep 17th 2015

    I attended a Jesus Culture concert a couple of years ago. I really didn’t know much about them so when I left the concert I got on the Internet and looked up some of the singers. I was concerned about a few things I read and after researching more, I came across your videos. My eyes were opened and the videos confirmed my concerns. I read the book as well. Thank you for warning people. So many are being deceived.

  22. Dawn Worley Sep 17th 2015

    Thank you for exposing this nonsense!

    A few years ago, I was heavily involved in a church that was highly absorbed into the School of Supernatural ministries. I fell for some of the signs and wonders. At one point, I attended another Church because a prophet was visiting. This prophet of the Lord showed videos exposing leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation. While I was hit so hard with reality, I still didn’t see how leaders I did not follow affected me. Within days the Holy Spirit began to help me connect the dots. Andrew’s videos were instrumental in bringing me to repentance. I know this ministry is bombarded with negative comments. However, I am not sure where I would be without the prophet who visit my town and Andrew Strom for helping me put it together.

    Andrew you have played a part in my Salvation. Keep up the good work my friend!

  23. Bob Brown Sep 17th 2015

    Good video Andrew.

    Paul warned the Elders in Ephesus (Acts 20):
    28Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God which he bought with his own blood
    29I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock.
    30Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them.
    31So be on your guard! Remember that [b]for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears.[/b]

    Notice here that Paul did not cease warning God’s people day and night with tears about these savage wolves. So keep up the constant warning Andrew. It is your calling. It is what Paul did.

    I also want to invite intercessors to join us on Andrew’s phone prayer line, free to all who call in, on Fridays 9-11pm, every Friday night to pray and intercede.

    Just call: 1-877-204-3718 and when prompted: 0680803# and you’re in. Come for two hours or come for fifteen minutes. God is calling intercessors for such a time as this my friends. God bless you all who desire to stand for truth and warn God’s people of the great and many deceivers. Join the Air Force today!

  24. Andrew,
    Thank God you are exposing these lies. This is a result of people NOT knowing the Word of God. The scriptures declare that in the last days false prophets and teachers would rise and deceive many even the very elect. Matt 24:24. Thank you for all you do and I pray God give you a resounding voice to reach the masses with the message He has given you. Stand firm and strong! I pray the blessings on God upon you. I saw and met you in Southaven, MS several years ago and was truly blessed to hear you speak. Keep up the good work you’re doing so that many maybe snatched from the clutches of Satan’s deception. If i can ever help you please let me know. God Bless you and keep you and your family.

  25. James Link Sep 17th 2015

    A number of years back, shortly after the start of the Toronto Airport ministry, now called Catch the Fire, I, and some friends, attended a service there. Many sounds and distortions took place among the people. Falling on top of each other, on their hands and knees barking like dogs, or roaring like lions. We left this meeting, and never went back. It amazes me of the top name evangelists who are now scheduled to hold meetings in connection with this. How many are being deceived by that which is not the gentle Holy Spirit I know, who reveals more of God the Father, and Jesus Christ? Attention is not to be drawn to self in this way, but to allow Christ to be seen through us.

  26. This is not Christianity, I am glad Andrew is clearly sharing the wrong practices of this movement. Believers need to wake up to realize all that has signs and wonders is not good but can be bad fruit of false prophets.

  27. Andrew,
    I personally appreciate the information you share. I look at the language used to determine the spirit of a comment. Name calling, stereotyping, judging, are not of the Holy Spirt, in my understanding. Truth makes religious people angry. Our example of this is the conversations Yeshuah had with the religious people of his day.

  28. I consider your book and videos the FIRST resource when I deal with peeps who are both involved in and exposing the kundalini spirit. Shake the dust off your feet, Andrew. Know this, the trying of your faith works patience. We are all earnestly contending for the faith, and each generation has it’s own assignment. Rejoice that this one is yours!

    I, particularly, would love more on Randy Clark, who is doing the same here in PA. I have dear friends involved and going to the school nearby. There seems to be no reasoning with them because the counterfeit has deceived them into agreement.
    BUT GOD…!!! Always full of grace and ready to deliver. More deliverance from occultism in all it’s forms need to come to us, His Body.

    Act 16:16 And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying:
    Act 16:17 The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation.
    Act 16:18 And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour.

  29. april Ryan Sep 17th 2015

    I would like to add a comment. I have been saved for over 30 years. I came to the Lord in the Chaismatic movement. I have seen a lot of strange & bazaar behavior in church meetings. I attended the revivals in Toronto and in Florida. I did not manifest on behaviors but I know people who have and they are wonderful God Fearing people. I do think sometimes people get in the flesh but that will always happen where there is freedom. You can’t through the baby away with the bathwater. People are hungry for the supernatural in general. As far as the people on the graves of anointed Christian believers, I am sure they are just using that as A prophic act not truly believing that that person is still there. It seems to me that they are very hungry for God & His anointing.Sort of like when people “talk” to loved ones at their graves. I have learned to look at the heart & fruit of people. If they are proclaiming Christ as the only way to God & living a holy life we can not judge wierd & unusual behaivor. I remember when contempory Christian music first came out the traditional church said it was demonic because of the drumbeat. As for acting drunk, which I have never done, I feel I would rather they be acting silly & blaming it on the Holy Spirit than taking drugs in life! An interesting historic event happened in our area in the 1800s. There was a revival and 10,000 people came. Many were saved and healed. The thing that attracted so many was that people were falling down and shaking because of the power of God. It lasted for several weeks. They called it ” falling down revival”. My Point is that we cannot be in a house divided. There are all kinds of people that are attracted to all kinds of lifestyles and behaviors as they are proclaiming the salvation of Christ alone and living holy lives we should not judge.

