Alterations have been made after the complaints we received last week. Here is the altered video below-

THE STROMS - First Music Video

Posted in TV & Videos by Andrew on May 22nd, 2011 at 10:18 pm.


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  1. Hi Andrew- I like the song and the new video very much- a nice clean pure sound, nice melody, and your family is lovely.

  2. Andrew Jun 7th 2011


    -The most noticeable changes were the ones made to the picture of “Adam”. (These were the ones that seemed to cause the most concern). Their “paths” were changed so as to avoid offense.
    -Managed to remove one shot of the “Last Judgment” but these were much harder to take out – as they had already been truly integrated into major elements of the Video – and they were more “background” shots anyway so hopefully were not so offensive.
    -Replaced a few of the repetitive “singing around the column” shots – as a few people commented that there were too many “similar” shots of going around and around the columns.
    -These were the main changes. Hopefully they have addressed most of the concerns.
    -A tremendous amount of work goes into a video like this, and it can be very hard to make changes – but most of these were not terribly difficult.

    We greatly appreciate your comments and your support. Thanks so much.

    God bless you all

    -Andrew Strom

  3. Andrew the video is really a blessing and your sensitivity to the feelings of others is equally a blessing.

  4. wholeheart Jun 8th 2011

    Andrew, I have seen your wife and daughters sing when you were in the states and they truly radiated the Spirit of the Lord.

    For me, the video and music doesn’t capture the simplicity of His presence. In the video there is too much happening and it takes away from the music. It’s hard to take a classic like Amazing Grace and change it. For me, It seems to have lost the powerful expression of Glorifying God. This is just my opinion and really means nothing. I do appreciate the time and effort you have put into this.

    I love your family and ministry and take no pleasure in writing this, again it is just my opinion and how it affects me. My prayers are with you and your family.

    Thundering has a powerful message to it.
    In His Love

  5. James L. Jun 8th 2011

    Should you receive further complaints we know what the prudes are really looking for, and it’s not the message of God’s grace.

  6. Terry Casen Jun 8th 2011

    Their voices are lovely. The video is amateurish. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing because it’s so poorly done.

  7. Michelle Jun 8th 2011

    Well done. It will minister to the generation and individuals it is meant for.

  8. Beautiful girls, with God given talent. You can not change the song. It stands on its own. Would I buy it, no. It is too busy and like others it is taking away the glory of God. You made it into a entertainment song, it is like watching a merry go around and it is confussing to the mind. I apperate the effort and you are working hard, but mother needs to stept out and let the girls sing there heart out to the Lord. We do not need entertainment we need to move closer to the Lord and learn his Torah. This is just my oppenion and I know what oppinions are.

  9. Mark Roberts Jun 8th 2011

    Everything is fine but the images from the Sistine Chapel. First, I think it is a careless mistake to depict any image of God. I have visited the Sistine Chapel, and it is a horrible mess, spiritually speaking, with paintings of false pagan prophets interspersed with those of the Hebrew prophets.

  10. Michelle Jun 8th 2011

    I came across this blurb today that we may want to keep in mind..

    Harold Cook, in Missionary Life and Work says: “By far the most serious overt threat to missionary relationships, the greatest danger of all, is criticism of one another.”

    “The devil’s chief method of rendering missionaries ineffective is to divide them, and his favourite means of dividing them is a critical spirit. The critical spirit is the most destructive attitude to be found among missionaries. … Criticism is basically passing judgement on someone else. Critical people are self-appointed executors of God’s judgement. They always see the faults and mistakes … just like modern-day Pharisees … without humility, without gentleness, without love … those who criticise reveal much more about themselves than the one being criticised. It is a common thing that picking at the faults of others is an unconscious cover for much larger sins in ourselves … we often render judgement against others in those very areas in which we ourselves are guilty. We project onto others our own wrong attitudes … and our blindness is the more remarkable because that shared fault we so easily see in our brother, we fail to see in ourselves. Beware of judging another. ‘For in the same way as you judge others, you will be judged.’ Matthew 7:2 … Don’t deceive yourself … those most quick to judge others are also, not surprisingly, the most sure their judgement is correct … Joseph was one of the first victims of mistaken judgement in the Bible. The ‘proof’ of his intention towards Potiphar’s wife was the cloak he left in her hands. The household servants all saw it, and I can imagine them saying: ‘Proof, proof.’ ‘Fire, fire’, but they got the location of the fire wrong and the innocent Joseph went to jail.”

