Take a look at this tragic “60 Minutes” piece below. Our Christian response?…

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  1. Keith Dec 1st 2011

    I gave up with the second set of adverts within the first two minutes. Are you aware, Andrew?

  2. alice Dec 1st 2011

    there was only two ads on it. after that it was plan sailing. it is an interesting video. sad to say the least – and it makes me so aware of the way wealth is shared in the world. too many people doing without, and it seems like all sorts of obstacles in the way to prevent people getting ahead.
    we do need the power of God to move to help with international homelessness, poverty, sex trafficking, starvation, war, famine.
    Dear Lord Jesus, send your power to enable us to go into the world and share what we have with those who have nothing.
    May we all turn to God and may He heal our land.

  3. Joyce Dec 1st 2011

    This is really heartbreaking and another reminder of how America has changed. When we turn our back on our Redeemer and chose God-Mammon this is what happens to a once wealthy nation. However we are not the only nation by far. Nations like India, the plight in Africa….it makes us feel still rich in comparison. There is not one nation not affected by the End Time events happening all over this world. Now Europe is imploding……and who would have thought it!? The world rots around us, and I wonder how much God holds our “saltlessness” responsible?! We blame it on “them” out there when I believe God holds US accountable for being so cold and dead that our world around us is rotting to hell. Sad! Help us Jesus! Bible prophecy fulfilled before our very eyes….and it is going to get worse, much, much worse before He comes again!

  4. I couldn’t get the video to play. sorry………but I know the problems as in the past I have worked in several homeless shelters in USA.

  5. Robert Dec 1st 2011

    I saw a family of 4 living out of a station wagon 2 or 3 years ago. They seemed to be nice folks & if I had a house instead of a one bedroom apartment I would have let them live with me until they found a job & a place of thier own to live. Other Christians should be like that opening thier homes to homeless families they see but instead the families are ignored totally or they hide themselves so well that few people see them. It’s sad….

  6. Jim MCDONALD Dec 1st 2011

    I have seen a shorter version on CBS NEWS. This is a terrible situation. I am glad that ABC NEWS Is promoting “MADE IN AMERICA”. WE need to get America back to work!

  7. Traveler Dec 1st 2011

    I’m currently on dial up as in extra slow so was not able to see the video clip but having been in that position quite often in the past I do know the problems involved.

    The homeless part is not the danger, its the official response to it that really is the killer. Nice to have a car at least, fall behind in the insurance and your plight is a thousand times worse. Everything you built up and put aside for the hard times literally gets legally stolen from you.

    Try finding a patch of forest to make a camp in and you soon start to getting visits from the law that expects you to just evaporate and never re-condense.

    The do gooders just love to threaten you with your kids and add to the general misery. For some reason the only thing they want to do is separate the family members by any means possible, its like a conspiracy.

    Look for work in these conditions and the only offers are beneath minimum wage and then you are expected to show unending gratitude and pledge your soul.

    But the most interesting thing is when you finally climb out from under this situation and advance again, then suddenly no one wants to talk to you anymore. The thing is you are never expected to regain what you lost and officialdom takes it as a personal insult that they can’t play with you anymore.

    Go figure

  8. marty Dec 1st 2011

    IF we will be broken, our Christian response will be to open our homes and live and love in a close community as God always intended. Living our christian lives in our own little private setting was never His plan. This financial crisis can be one of the greatest blessings this country has ever seen IF we respond properly. Realistically though, we may be forced to respond properly.

  9. Val S Dec 1st 2011

    Heartbreaking…and likely there will be more of the same coming. May God help us to be His hand extended…….

  10. Sandra Dec 1st 2011

    This video was sad and tragic.

    When churches start preaching the Word of God and our responsibility to each other instead of a “feel good Gospel” and stop wasting money on starbucks coffee in the lobby and stop blaming other people for what we are supposed to do..(Feed the poor and the widow..) maybe we might have a move of God in this country.

    How many Christians will say..Here I am God..send me…?