  30. What good is knowing the Truth if we do not share it.. It is very important to share this info.. there is no name calling or trying to hurt another… Just to expose what the enemy can and will do if we are not watchful.

  31. There are so few voices out there warning the sheep. Don’t stop Andrew. When the whole Mars Hill thing was crumbling, very few name brand Christian would stand up and point out the errors. It’s deplorable.

  32. Boydbob Sep 17th 2015

    God is not surprised by any of this. He allows these things in order to test our hearts that WE may see what we’re made of.
    I got saved in spite of the “sinner’s prayer.” I devoured the Word, and listened to every good Bible teacher I could find.
    When I got into the Charismatic movement and encountered the things being discussed here I went along, thinking maybe I didn’t understand.
    But then I began to realize that the Word didn’t support them, and the discomfort I felt was the grieving of the Holy Spirit.
    It took a while, but I did learn to trust that voice and to test all things by the Word.
    I truly believe that most deception among believers is a result of not knowing the Word of God.
    How can you walk in the Spirit, if you don’t know the Spirit?
    How can you test the Spirit by a Word you don’t know?
    Nevertheless the solid foundation of God stands, having this seal: “The Lord knows those who are his. 1 Tim 2:19

  33. Thank you for being a watchman on the wall. I sent the video to a few friends and got blasted saying I should not be listening to these lies. So many Christians are being deceived. Continue exposing these errors.

  34. ValleyAnt Sep 18th 2015

    Amen. “The Lord knows those who are His.”

    Thanks, Bob Brown, for that revival prayer line number. I’ve saved it and made a reminder to call in tomorrow night.

    God has a remnant; let’s not forget also that the Lord has a harvest of many souls as well.

  35. Marie Duncan Sep 18th 2015

    I thank you for your warnings. Do not feel bad about those who do not understand. My warnings to some friends are rejected too. Most folks believe what they really want to believe and make excuses for anything they believe is negative against that. These are people I believe love The Lord. It is perplexing.. Please continue to warn. I was into New Age (really ancient) stuff before it had a name. God delivered me and I am sensitive to it before it is obvious. Some still will not listen. There are many that roll their eyes at those who try to warn them. So sad.

  36. Bob Brown Sep 18th 2015

    Amen Valley Ant.
    When Andrew started the revival prayer line there were many who called in. Now it has dwindled down to five faithful intercessors. We have started to pray for our LORD to send more reinforcements and commit to the prayer line on Friday nights.

    We are praying for revival, for repentance among God’s people, for mission, for those being persecuted and killed and the Middle East and for His Presence to be manifested to His true people. I appeal to all to give this prayer line a try. Someone is being very generous to provide this conference call for free to any who want to call in around the world. Will you stand in the gap?

  37. If the LORD leads you into a place, it is for a purpose. It could be to learn something about the spirit realm or it could be to exercise the Authority He has revealed in you.

    No demon in hell is able to stand before the LORD. At the mention of His Name alone, they FLEE…this is not theory. It is what we have experienced.

    It is not difficult to slip from Light to darkness especially when the flesh is not fully regenerated. Many people carry stuff from their sins in their soul and body that they are not even aware of…

    An example – relatively recently, the LORD told me I had a spirit of poverty, when I would chase deals – 2 for the price of one, even if I did not need the second item. Never thought I had that hanging on. My mother and sisters were like that and it was in me as well. I have had awesome experiences in the LORD, including financial miracles and yet had this spirit. It is rooted in mistrust that the LORD would provide when I needed something. See Matthew 6.

    Instead of focusing on any particular ministry, I believe we should focus on knowing the LORD in the greatest way in the Spirit. Ask Him for it, seek Him with all your Heart – see Proverbs 2 about seeking the LORD (Wisdom) above all – and Wisdom will give you discretion and protect you.

    Stuff like engaging evil spirits who slip in as the LORD’s Spirit happens all the time…I have seen demons on ministers that many people may approve of…

    The LORD called me as A Prophet to the Nations. Don’t believe me without checking with the LORD first, as you are supposed to do – Matthew 23:8-10.

  38. Llewelyn Stevenson Sep 18th 2015

    I used the video to teach my teenage son to be wary of experiences that are not as the Scripture declares them. I am Pentecostal by persuasion and am not ashamed of my roots as so many are becoming. I certainly do not entertain these extra Biblical experiences as remotely from God.

    However please be aware that Satan counterfeits: he replaces what is true with the false. Please don’t write off the Pentecostal experience as a part of this, the move of the Holy Spirit is an essential part of historical revivals. It is not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord.

  39. Greg Gordon, don’t you think believers, if informed can be led by the LORD in discerning for themselves if something is not of the LORD?

    James tells us to ask for Wisdom if we lack…and the LORD says that we will find if we ask…

    None of us know the whole Truth at any given time as the Wisdom of the LORD is infinite…if we claim we do, we make His Wisdom finite…Let us honor His Word that each person individually will face the LORD – see Romans 17:14.

    You are not the Holy Spirit – neither am I…

  40. Llewelyn Stevenson, how do you know what is of the LORD, unless He tells you and you ask for Him to tell you?

    I recall Catherine Marshall writing that Jesus appeared to her and told her that He would fellowship with Adam in the Garden and that Adam would roll on his belly laughing….