    “When it comes to Christians judging Christians, they get it wrong more than they get it right.”

  11. Bob Lucas Jun 8th 2011

    When you consider the vast amount of video clips on Youtube, there must be millions by now, to get a few thousand hits in a year is a big plus. Then consider the amount of Christian evangelical musicals on there…. Well say no more. But God loves it, of that I am sure! I met a sailor the other day who was telling me he came to Christ by seeing the Scots Guards play Amazing Grace at the Edinburgh Tattoo and the words were put up on the big screen.. That’s the power of that hymn.. I hope you keep at it.. Who would have ever thought for one moment that ‘One day at a time’ would have made No.1 on both sides of the Atlantic, but it did!

  12. ellen Jun 8th 2011

    I like the song better this time around, love the natural setting with the flowers and trees, but I personally hate all that spinning of the artwork. Makes me dizzy. Also still don’t get the point with the artwork. What does that have to do with the song? Doesn’t seem to match somehow.

    I would buy the CD (without all the spinning). I’m woozy!

  13. Barbara Jun 8th 2011

    Hi Andrew
    The voices are great, but I would remove the pictures from the Cistene chapel altogether. There are still disturbing images in the background, for example, at the 13 second and 49 second mark.

    To James L….is it prudish to feel this way? You may call it that, if you like. I would not feel comfortable showing this to a young girl, so I think it needs further editing.

  14. Jack Flowers Jun 8th 2011

    I really really like the song but what does the video represent? The setting looks quite pagan with pretty people dancing around columns with saccharine expressions.Is it meant to represent family worship time! I think it would be far more poingant if the video contained scens of the real world as most people’s world is nothing like what’s portrayed in this video. It’s strange how so many Christian text cards contain pretty pictures of animals or lovely nature scenes. Do we really just want to close the world out and lose ourselves in our pretty Christian culture?

    At times the music hints at being eastern and I wondered how good it would be to see some asian Christian girls singing it with a video showing the singers and the need in that country,in a kind of Bollywood style, now that could have a powerful effect. I imagined saris and indian/western instrumentation. How about it Andrew? Wouldn’t that Glorify God?

  15. A couple of comments (but only because you asked):

    1. Not keen on the “techno” sound. It’s just a little overdone

    2. I’m not generally a fan of “music videos”. I listen to music and unless the video clearly adds to the music, then it is generally a needless distraction. In this case, I don’t think it adds to the music.

    3. Personally (and music is an intensely personal thing), as a worship leader I am constantly looking for new music that can bring worshippers into God’s presence. Redoing an old standard like Amazing Grace is OK but really doesn’t do anything for me.

    The Amazing Grace song is not bad but it is also not great. As I started out, that’s just my opinion, but you did ask for it.

  16. Helga Jun 8th 2011

    The song was fine but I didn’t care for the video. I didn’t find the paintings offensive but just thought all the swirling, staring into the sky and walking in unison gave it a strange vibe.

  17. robert h evans Jun 8th 2011

    Hello Folks!

    Bless you all with the video – truly enjoyed the accessed video on youtube – my computers were down with no sound for most of the year but today I got one fixed at $$$$ but in time so I( can see your edited version.

    Well down the van strom family!

    wonderful to hear your voices and see you all again!

    You other video on thunder – brother right on and to let you know I am moving on to a radio ministry this september with the targets of USA and Canada – and the final call to repentance – the symbol the Holy Spirit showed was the Eagle (matured) with its wings covering it ketch as to protect.

    We are close Andrew! We spoke how close we thought when you lived here in Abbotsford. We saw differences in time but the volume of world shakings had not gone on yet but my brother – Jesus warnings in Matthew have arrived and the greater shaking is on the sun rise.

    Blessings and continued favor of the Lord to you and the Family!


