by Lauren J. (-USA).

-June 12, 2006.

“Bro. Andrew…
I am about to be 15 and my entire life I thought I was saved. I’ve grown up in a Christian home. I knew the word and I heard pretty correct things all my life and thought I was OK because I “asked Jesus to come into my heart” when I was 3 and I was baptized around 11. I believe God did something in me. I’ve spoken in tongues since I was about 4 ½.
We, as a church body, had just come out of the “building” and began to meet in houses in January of this year – even then I thought for sure this made everything right. I had gotten a hold of your teaching “How to Experience Personal Revival”. I had listened to it about 10 times and thought it was great. Well on June 1st after talking to one of my very close friends about her experience with making a list like you said, I decided to take notes. Earlier that week I had begun to have these weird questions like, “Am I REALLY saved?”

Well, I took notes on that teaching and I’m telling you, I HEARD what you said. My heart heard it. Not just my ears. It was like a massive revelation- like an entire new gospel I had never heard before. You made a comment, “If you’re not living in revived Christianity, what makes you think you’re living in Christianity?” The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I had never been truly “saved”.

I never experienced the first 3 weeks of being saved. I began to ask myself, “Why am I not walking with God like Adam did? Why don’t I have that fear of the Lord? Am I even saved?” I thought about when it says that the people said, “LORD, LORD, we cast out demons, we spoke in tongues…” And it was like a light went off and I knew that I was not saved. I always thought that the battle and the race and the struggle was against sin and fighting temptation.

My whole life I had struggled with sin thinking that I had repented of it only to find myself the next day repenting of it again. It wasn’t true repentance! TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK. I had made everything so complicated! The simplicity of the gospel is so alive in my heart and mind. Anyway, it was like I got a small understanding of the holiness of God and he was someone I had never met before. I made a list like you said, and I poured my heart out to this holy God and asked him to take the biggest search light he had and show me anything that was displeasing to him and I repented of it immediately. After I did that I felt utterly different. Like a weight I had had my entire life that I didn’t even know about was gone. It’s like the sky is bluer and the grass is greener and the birds sing louder just because I know the true Jesus. I know that this is real. It’s not like before. I woke up the next morning and it was still there. And the next, it was still there, and last week-it was still there!

It’s so simple and my entire life I’ve believed, whether I’ve said it or not, in an American Jesus who would just let my sin pass on by. I am utterly ecstatic. I know I’m different! I look at the word and the things that I’ve underlined and highlighted with 4 different colors mean something completely different now. This past Sunday I actually got baptized in my next door neighbors’ backyard. –All I want to do is approach my holy God with only the holiness He can give. And walk completely and utterly transparent before Him. I just wanted you to know how much you, by obeying God by preaching holiness, how much it has impacted me.”

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  1. Jasmine Apr 24th 2010

    Praise God for this awesome testimony! Testimonies always make me excited =D

  2. hello – this is a very interesting article….. and I am concerned the young author is confusing sanctification with salvation…..