    “The Joy of the LORD is My strength” and who can define that JOY?

  41. Joy, I am reading these comments and waiting to read one that says, the LORD told me such and such…

    I am no full supporter of any human preacher including Bill Johnson. However Bethel has provided me with a time to spend with Father and also a time to reflect on the deception that can beset people in the spirit…Nothing new than what happens in MANY other places in the US, and I am sure other nations as well…

  42. I truly thank you for bringing forth the light, brother Andrew. The darkness needs to be exposed. Jesus came as a light and brought us light so that we do not have to continue in darkness, praise God! We are now to be a light also and part of being a light is to expose darkness. Truth is the only thing that will set us free! Men love darkness, lest if they come to the light that their deeds would be revealed. God forgive us for ever loving darkness. God forbid that we spread deceit. God bless those that shine. Thank you Andrew for illuminating us of what is going on in spiritual darkness. Keep it up.

  43. April Ryan, thank you! well said…

  44. I would be greatly blessed if a video was put out with no interpretation of the presenter, and believers were asked to seek the LORD and comment on it.

    In that way believers will grow so that they will know how to handle a serpent when they see one while being watchful not to let their perceptions, experience, church doctrine etc. get in the way of a True manifestation of the LORD in the Spirit…

  45. Acts 2 Peter says “they are not drunk as ye suppose” … Obviously the observers (of which 3,500 joined in) saw spiritual drunkeness resulting from the Holy Ghost being upon the 120. Also, while Mr. Strom implied that there was a teaching where you can gain the anointing by laying on a grave, you have to agree that his implication and the way he implied it indicated he wasn’t really sure if it was a teaching. If unsure … nothing should be said for fear of being a gossip and possible false witness. But even then, the bible does recount where a man touched Elisha’s bones and was healed. So weird maybe …. but evidence of a false spirit?

    And there were other things said that had a big ? on them.

    Mostly though I am disappointed that the video seemed to be completely lacking in scriptural support for the conclusions presented. Without the required scriptural support, the conclusions have to be ignored. Agree or not, that’s the way it works.

  46. Sharon Sep 18th 2015

    Laying hands on a gravestone or lying on one to get the power of the dead person is not New Age; it is actually witchcraft and Satanism. I think we need to stop using the wording of today and just plainly and biblically state what things really are. I only watched the short video of the demonic gravestone practice and will not submit my spirit to watching anything further.

    Thank you for the warnings. I pray they are seen by those who need to steer clear of witchcraft and Satanism disguised as “Christianity.”

  47. Therese Sep 18th 2015

    Bless you Andrew for sounding the alarm, and I pray the Lord will bring His sheep out of this delusion which does not glorify the name of Christ. Each one’s work will be tested, and Bill Johnson’s work is no exception. Let the true gospel be preached and lived out and whosoever will will receive it.

    Some hunger for the supernatural, but nowhere does the bible say we are to hunger for the supernatural, but rather for righteousness. The flesh can be hungry for a lot of things. God’s word says that signs and wonders simply follow the preaching of…….what?……of the gospel…..not all the other stuff that is being preached and taught nowadays.

    The church has wandered away and gotten terribly lost, and badly needs to rewind and go back to its Foundation and Head. I don’t know what the Lord will do about it….I believe we are in the falling away the bible speaks about……whether He will pass His hand over the grapevine one last time or not, at least that is my prayer.

  48. Andrew Sep 18th 2015

    The saddest thing on earth is to see deception thrive in the millions and millions – while truth roams the streets like a beggar with no-one wanting to hear.

  49. Therese Sep 18th 2015

    Yes, it is anguishing to see the state of the church, like watching the Titanic go down and only a few made it to the lifeboats by the grace of God. I am just now remembering what Jesus said, that those who were invited to the wedding did not want to come………….so the invitation was extended to the highways and byways and so I think that is where the gospel is going to be sent to now and a final harvest will come from there. But first we all need to be prepared in the gospel of peace so that we are walking in the Kingdom, and I know the Lord is still pulling up some evil weeds out of my life and heart, and am so grateful He is doing so, bless His wonderful name.

  50. @Andrew All the stuff highlighted in the video really sounds weird and I agree with warning the body. BUT did you heed the advice of heed advice of Matthew 18:15-17 before going this route ? Did you seek to speak the truth in love before a public rebuke ? If that was done and Bill Johnson responded directly then there would be no grounds for folks to talk about taking things out of context etc.. If I was in Bill’s shoes I’d hope you’d try to correct me privately before writing me off.

  51. Andrew Sep 18th 2015

    Actually, David, Bill Johnson has been warned about this stuff a thousand times. And Matt 18 specifically applies to PERSONAL grievances where someone has done something to me personally. When it is “public” deception that is spreading through the body we are told to expose it and warn publicly about it.

    Otherwise deception would have a field day with no warnings.