  18. I want you to know I really appreciate the messages you send out and always look forward to hearing from you.
    On this, though, am getting a sense of confusion.
    Including the Sistine Chapel seems incompatible, even foreign.

  19. Lovely singing – didn’t really look at the video – just enjoyed the music. Now my daughters want to know if the melody is available – they want to sing this song!

  20. Traveler Jun 8th 2011

    Gone are the good old days where all you had to do was cut a record, now its all about the pictures as well.

    This is just a thought, Andrew, your ministry is largely evangelist part missionary. You are good at that because that is the ministry you are called to. But in the body of Christ no one is all things to all ministries.

    What may be a good idea is to look for a member of the body that has a ministry in music and use their gifts and ministry to do the music side of things. This would certainly remove a lot of aggravation from your side.

    Yes you can do it but its obvious the anointing is not there because this is not the ministry you were called to. There are times you have to integrate into the body as a whole so as to combine your gifts and ministries with those of others so as to reach out in other areas. That’s how the body of Christ has been set up, co-dependants.

  21. Some questions to ask when doing anything for God:

    Does this glorify and lift up the name of Jesus?

    Is this pleasing to the Father?

    Am I truly worshipping the Father in spirit and truth?

    Am I being led by the Spirit to do this or is it my flesh?

    To me, the remake of ‘Amazing Grace’ and the video does not usher me into the presence of the Lord or cause me to want to worship and praise His holy name.

  22. Pilgrim Jun 8th 2011

    Interesting that there is such a dividing line between those who approve of the video and those who don’t. The main controversy seems to be the use of pictures. If we look at church history though we will find that the catacombs of Rome were filled with icons from top to bottom(the catacombs were where persecuted christians fled in the 2nd and 3rd centuries)- we will also find that believers died defending the use of iconography which was said to depict the incarnation and unity between humanity and divinity(God and man). Would it have been wrong to take a photograph of Christ as He walked this earth 2000 years ago? Then what’s wrong with depicting Christ and the faithful with paint if indeed people saw Him and knew what He looked like? As Leonard Ravenhill said, “One thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history”. I understand that we need to be sensitive to the feelings of others, but I hope it’s not to the point of compromising the truth- I don’t think this is the case however, since these pictures from the Sistine Chapel(1508 AD) are not exactly what believers were defending in the 7th ecumenical council(8th century- before the Roman Catholics split from the Orthodox Church in 1054 AD). The style of the art depicted by the Catholics is not what would be found in earlier apostolic times where more attention is brought to man’s partaking of the divine nature(2 Peter 1:4, 1 Corinthians 6:17) rather than the fancy artistic skills of artists such as Michaelangelo seen expressed in more modern times.

  23. Andrew Jun 8th 2011


    Mostly utterly discouraging comments.

    But that is what I have learnt to expect on this site.

    I have been discouraged over and over by the commentary on here – on all kinds of things we post.

    Over and over and over again.

  24. Traveler Jun 8th 2011

    Not really Andrew

    You are very fortunate to not be surrounded by yes men that cause you to stumble and set you up to fall. At least honesty gives you something solid to work with, all part of development and growth.

  25. Pilgrim Jun 8th 2011

    Andrew, I wouldn’t let myself get that discouraged. There were people in the past who died defending the use of icons and you using pictures in your video has brought much accusation from those who automatically associate you with the Catholic Church simply from seeing pictures from the Sistine Chapel in the video. Don’t let people’s faulty presumptions bring you down my friend. This hot button of you using pictures has let the tongues of many go unbridled in speaking maliciously about other insignificant imperfections in the video- the video was fresh and innocent. Had there not been these pictures, you may have not gotten as much flack.

  26. harvestisripe Jun 8th 2011

    Andrew I can’t waite to get the video I know my family will really enjoy seeing and hearing it.

    I told my daughter about all the slack you had been getting about the video and why concerning the art and she just shook her head and immediately asked me if they even understood what the picture represented?

    Will you be putting the songs on CD also ?

    Maby those who don’t like the video itself would like to have the songs – on CD.

    I love the Thundering Song and I am glad you included it on the video – it carries a message from you heart.