  11. Victoria Christine Bingham Dec 1st 2011

    Like Marty, my immediate response to this powerful film (a few not unusual-to-have advertisements that pay for such public service notwithstanding) was to look to opening my home. If the Lord could take the time to talk to just 2 men on the road to Emmaus, or 1 woman by a well, why not consider what impact we can make in the lives of just 1 family somewhere in need. There are more than enough homes in America to live the way of the 1st century church, in community housing. The most compelling insight afforded by the film was the degree of thankfulness the children developed for anything given to them, compare that to the children waiting around the country now for the gifts they expect to receive this month! And the thankfulness shown by the gentleman collecting trash! Yes, there is no doubt that God uses our trials to both purify our hearts and to see what is in them to begin with. As God did with His people in the wilderness. This story is not so much heartbreaking as eyeopening. How much higher would hearts be lifted up, how much more kindness might spread abroad, how much more God hungry would people be, WHAT REVIVAL might manifest, were enough of America put into their cars for an interlude. and please don’t presume. I also know what it means to live in a car. With Paul, I thank my God for the tribulations I have lived through and live in, for the purging, the vengeance, the cleansing, the thankfulness wrought in me! What patience, what experience, what a hope I know as a result. Now let’s get to those kids with prayer and a real communication of help and hope!

  12. khandie Dec 2nd 2011

    all to familiar and as stated in the video and here, there are those of us who are still out of work that also no longer have transportation to live in if needed. My heart breaks for children. I just pray for the Lords mercy and grace. thank you for sharing this video. God bless you

  13. My husband and I are in the process of buying a home with approximately 3 acres. When we first looked at the property, we were overwhelmed with the amount of work in order to get the home ‘livable’. It’s an old double brick structure, 3,000 square feet…and that does not include the attic and basement, which can also convert into living space. We have already had volunteers, who restore old homes as a hobby, volunteer to do a lot of the work. When we started praying and asking the Lord if this was what He wanted for our lives (the house being much too large for just us!), one phrase came to mind and heart…”House of Refuge”. We believe that the Lord is leading us in this direction for the days ahead. We are taking one step at a time and allowing the Lord to lead us and direct us in this endeavor. Years ago, houses of refuge popped up along the coast lands and sheltered the “shipwrecked”…I believe we are going to see a large population of “shipwrecked” families as we enter the days ahead.
    I am wondering if anyone reading this, has had such a call on their lives at this time in history.

  14. Andrew Dec 2nd 2011

    Some great heartfelt responses here.

    Keep them coming.

    God bless you all.


  15. marty Dec 2nd 2011

    Yes Jean I believe many have. My wife and I are praying in that direction right now. But it has to be directed and done by the Spirit. Doing something like this in the flesh will bring the seeds of its own destruction. I believe the main way the Lord is preparing us for this is by getting us on our face before Father God repeatedly and asking him to reveal himself to us as he really is. I’ve been convinced for a long time that the God most of the “christian” church worships today is not the true God…not even close.

  16. Thank you, Marty, that’s encouraging to hear.
    The Lord dropped that phrase, “House of Refuge” into my spirit…and, I agree, anything that is not of His Spirit will fail. So, we, too, are waiting on Him…His will be done. We did not know until recently that the homeless situation was so prevalent in our area until we found out that the community is asking churches to take in families that have lost their jobs and their homes. The house that we are purchasing has been in the prayer stage since last May. The Lord is faithful to direct His own and use His own for His glory.
    We will be praying for you, also. Thanks, again.

  17. Ayelyah Dec 2nd 2011

    http://www.afghanistanafterdem ocracy.com/page10.html

  18. truthseeker Dec 2nd 2011

    Thankyou for posting this. I think this video is a good way to explode the myth that most homeless people are manipulative schemers living the good life through handouts and donations. I believe most homeless and poor people, are decent, salt of the earth people like the families on this video, who have fallen on hard times and don’t have the luxury of extended family to fall back on. We must never stop helping the poor just because of a few unscrupulous people out there.

  19. I understand that people are homeless. I don’t doubt it. Something though about this video smacks me a just not being right. The response of the kids is a little ‘strange’. The way they talk, like they have been coached. I don’t trust the media for one second. There is an agenda behind this, and its not to help homeless families.

  20. Sad. I have had to help my own grown children. They need to see this. Things could be worse, and some things are not really needs.

  21. Michelle Dec 2nd 2011

    We’ve been able to help some through the years that have been homeless or one dollar away from it.

    The hardest thing in helping out long term is the idea of being obligated. Both sides.