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom

  52. The saddest thing on earth is to see deception thrive in the millions and millions – while truth roams the streets like a beggar with no-one wanting to hear
    THAT Andrew is the massive problem amongst so many.
    we have group upon group, and the flesh
    will always SEEK out what FEELS GOOD
    rather than what ISGOOD……
    one thing I have noticed in these groups
    as well as seeker friendly,
    as well as prosperity gospel etc
    THEY have replaced TRUTH with what feeds FEELING.
    and man loves this so.
    the answer is THE MIND OF CHRIST
    and for that YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN,
    yet many claim they are…..
    but what do they OBEY
    what feels right…………..OR WHAT IS RIGHT……..TRUTH.
    Do they test anything………….
    a false grace is being taught
    a false goodness of GOD is being taught
    a false faith is being taught
    a false hope is being given
    a false love is being taught……
    what is grace………….what does IT TEACH……
    it teaches us to DENY all ungodliness and worldly lusts
    to be living soberly.RIGHTEOUSLY, godly in this present world.
    goodness of GOD
    today the goodness of GOD is being taught as
    acceptance and tolerance of sins
    YET the GOODNESS of GOD, leads one to ………REPENTANCE
    faith……….today its faith in yourself,
    in what you want, in what you can get….
    FAITH in GOD ALONE, even in the absence of all things
    hope………today…………….is hoping in cares and pleasures in life
    in more abundance of material, in being better off
    HOPE that is NOT YET SEEN is the ONLY HOPE….
    today freedom is being taught as living as what feels good
    and what seems right, and GOD loves and understands you.
    no mention of repentance.
    YET I ask a simple question
    to those who claim they are free, BECAUSE YE FEEL FREE
    are you FREE FROM SIN, do you live sin out
    Because SIN IS BONDAGE and the end of sin is death.
    how can a non repentant sinner still in sin
    BE FREE, when sin is BONDAGE………..
    the problem with men today
    is they had rather just show up, feel any presence
    if the presence makes em feel good
    then it must be GOD
    but I promise just because something FEELS RIGHT
    don’t make it right…….not even close.
    one thing I notice in all these groups
    who practice worshippin GOD
    YET DO IT in a way that we were warned NOT TOO…..
    I have noticed ONE THING
    in many groups
    they have replaced DOCTRINE with whatever feeds the crowd.
    GO to and TEST THAT
    or do they mainly focus on what FEELS GOOD.
    even to the hugger seeker friendly.
    they replaced DOCTRINE WITH HUGS
    TRUTH is NOT LOVED………………
    his people RUN to what entertains them
    what fills them up
    and TRUTH is hated,
    for any time any kind of correction is given
    THAT IS THE ONLY THING they wont accept.
    they are tolerant of about any thing and anyone
    who brings any kind of new doctrine
    BUT THE ONE THING they hate
    and wont tolerate, nor be OPEN MINDED TOO…….etc
    to anything else its OH come on , be open minded etc…
    my mind is open ONLY TO TRUTH
    and I am so worried for the masses today…..
    so many gosples,
    so much action
    so much worship
    BUT there is only ONE GOSPLE
    and because they love what feels good and test nothing
    YOU have to ponder this…
    and that is not GOD.
    GOD makes his true believes JOY FILLED
    but ourJOY IS in the LORD and in his salvation
    not in false hoods and feelings
    and before anyone here thinks I don’t have peace
    or joy, or hope in GOD alone
    ASK THERESE………………she has seen me write
    ask her where my hope is
    and if I have hope or joy, or peace.
    SO the answer is
    before its too late.

  53. Actually, David, Bill Johnson has been warned about this stuff a thousand times. And Matt 18 specifically applies to PERSONAL grievances where someone has done something to me personally. When it is “public” deception that is spreading through the body we are told to expose it and warn publicly about it.

    Otherwise deception would have a field day with no warnings.

    Bless you!

    Andrew Strom
    we have to expose the false
    for the lambs sake,
    we have to expose the evils of men.
    and any man who follows CHRIST
    and has maturity in HIM
    to all he loves
    and I mean FAST,
    WE NEED grave and compassionate men back .
    for so many cannot see
    we are indeed in the great falling away
    and since evil has not been judged
    since the sentence against evil
    has not been executed speedily
    therefore NOW its only in the hearts of men to do evil….
    TEST every man
    or what FEELS RIGHT,,
    and by the POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST
    correct with DOCTRINE………..not with THOUGHTS.

  54. The church has wandered away and gotten terribly lost, and badly needs to rewind and go back to its Foundation and Head. I don’t know what the Lord will do about it….I believe we are in the falling away the bible speaks about……whether He will pass His hand over the grapevine one last time or not, at least that is my prayer
    since men have not heard the men of GOD
    about correction, but have rather sought out
    men after mans heart
    and unto this people it shall be given..
    but worry not
    FOR ALL that GOD loves he chastens and scourges for
    our own profit.
    since they heed not the correction of the prophets
    then the CORRECTION of GOD
    is nigh upon the churches………….
    and the call
    that ye may truly be RICH
    is to be sounded.
    the weapon too will have its end
    for soon we enter the great tribulation.
    and I will warn and keep warning
    time is running out.

  55. Looks like a seance gone wrong to me. If it wasn’t for the gold rush through the collection plate I would wonder what they were really up to.

  56. I heard a sermon once proposing that the story in scripture about a dead man being taken to his grave during his funeral was thrown into Elisha’s tomb because enemies were coming and everyone had to escape.

    When the dead man’s body touched Elisha’s bones he came back to life. The pastor was proposing that the anointing remains with the remains even after death and therefore was still available to the living.

    Personally, i go to God for my anointing and try to stay holy so I can keep it.

    If this story in scripture is the basis of their grave sucking ministry perhaps someone should point out to them that they have to actually dig up the bones and make contact with them to line up with scripture. Like the baptism of The Holy Spirit is by the laying on of hands, their grave sucking will not raise the dead.

    Perhaps their leaders could donate their skeletons to their church when they no longer need them. Even just the head. It will give their church a lot more credibility.