    I would like to have a CD if you do descide to make any – for my grandson and will use the video for my great grandson. I can just seen him learning Amazing grace 21/2 now. learning about Gods wonderful love for people.

    To me the style is is a style of its own – simular to the song – which became became quite popular.

    – Everybody Get Redy – Jesus is coming. That caught on very quickly back then.

    I really love the new version of Amazing Grace.

    Love to you all, Lynn

  27. DieToSelf Jun 8th 2011

    I would rather listen & trust the leading of the Holy Spirit than the critics in this page. What generation have the same taste & style in music? I say trust the Holy Spirit’s leading to impact the generation its meant for

  28. Steven Fordahl Jun 8th 2011

    To the pure all things are pure.Titus 1:15 Adam and Eve didn’t wear clothes till after the fall. Andrew I thought the video was great and I am perplexed and dismayed that professed Christians behave so. And being that it is 102 degrees Fahrenheit here in Minnesota today I am going to embrace Adam’s pre fall clothing options.

  29. harvestisripe Jun 8th 2011

    Very sad when one would tell you to forget the Music Andrew – they know absolutely nothing of what they are subjesting – some of the most anointed music I have ever been under is from your families ministry in music and prayer – this really grieves my spirit – very pure – and at times Prophetic – led of the Holy Spirit – singing.

    Andrew I would not take any more subjestions especially when they do not even think of what they are really doing or saying – and do not know you – so easy to give out advice?

    Let God work it out and those who want the viseo will send for it.

  30. I am amazed that you got such a negative response with the first video. Some of the most beautiful and sensitive paintings of all time and you get that kind of response. Does not make sense to me either (agree with Steven Fordahl) why some Christians get so upset about such things. We all need to be using our time, energy and resources to reach the lost not criticize others efforts in doing the same.

  31. Khandie Jun 8th 2011

    My dear brother in The Lord,
    I had absolutely no trouble with your first version, I liked it then and still like it now. Andrew, I thank you and your beautiful wife and daughters for sharing your gift of song with me and all who are desirous and/or willing to listen.

    A final comment I’d like to make to The Body of Christ as a whole. Someone said to me many years ago “Christians are the most judgmental and most critical people in the world”. I remember spending hours trying to convince this “non-believer” (at that time) that this was untrue, but on and on this “now” brother in the Lord went expressing his views of “christians”. He spoke of how they talk much about the word “Love” yet show very little action of the word. He said to me that his experience with professing christians in the past caused him to not desire to partake of fellowship in the present and future. “Because they tend to be so critical of one another’s and are always in constant judgment of others, they act as if they are perfect in every sense of the word”, HE would say to me. I thought about this over the years, when I endured much judgment and criticism from fellow believers myself I saw where his words rang true and clearly saw how consistent ridicule and judgement of others can cause a non-believer to not desire to take part of fellowship with the Body of Christ. With all due respect I must say that I see this “ridiculing and judgmental” behavior from christians everyone INCLUDING here on this very site. It does not matter what Andrew may post, there is always a selective few that come against the posting with judgement, ridicule, criticism and the like which 99 percent of the time end up in foolish debates. It truly breaks my heart to see this and for that reason I don’t post as much here, I only support the postings my brother shares with (we) his spiritual family through email. We must always remember that it is not only us who may be reading these postings, but perhaps a lost soul that had been led to the site but because of the constant bickering and foolish debates, may have shied away. Why are we still unable to WALK IN LOVE and not just speak the words…

    God bless you all! Thank you again the Strom family for your continual service to the Lord and to the Body of Christ!

    Love you all so very much!!

  32. You did a great job cleaning it up. By far it is one of the best first timer videos produced that I have seen. Not just saying this as a biased Christian. You have a talent for production. You will see more ideas flowing from this piece for new ones. You can be proud and use it as a strong foundation. My friend uses Apple computers and programs for his work and says they are the best way to go. He actually did most of the work for Justin Timberlake videos on his his Mac power book. He says Apple makes it easy.
    Good job and God bless.