    When they do get back on their feet it is quite the adjustment for those relationships. Many of those do not last for one reason or another.

    It goes both ways. Those who give, after the help is no longer needed, many times are ignored as well. But that dynamic has never kept us from helping those who come across our path.

  22. im avaliable to work to see this house of refuge stuff happen i believe we need to take care of the poor and destitute and bring justice and dignity back to our country this recession is I myself being unemployed for two years now I have had to trust God every day but I have two things my health and a heart to see Gods kingdom come and I believe is about to do something through compassion ministry like this country has never seen before that is gonna melt the coldest heart father whatever it takes let us help these poor families and these are just the tip of the iceberg there are plenty of people out there going through the same thing bring justice again father and use these hands for you amen.

  23. my church distributes 3000 lbs of food a week if you wanna start doing this its called totes of hope any body can do it its a fedreal program to make sure kids get food through out the week contact me [email protected] it requires you to pick it up and distribute it to the schools i hope this helps God bless.

  24. Nellie Dec 2nd 2011

    A couple years ago, we heard of a couple living in a van and asked the minister where we were going to church than and he turned down any help and told them to go to government assistance. Within a couple months, a beginning minister was giving $3500 in cash plus much non perishable food, clothing and accessories.
    Deep down, I felt ashamed.
    Sorry, I have been homeless for five years and very rarely can these people make it out without help or someone willing to take a chance. I made myself out with a little help and overcoming the homeless shelter’s bias on keeping two alcoholics (which was against the rules) as managers and giving special treatment. Homeless people need confidence and many look down at them and, yes, I know the feeling. Even family deserted me, and times, I am thankful for it.
    I have also been to food shelves were we are to sign waivers against suing them for sickness. Understand the dilemma when they receive food from places or personnel that are well beyond the expiration date. Earlier this year, I received a sandwich was dated 2007! Hard to imagine that someone, or a company, gives this to those who need it, and get tax credit for it.
    Some people tend to see poverty and homeless as a welcome mat that no one wants to step near, yet, Christ died for everyone, not just the rich and middle class. It truly hurts to see people being frowned upon, and with the world looking at possible global collapse, things are not looking good for those who are always in need.
    Lastly, somehow those who are poor tend to give more percentage wise of their check than the rich. We’ve been there. We know the pain.

  25. Nellie Dec 2nd 2011

    Just need to add, it will be hard to find a good Christmas for my kids again this year. Seeing Black Friday and greed flowing, I cry when I can’t spend a penny right now and others bragging of their new gifts they already received. I could care less for me, but my heart goes out for those who can’t provide a decent Christmas for their children. Been there, doing it again this year.

  26. Praise God for these families! They have and are learning what life is truly about, and it is not about living to oneself. These children will grow up to be much richer than the rest of north america. :) Our children need to know lack so they can get a proper perspective on life!!!

    I try to always allow my children to go without for most everything. They just get basics for living. Some christmases are left out, and some birthdays are left out and we buy them nothing big.

    I wonder what is going to happen to the next generation of children, they are very troubled by electronics and the family unit has broken down because of neglect. Oh bring on the homelessness so the family basic can be salvaged. God help us!

    it reminds me of one time when i was just first saved i was in a city and on a lunch break from work. As I sat eating lunch I saw what was a blind man holding a big stack of books and he was trying to catch a bus as i saw someone helping him. As I watched him my heart broke for him and i cried out to God with compassion for the man. As I sat there the Lord spoke to me and said “this man is a cripple in his blindness, but look at all of these (a lunch time rush hour of people were walking past me) they are crippled in their hearts”. And I saw a people, all crippled on the inside, and I wept for them.

    So in this situation, we look on the outward, the outward is poor, but oh the inside is blessedly rich!! Pray and help for their salvation is all, the rest makes no matter. :)


  27. Prayer without help is nothing, love is a doing word. Jesus says that we are not to tell someone to be warm and be blessed without actually offering them a blanket to be warm etc.

    just clarifying,

  28. oneseekingGod Dec 2nd 2011

    It seems to me that this is a preempting of the Revelation 13 prophecy. I believe the return of Christ is very soon. We must touch as many as possible with the Gospel. We can no longer be an armchair Christian. God is calling us out in this late hour. We must no longer be silent for the rocks will cry out if we do not. When the leader of my home the US declares we are no longer a Christian nation and no powerful leader in our movement stands up for Jesus…….. I think that the true antichrist is very soon. Looking for the rapture and will occupy until His return. It is no time for discussion and complacency! It is time to go to work.