  57. L. Alex Smith Sep 18th 2015

    The Parables of the Kiingdom, Matthew 13:3-52. There are 7 of them and they roughly correspond to the 7 Churches in Revel. 2-3. Many scholars regard the letters to the 7 churches as a Prophecy time-line, as well as general admonitions from Jesus to Christians in all times, but in varying circumstances. I believe this to be correct– that it is BOTH. But the Parables in Matthew 13 seem to correspond to them, actually, the parables came FIRST. But both were from Jesus.
    In five out seven letters to these churches, Jesus rebukes and warns them. He points out errors that need to be corrected.
    And in five out of seven of the Parables, there are problems…
    1) The Sower & the Seed –problems: birds of the air = demons; underlying stone–bedrock under the surface of the ground = shallowness; seed amongst thorns = cares and riches; 2)The Wheat & the Tares– problem: the Tares LOOK LIKE wheat, but have no nutrition and even have a toxin in them that makes people feel drunk, but they turn black at the Harvest; 3)The Mustard Seed turning into a great tree with birds of the air lodged in branches = the seed of The Faith mutating into a gross monstrosity (huge church organisation that Jesus never intended) and with demons in it 4)The Leaven = false doctrine (woman = religious system) 5)The Hidden Treasure in the Field = Jesus searching out those hidden amongst non-profitable people, gives His life for them 6)The Pearl of Great Price = those who He finds amongst other righteous people 7)The Dragnet = the final harvest of souls, with both “Good” and “Bad” in the same Net. They will be separated out… KEEP ON WARNING, but keep this in mind…

  58. Thank you Andrew for exposing this. I pray that more eyes will be opened.

  59. Therese Sep 18th 2015

    Amen Andrew, well said and bless you for rightly dividing the word, that is encouraging for us all.

    Amen Randall, I have been so blessed seeing the testimony of your life and the things you bring…..pure unadulterated gospel, praise the Lord. It is not easy sometimes, the corrections that come through His word, but I am encouraged knowing that who judges themselves will not be judged with the world.

    When we hunger and thirst for righteousness, His correction is an answer to prayer, so I learn to joy in it because though there may be weeping and mourning in the night, joy comes in the morning. That is what His word is for, our correction and keeping, who rejects it rejects life and wisdom. His word never coddles and pets our sins, but corrects them, always, lovingly and gently mostly, sometimes with fear, however we need it. We must gird ourselves as good soldiers and be trained by it and be prepared in the gospel, to walk in it, to live it out, and that’s why it speaks of being “shod” with the preparation of the gospel of peace.

    Agree that chastisements are coming brother, I forget sometimes and forget to connect the dots, and howbeit that the Lord just had me reading and being reminded in Jeremiah 4, 5, 6, 7 which speaks like a clear mirror image of the condition of the church in these days and yes, the weapon is being formed and all the more reason we need to be prepared in the gospel, the true and pure and only gospel of our Lord, the one Jesus preached and taught, not the various false gospels they are playing with in the churches.

  60. Therese Sep 18th 2015

    And just to mention about this practice of lying on graves……..so many times we see that when the LORD does anything according to His will and Spirit for a particular circumstance, when people try to take it and turn it into a formula and a practice, that’s when it has become an idol and a dangerous tool that the enemy uses to lead astray, instead of being led by the Spirit.

    That’s why we don’t see Jesus doing things according to a formula, but according to God’s will and the leading of His Spirit for each instance…..how each time He healed it was different each time. Or are we supposed to make a practice of spitting in the dirt and putting it on the eyelids of everyone who needs their eyes to be healed….I think not, and it wouldn’t work anyhow, because it was His Spirit that healed the man’s eyes, not mud and spittle, just like it was His Spirit that raised the man from the dead, not any bones. Foolish, foolish shepherds who are leading the flocks into such foolishness.

  61. God bless you brother!!! You are a true watchman and we desperately NEED the warnings! There is no trying the spirits today by the Word and the Holy Spirit. Warning after warning by Christ of the deception of these last days. Paul WEPT and WARNED the flock daily of the wolves that would rise up from among the body not sparing the flock. BETTER IS OPEN REBUKE than hidden love. THIS is on an international scale and it is the emerging apostate church that is arising quickly. The emphasis will be on SIGNS AND WONDERS AND MIRACLES…which we are warned that in the end times there will be false Christs, lying signs, wonders and miracles. It is absolutely STUPID for us not to examine EVERYTHING by the word and the HOLY SPIRIT. HE IS HOLY….HE is PURE and HIS manifest presence only does ONE THING….GLORIFIES CHRIST! I have also been writing in every way possible to warn of the false movements….ALL OF THEM! The Welsh Revival was totally shipwrecked because there was a LACK of discerning the counterfeits in the midst of the influx of the HOLY SPIRIT in REVIVAL.Evan Roberts and Jesse Penn-Lewis wrote to WARN the body of CHRIST of these counterfeits and demonic manifestations as the SPIRIT of GOD was being poured out. But what did the church leaders do…the EDITED their account to DELETE that CHRISTIANS can have demonic bondage from not discerning the deceiving spirits! We need those in the body who are mature enough spiritually who have learned to discern as Paul said between GOOD and EVIL. The flood of REV. 12 is upon us! The dragon has spewed out a flood ( of lies and lying spirits) against the woman ( the true church of the LORD JESUS CHRIST). The false grace message, the counterfeit signs and wonders, the false apostolic reformation, mocking spirits that have been flooding in the church ever sin Rodney Howard Brown came here with the damnable heresy that the HOLY GHOST IS A BARTENDER! WHAT MOCKERY!…this lying doctrine has caused great DIVISION and shame to the body of Christ in this nation. We have disconnected the TRUTH from LOVE! We have a left behind the TRUTH and many are just like the drug addicts on the street….having to have the NEXT emotional FIX while the devil laughs! The HOLY SPIRIT IS HOLY AND DOES ONE THING…”HE SHALL GLORIFY ME.” ( not signs, not wonders, not miracles….for they only FOLLOW THE WORD BEING PREACHED in the power of the SPIRIT. ANOTHER JESUS, ANOTHER SPIRIT, and ANOTHER GOSPEL is what .you are exposing. Those who are righteous as Peter said…will escape out from the false prophets and teachers. KEEP crying aloud and do not SPARE and lifting up your VOICE like a trumpet! ( Isaiah 58)