  33. Wow,
    Answer to the peanut gallery.
    Jesus would be encouraging not knit pick. Don’t we find in Psalms that God enjoys us glorifying him through song. Not to mention, Numbers Ch. 6:24-26 is to be sung. The lyrics are good, the voices are good, the singers are good. If they were dressed and dancing like Madonna, Brittany Spears, or Lady Gaga I would see room for worry. This video does not demonstrate an agenda for makeing millions of dollars and gaining club fame. It is very wholesome and decent.

  34. Andrew,
    Don’t give up, you will make great pieces. We need more Christian based videos and shows to compete with the garbage. Remember films were clean once upon a time before they were corrupted. Now the tables must turn to Gods favor. Remember The Passion. Use that as an influence. Mel Gibson did an awesome piece of work. We all just needed to pray for him because the adversary unloaded a hole battery of missles at his life. I still pray for him and need alot of others to help and pray.
    You have a Godly vail of protection of you so you and your family can go farther. God with us, who can be against us.

  35. ellen Jun 8th 2011

    Andrew, did you not ask for an honest assessment of this revised video? Do you expect those of us as believers who are opposed to the background activity to lie in order to pacify you? What kind of people would we be if we did that? You wanted honest answers, and I believe you got that. Those who are opposed simply gave their opinion. There was no raging, cursing, belittling, just the plain truth from their hearts. I realize everyone has their own form of worship, and that’s great that God created such diversity. For me personally, I could never get into sincere worship with your video because there is way too much distraction, and I just do not feel the presence of God of your video, though the song is upbeat and lovely.

    As I stated in the first comment section before the video was revised, what’s wrong simplicity? Just your wife and girls singing in natural settings, like the flowers and trees, without all the nonsense artwork. I think MOST believers are not real impressed with what the world considers famous, like the artwork portrayed here. I think most believers just appreciate God’s green earth. I think if you kept it simple you’d get more favorable responses.

  36. Lucinda Jun 8th 2011

    Dear Brother Andrew,

    You started out by saying, “MUSIC VIDEO is FIXED – Please Comment??
    Alterations have been made after the complaints we received last week. Please comment on the Video and the Song now? Here is the altered video below-”

    I’m totally confused. I honestly thought you were looking for genuine feedback.

    Maybe it would be better for you to ask people who are gifted and anointed in making Christian music vidoes for their honest critique of your music video.

    I’m 63 and personally like listening to Christian music CD’s better than music vidoes but that is just a personal preference.

    I liked the music and words to Amazing Grace but the rest was just to busy for me. Actually I liked listening to it better than watching it.

    Again my personal taste.


  37. harvestisripe Jun 8th 2011

    Very Cold no real warmth nor appreciation? something to look at – disrespect – and to think Jesus said love would begin to wax cold.

    I glad I am not a catholic looking in and see here the awful discust for catholics – .truely have we lost our witnessas as we walk through our day – and open our mouth especially on a christian webb site.

    I see people quite often who want nothing to do with christians – words can kill .

    I pray this is a lesson we all can look at and learn from – christians can open their mouths and do great harm for the cause of Jesus Christ.

    Are we to soon to speak – are we walking it the spirit.

    I say all this because Andrew is right in what he has saiid .

    what I am saying has nothing really much to do with the video so much -Andrew was sensative to all and made the adjustments – but more so the tone and the attitude and being careful we not cause some to want to have nothing to do with christians.

  38. ellen Jun 8th 2011

    Harvestripe, are you serious???? You are waaaay off base. I used to think you stood for truth, but I’m beginning to think you just want to “hear what you want to hear.” You ask, “Are we walking in the spirit?” Only God knows that, not you.

    I’m so glad some of us are not puppets, doing the dance of “ones who hold the strings.” We are individuals and deserve to have our own opinions and deserve respect, whatever the answer may be.

  39. I agree – “The tone and the attitude”, is certainly the touch point harvestisripe.

  40. Andrew Jun 8th 2011

    “Tone and attitude” are good things to bear in mind when commenting.

    We have bought this up many times on other threads.

    I’m sure there is a lot of misunderstanding because we can’t actually “SEE” people and hear their intent so it can come across wrong. People often don’t mean it to.