  29. truthseeker Dec 2nd 2011

    @tula, believe me, I understand your suspicion of the media and yes the girl was very insightful, and eloquent in her speech, but I don’t think it is because she has been coached. I think the hidden secret in this family was the father. There was only some glimpses of him because he didn’t want to speak on camera, and I get the impression this is because he is a quiet, humble man. His van was very organised, his children were polite and intelligent, he had them involved in community theater; even as they were homeless, and they were both faithfully attending school each day, with hope and plans for their future. The children also spoke of how they saw their homelessness in the van as an ‘adventure’, which means their father must instill a hopeful attitude in them. I think all of these evidences add up to the fact that their father (and maybe the mother in the past, I dont think they mentioned where she was) has raised their children to be outstanding, kind, thoughtful people. I love it when there are parents who have all the odds against them, but still manage to raise jewels of children. I think we should all be praying for this dear families salvation, if they are not already christians, and all families and people like them, on the streets but still living honestly and respectfully.

  30. truthseeker Dec 2nd 2011

    and yes…..our ‘christian response’..like ‘one seeking God’ said…..its time to get to work and no longer be armchair christians…..the return of Christ Jesus is imminent and the fields are ripe. It is very disconcerting to be in such need and to only receive prayer from christians, even as christians ourselves we know that. Lets help, help, help, give money, food, clothing, accomodation, ongoing love and support. Overcome your fear and hesitations. I think almost all of us come across the homeless or poor at least every few weeks now, for some even more ofetn…. thats how bad things are now and it’s only going to get worse. God bless.

  31. truthseeker Dec 2nd 2011

    just one more thing. I do really shudder at what Jesus response will be when he returns, to all the empty ‘churches’ that lay silent at night with their nice carpeted floors and theater style seats, while the cold, needy, poor and oppressed sleep outdoors as homeless people.

  32. Julie Dec 2nd 2011

    @ truthseeker

    Not only will all the empty “churches” be held accountable, but also we (individually) will be held accountable. What are we doing individually to help the poor in their time of affliction? We spend most of our money on things that bring us comfort and pleasure. (things that are not necessities) We are so selfish and dont even realize it. May the Lord wake us up to our own laziness and selfishness……before it is too late.

  33. linda Dec 2nd 2011

    Sandra, you are so right….How many will say …Here i am God, send me! The idea of that question should stir in our hearts as we fear the Lord, and yet how many of us say No to God when we are directed to even help out from day to day?
    Oh to have an obediency that spurs out of Love and Fear of our Creator!!!
    On another point, I did experience homelessness, out of my own selfishness and put my children through times of Hell because of it. Oh, thank you Jesus, for your redemptive blood saving grace that you have forgiven me,and have saved me from those “times”
    My children will never forget those Awful nights and days, something i cannot take from their memories! No, i do not harp or stew on that, I know they understand and love me still.
    And i do understand how some families have no choice but to live life as it comes(as the one girl stated)…As a believer, i would like to think I would give up my warm bed and house for even just one of them. The cross, The cross, the wonderful cross, how you stretched out your arms and hung there for me, you and the whole world to see for all eternity….Can we even admit our need for the tree? I hope and pray all who have to experience homelessness will encounter the one true Gods’ light from us who have been given a gift of eternal life. Amen

  34. Growing up we never really went hungry, but we did know what it was like to ‘go without’. The fact that we went without was not because we actually had no money, it was because my Father was a drinker and it was mostly spent on alchol. Sometimes because of domestic violence we (my mother, brother, sister and I ), would often find ourselves camping on the floor of relatives for weeks or months. We always ended up home though in the end. I have some small experience of what it is like not to have your own home in hard circumstances.

    I have come to see now that Gods blessing was even in the floor of somebody elses home, and not in a car or a homeless shelter.

  35. devon Dec 4th 2011

    For those who might be interested, the movie ‘Maddy’ about a homeless woman is available for free. http://www.Leesleyfilms.net to order your copy. God bless. May we all be inspired by the Holy Spirit to reach out to those on the street a little bit more. Both testaments speak of taking care of the poor. A major with God.