  62. ValleyAnt Sep 18th 2015

    Bob Brown, it’s sad to hear that only few are still praying. I’ll call in on Fridays that I can but due to circumstances as well as direction, I probably won’t be able to commit praying every Friday. However, Isaiah prophesied of a time when spiritual generals and commanders will rise in the Lord’s army and place individuals into their proper places at which time those who have the greater Grace and calling to stand as intercessors will be in their places and there will be no breach in the wall (no lack of intercessors): “I have set watchmen on your walls, oh Jerusalem, who will never hold their peace. You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent” (Isa. 62).

    And Sharon, yes, laying on graves isn’t New Age but satanism and witchcraft. Multi-genetational fertility cults (families that practice witchcraft that, not coincidentally, includes earth worship and other things practiced by the ‘harmless’ Wicca religion) practice passing the spirits of dead members into the bodies of existing members. We have the terms mixed up, but New Age sounds far more harmless.

    Well, it’s finally happening. The gay lobby will head an attack against Christianity on one side and other lobbies on other sides, including pretenders who play church but hate the Church. At least all this trouble will cause genuine Christianity to surface and will bring about the fulfillment of many unseen Bible promises “in our day, and in our time” (Hab. 3).

  63. Thank you for standing up for the truth and keeping us informed about the apostate church doings!

  64. Brother Andrew,
    Thank you for your continuing work to expose the darkness and deception so rampant within Christendom.
    Locally, I have recently interacted with a “church” which is steeped in deception of a different sort (the “oneness” or “Jesus only” doctrine). I have tried to show them the true teaching of Scripture of the Triune God, but it became apparent that they are blinded to the truth due to demonic deception.
    I think there are deceptions of the flesh, deceptions of the world, but also demonically based deception. Kundalini certainly seems to fit the latter category.
    When one studies the signs of the end times, it is discovered that spiritual deception is noted more often than any other sign.
    Keep up the good work of “the faith” and keep exposing the deception of the enemies of the faith. Thankfully, some are delivered from the insidious grip and destruction of such deceptive teachings and practices.
    God bless.
    Pastor Wayne

  65. Andrew – just read your comment above:
    “The saddest thing on earth is to see deception thrive in the millions and millions – while truth roams the streets like a beggar with no-one wanting to hear.”

    Please be encouraged brother. The times in which we live and the state of the “church” is very similar to the times of Isaiah and other prophets of the Old Testament. Isaiah was called of God to preach the truth in Isaiah 6. When Isaiah asked the Lord, “How long?” he was basically told to do so until the land was destroyed and God’s people were either killed or taken in captivity. In other words – NO ONE WAS GOING TO LISTEN!!

    God does not call us to create success by the world’s standards; His success for us is to do what He calls us to do. If we do what He directs, the results must be left with Him and we must be content with that.

    I’ve been kicked out of almost all the evangelical/charismatic churches in our region because I’ve represented God’s Word, truth, and Christ’s righteousness to them. They don’t want to hear, because as their predecessors – the Pharisees of Christ’s time (and all who have persecuted and killed His followers since) – they hate the light and love the darkness because their deeds are evil. They are highly religious, but deceived and deceiving those to whom they preach. They build their own kingdoms, instead of Christ’s. They think they are doing God’s will when they reject the Truth and the messenger bringing it. However, there is coming a time when they shall be revealed for the tares they are.

    Keep doing as the Holy Spirit directs you, even if no one listens.

    God bless.

  66. Hi everyone,
    Remember this is just the promo video for part four of Kundalini warning the full version is yet to come and the contents will shock you.
    Andrew and I have gone through a large amount of material of such an appalling nature.
    Some so bad that it probably won’t be in the final cut.
    If anyone doubts how bad the false teaching has got just visit http://www.heavensphysics.com which is the website for the book The Physics of Heaven… which I suggest would be best discribed as a book promoteing christians actively explore forbidden occultic practises and beliefs (I know thats hard to believe but check it out… people on this forum can’t have checked it out because the comments would go ballistic if you had).
    This is authored by Bethel leaders and their close minister friends.
    This book is hard evidence of the deception being promoted .
    You will find it hard to justify any accusation that Andrew, myself and others are taking anything out of context if you read its contents.
    One friend of mine who is a leading Pastor and huge fan of Bill Johnson (he doesnt like me saying that Bill is promoteing deception) has read the book twice and says this ” that you cannot have written the book and be a christian”.
    A very conflicting statement considering he likes much of what Bill says in other books etc.
    The Bible gives warning after warning of deception in the last days and this is what we are seeing on an accelerated scale.
    Carnal people lust after power, the Bible talks about an Adultress generation seeks after signs but the only sign given to them is that of Jonah pointing to Jesus Christs victory on the cross and ressurection.
    Lets preavh Christ and Him crucified for this is the power of God and we will see real signs and wonders follow.

    God bless,
    [email protected]

  67. Bob Brown Sep 19th 2015

    Valley Ant, There is freedom with the prayer line, as it should be. Intercessors are free to call in and just listen if they want. They can call in late and leave early. As you say, we are to be led by the Spirit. God bless you sister.

  68. Hi all,

    Just to add to my previous post.
    As time goes on it appears that the biggest vehicle for the promotion of everything Bethel is their movement and band called “Jesus Culture”.
    Remember this is a movement not just a band, directly aimed at the youth and sweeping the charts as well as soaking up other famous christian music artists in their wake and into their movement
    Jesus Culture states the purpose of music in their movement is to “ignite revival in the nations of the earth; to compel the Body of Christ to radically abandon itself to a lifestyle of worship; to encounter His extravagant love and raw power.”
    Have no allusions as to what they mean when they say…
    “to encounter His extravagant love and raw power.”…. its all the things Bethel promotes.

    God Bless,

    [email protected]

  69. Well, it’s finally happening. The gay lobby will head an attack against Christianity on one side and other lobbies on other sides, including pretenders who play church but hate the Church. At least all this trouble will cause genuine Christianity to surface and will bring about the fulfillment of many unseen Bible promises “in our day, and in our time” (Hab. 3).
    Valley ant………
    when gay marriage was passed even here in America
    in the spirit I heard this…..
    when the diamond has lost its luster
    and I understood very plainly what it meant.
    CAN LUST FULLFILL any man or woman
    can lust of money fulfill
    can lust of abominations fulfill……
    NO…………..in time it always wears off
    BECAUSE THE ONLY THING that can last
    IS GOD…
    so since we know they cannot be fulfilled
    with their sad victory in this gay marriage
    FOR it will wane
    they will see it for what it is
    THAT IT CANNOT KEEP them filled…
    once that occurs
    once they realize, and still feel EMPTY inside
    and need some kind of cause to keep
    them feeling alive…
    and saints
    their cause will be……….TO RID THE LAND OF ALL TRUTH
    they will see, and are even starting to see
    that while their joy fades day by day
    and they are yet emty
    even though the world has gone their way
    THEY STILL SEE the few
    who even though more than ever the world is against us,
    and it is causing them to be very HATEFUL
    for they cannot understand
    HOW one like me, at work , joyful
    peaceful, and yet the whole world is against me,
    and yet my peace abounds, my joy abounds
    and yet MY PEACE AND JOY have naught to do with
    this world ,nor its things
    ITS BASED SOLEY UPON GOD and the promises in HIS SON
    and they don’t understand our peace and joy.
    to them when the world turns on them
    or it a man loses something or even the fear
    of losing something causes men of this world
    fear and worry..
    and yet in the face of all adversity
    the worlds evil growing,
    the hate growing against me amongst many men now,
    and I mean hate,
    and thus in the deepest of their inner being
    HATRED is growing,
    because deep , deep within
    many know they could have walked as did I,
    and thus they have no excuse for sinning.
    FOR if a simple man like me and all who love HIM
    can keep walking the straight and narrow,
    and enemies keep increasing
    and yet MY JOY ABOUNDS and my peace ensues….
    IT troubles their spirit to see this……..
    Marvel NOT my brethren if the WORLD HATE YOU……..
    and CHRIST was and is the ONLY ONE
    OURS is a GIFT………
    and now IN HIM and BY HIM and all glory unto the FATHER
    we are learning to walk as did HE…….
    and JOY ABOUNDS , even though I know
    what is soon to come
    will be more than words,
    words will become actions………
    only boldness by GRACE INCREASES
    and CROWN AWIATS all who love HIM IN TRUTH
    and this is MY JOY and MY HOPE
    and my PEACE…
    and so what can man do unto me…….
    sure he can take all my goods
    he can imprison me
    he can threaten me, beat me
    even KILL ME
    for my RICHES are CHRIST
    so what can man do unto me……
    no circumstance, no threat , not even death
    can separate me FROM MY HOPE
    for even to be absent from this body
    and we shall sing as did paul and silas
    PEACE…….REJOICING , HOPE, faith and all
    pray only their forgiveness no matter what they take
    or even if they throw you in prison for LOVING RIGHTEOUSNESS
    even if they kill you…………JUST FORGIVE THEM
    as did OUR LORD…..
    but do KNOW………………
    SOONER than many think…..
    and during that time………..GOD WILL FEED HIS OWN
    and WILL KEEP US as the apple of HIS EYE
    and we will ABOUND and REJOICE IN HIM through it all.