  36. devon Dec 4th 2011

    One more point of interest. My son and I have been to a few I.C.’s lately. Deader than dirt. Then this one church openned up it’s doors to feed hundred’s of street people. My son was a part of the work. He said that the anointing of God was so strong it made him cry. Then he went back to that church on sunday morning and again…deader than dirt. Do you think God is trying to say something? Do you think?

  37. Truthseeker got close, but all the rest of you missed it. Every one who darkens the door of a “church building” bears responsibility as you give away the treasure that God has entrusted to you to minister to a dying world around us to, instead, build idols that we call, falsely, “churches.”

  38. devon Dec 4th 2011

    I missed what?

  39. This article touches the heart of those who are offended by poverty in their own back yard…. but the Mandate of the Kingdom is to GIVE to the poor ‘within your gates’.
    Deu 15:7 If there is a poor man among you, one of your brothers inside any of your gates in your land which Jehovah your God is giving to you, you shall not harden your heart, nor shut your hand from your needy brother.
    To give to the poor is not something that we do FOR God, we must do it WITH God!!! We need to develop a KINGDOM LIFESTYLE where obedience in all things becomes an offering to God.

  40. Baa Baa Dec 5th 2011

    Found the video interesting. it remindeed me of our our own life experience for the first five years of our marrage 36 years ago. We were homeless and it was a time we had our first two children born and a 3 year old daughter of my wife’s before we married. We lived in a large boy scout tent for four manths during the summer and winter rentals durng the winters. We had to move at least four or five times a year. Our sub standard living would have been a target for social services and we had to hide in fear from them. I consider it the best time of our lives. We both were new Christians and G-d was very real to us in a way we have not seen since..We are much stonger for the experience and so have our children become. We have helped others at times. One was a young girl who had been sexually abused. She came to us and stayed through her high school years. Today she has raised three chilren and her husband is a sucsessful tax lawyer in Washington DC. I could go on and on about G-d’s reality and goodness. It’s all to His glory. Shalom

  41. Michelle Dec 5th 2011

    The movie “Have a Little Faith” was on TV last night. Thought of this thread. It isn’t the church buildings that are wrong to have, it is what is done with those buildings that proves the heart of the people.

    The church in this story is what every single church should be doing at this hour.


    Is 58:

    5Is it such a fast that I have chosen? a day for a man to afflict his soul? is it to bow down his head as a bulrush, and to spread sackcloth and ashes under him? wilt thou call this a fast, and an acceptable day to the LORD?

    6Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?

    7Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?

    8Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the LORD shall be thy rereward.

    9Then shalt thou call, and the LORD shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall say, Here I am. If thou take away from the midst of thee the yoke, the putting forth of the finger, and speaking vanity;

  42. Demonstrate for me from the New Testament any pattern, example or command that justifies “church buildings.” Not finding even the slightest suggestion of any such edifices to comfort and convenience, but finding many teachings regarding the responsibility of the church (there is only one church, not many churches), how can we say that it is not wrong to have church buildings? Every dime spent on something so unbiblical is a dime stolen from what the Bible commands. That, my friends, is idolatry.

  43. Impacted Dec 8th 2011

    Why must this degenerate to arguing about church buildings? Many ministries that are involved in helping the poor congregate and operate out of buildings. Even the Jesus & the apostles taught in the synagogues. We should be active in the streets and within buildings as well. There is a ministry here in New Orleans that takes in addicts, homeless or others and disciples them and sets in ministry those who will follow the course. The houses are donated, and they refurbish them with volunteers or program participants. They do day labor to support the ministry, and live off of donated food. Many local ministers of diffferent stripes come and teach. It is a life built around ministry and their ‘family’. They go out and feed and clothe the poor & homeless, offering them hope in Christ Jesus. There is always something we can do, even if from the comfort of our warm homes.

  44. #1-who cares about the advertisements, get over it.
    #2-stop the analyses of what is happening.
    #3-Stop your discussions.
    #5-Always show compassion. Help others when you have it in your power to do so. Otherwise don’t be like a hypocrite and say, “be warm and filled. And the Lord bless you.