    for they LOVED NOT THEIR LIVES………even unto death……
    REMEMBER and be not afraid my friends…..
    if we die………….to be absent from this body.
    and what a greater glory awaits…….
    THIS AGE WILL END………………….as we KNOW it
    it will…..
    where do we want to stand ON HIS DAY……..
    we truly DO……….
    not a one of any who gets into the KINGDOM
    and remains EARNED IT
    IT has already been given unto his children..
    IF we continue in HIM………………then we shall
    receive the crown,
    but if any falls away………..he or she is only doomed….
    and their is no reason to set our eyes upon anything
    BUT GOD…….
    I cannot give the HOPE I HAVE in CHRIST unto any man
    I CAN JUST TELL THEM, and pray they receive it…
    some hope in more increase of riches of this earth…
    I care not if I lose all for the sake of CHRIST and the gospel
    the CROWN AWIATS…….
    where we shall spend life eternal IN HIM awaits all who LOVE HIM
    but all those who loved not the truth
    but rather had pleasure in UNRIGHTEOUSNESS
    to them cometth the strong delusion…
    and in that day and hour, the HEAD of all evil stands
    to face the HEAD of the church and all saints
    and a tremendous number of saints shall be killed,
    BUT fear not death., CHRIST has conquered death
    THUS to all who die for his name sake,
    and all who love HIM………WILL ONE DAY BE WITH HIM

  71. Attended Bethel years ago, experienced all this stuff first hand. The only good thing was God used it to teach me the discerning of spirits. In this time we are in, the body of Christ MUST learn to distinguish the spirits. As someone said in earlier post, even fine sounding, looking, ministers can have a demonic spirit hanging on them. They all need prayer for deliverance and so do I (daily) if something has tripped me up. Thank God for His love and patience with us all.

    I totally believe it is proper to expose what is false, as uncomfortable as it is. Thank you, Andrew, and others for being brave enough to bring this up. I do think it is important to remember that Bill Johnson is just a man who fell for the lie that just because something is “spiritual and powerful” that it must be the HOLY SPIRIT. He needs our prayers.

    One test is the test of love–rarely if at all do you see any mention of love in Bill Johnson’s writings. (haven’t read all of his stuff, but some). That is enough for me. There is a sweetness and peace that follows the Holy Spirit.

    God bless you, Andrew!

  72. Andrew, continue running the race and listen to those who God has used you for. It’s serious or God would not be using you. I was under “false teaching,” for nearly 35 years. While I was under a “false leader,” for 12 years of my life, it took one individual to come and warn me through your website. These false teachers do not seek repentance. Through false conversion there was no teaching on suffering, God’s wrath, Holiness, repentance and Hell. It was rather mocking God, prosperity Gospel.(like what we see in the videos) It was all deception. No wonder you are righteously angered…Listen to the blessing God gave me. Someone googled this crazy behavior after we were taught visualization. God speaks to me while I am sound asleep. “Get out from underneath this teaching.” I wrote everything down I was under and it pointed to the deception you are talking about. Then within a week later, God says this, “I used Andrew Strom to get you out from underneath false teaching.” I have been spreading the warning to other Pastors. I encourage you to continue sounding the alarm for those who will hear. Your books are wonderful!! I pass them out to Bible groups, and will continue passing out the TRUTH!! Thank you Andrew..God blesses those who are searching through His Word and you have some working right along side of you. I love how our Holy God works!!! Without repentance, there is no salvation..Acts 17:30. Run, Run, Run Andrew!!!

  73. ValleyAnt Sep 20th 2015

    Bob Brown, thank God for freedom. I called in on Friday and listened in for a while.

    Randall, true. Not coincidence that they are called ‘gay’ whose dictionary, proper, and original meaning is ‘happy’. Their happiness is from license to sin and a release from God’s laws (heterosexuality). Since their lifestyle is based on a happiness that is without foundation, they hate true joy and happiness which come from freedom (found in following God’s laws, from heterosexuality to NT Christianity) and not from that freedom from God’s laws that actually places one in bondage.

    The harvest has been ripe from the time of John the Baptist until now (ie. from that time to this time, TODAY has always been the day of salvation, of hearing God His voice and obeying). That means that no matter how many people reject salvation, still many will be saved. That’s some good news in the darkness. (Isa. 60:1-2.)

  74. Therese Sep 21st 2015

    Blessed by your testimony, Randall. It’s a testimony I would like to have as my own…..and by God’s grace have hope that I will.

    The sad thing about Bethel and the like, is that it didn’t start out as full-blown paganism………but began with just a little leaven which could have been nipped in the bud. And so many more have just a little leaven right now which could be nipped in the bud if ONLY they would have ears to hear the warnings that God is trumpeting.

    They forget that so much of the bible is given for our CORRECTION and so easily take offense at being corrected. This is why Jesus said, blessed are you who are not offended in me, one reason at least. Our flesh doesn’t like to be corrected, but receiving the corrections of the Spirit is a matter of life and death to our souls!

  75. After looking over “Heaven’s Physics” chapter excerpts a bit and the comments that were made on their site, I saw where people like myself are being labeled “religious Christians” and “conventional Christians”. Wow. I didn’t know it had come to that. This reminds me of the underlying teaching at Bethel that I experienced when going there so many years ago. I bought into this “elitism” of “us” and “them” because of pride and inexperience in the Bible’s teachings.

    Yes, I am now, and evermore will be, a “conventional Christian”, Bible loving, Jesus loving, in need of nothing but Jesus Himself, not an experience of sound and light which I sought after at a Bethel. God help us. How scary it is to see this develop.

  76. Therese Sep 22nd 2015

    {{ Yes, I am now, and evermore will be, a “conventional Christian”, Bible loving, Jesus loving, in need of nothing but Jesus Himself }}

    AMEN, Wanda, words right out of my own heart!

  77. ValleyAnt Sep 22nd 2015


  78. Andrew Sep 22nd 2015

    Yes – sadly that “elite” attitude is very hard to combat.

    Mix it with real deception and it is a dangerous cocktail indeed. Very dangerous.