    God bless,


  41. Michelle Jun 8th 2011

    I see harvestisripe is speaking from her own experience in doling out a few things of her own to others.

    They are good words to think about when dealing with Catholics, but also other Christians I would say.

  42. eaglelife Jun 8th 2011


    I am very disappointed in what you call “love”. Does love always have to agree. Can we love and be truthful to how we feel. I saw that in a number of comments. They specifically said that was just how they felt and just stated their preference. My husband is quite the musician and has a very broad taste. He is all by ear and improv and very creative. I am conservatory trained and really have a very narrow taste, compared to his. I appreciated the simplicity in the girls and they have a certain innocence about them. But because I am not into videos or would prefer Amazing Grace on the slow end does that make me unloving. It is too busy for me as well, but that could be just because I don’t have a broad taste.

    There is so little capacity for truth in the body of Christ. I find it so sad.

    I don’t understand Andrew, that , you asked people for their opinions and when you get ones that differ, you find it totally unacceptable. There were a couple of comments that were
    downright put downs but it seemed to me most shared simply how they felt.

    I personally appreciate honesty. I crave honesty. It is nice when it comes gently, though. But sometimes it doesn’t come that way. We are all growing. Those of us who are direct and outspoken also need to be who we are, and we need to learn and be grown into who God has called us to be. When it hurts it is time to ask God what do I need from this…… any, all, or nothing.

    I also appreciate hearing opinions that are totally opposite or in between because it makes me think more and not be so opinionated. In some ways it helps a person identify how they feel instead of just always agreeing and trying to be a “yes “man. Some of us are better truth tellers than encouragers and some of us are better encouragers than truthers. We all need to be who God called us to be and a platform to step out on.

    How are we to stand in these last days if we can’t be independent thinkers and stand on the truth of God’s word as He shows us. Is this not one of the big reasons that we are on Andrew’s site. Because we don’t like the status quo of the apostate church.

  43. Andrew Jun 8th 2011

    I don’t mind opinions at all.

    The way they are expressed is very important, though.

    And this has been a constant problem on this site.

    In fact I have been told it is a “bad testimony” to visitors the way people comment here. And sadly I sometimes have to agree.

    God bless you!


  44. alita bylsma Jun 8th 2011

    Dear fellow children of God,
    I have not read the above except for the first email Andrew sent us. Please hear my humble heart and see God’s truth. We should not be people pleasers, we should be God’s pleasers in serving Him with His gifts and talents that He has given us. If we sit on His lap with our ear close to His heart and act upon that which He shows and instructs us, then we leave the consequences to Him, we just obey Him. He will bring forth fruit that will be abondend and fresh and breathtaking. We have limited God for too long now with our narrowmindedness. We are moving from the church age to the millinium age and there is not time anymore to walk in milk, we need to move to flesh – so many things are going to change and we are going into tough times. The Word says that we should move in Power and Strength and not with a lot of discussions and we can only do that when each one of us will humble ourselves, get onto God’s lap, lay down all our self righteousness and seek Him in His fullness. God has made us beautifull and we stand naked before Him except for the covering of Jesus blood. Start to see JESUS and leave the small human mindedness, lay it down so that God’s Body can start to become a Unit again not fighting each other or critisizing, but just obedient moving on our Lord’s Word in us then He will pour out His newness, His Power and we will move as He has said in His Word: that we will do greater things that He did on earth. God bless Alita

  45. harvestisripe Jun 8th 2011

    Ones opinion is not the object here – and certainly we would want the truth – and Andrew did ask for comments – but what I was trying to say – it is attitude here the first post and this one and others just seems to kinda turn some away – and here is my point – I pray you can see the importance of this.

    I believe we are to be carriers of the truth a walking testimony – a – LIGHT – when others are looking – and as I said I would hope no catholic came to read here for the video just might have cause them to come here and seek. thats why I said where is our witness.

    It is kinda like being at the store with a christian bumper sticker on ones car and you speed up raceing to get the best parking spot taking it from the one who had been waiting for the very one you took.

    We are to live by example – to show Christ in us – I am not perfect – but I am moved by the Lord to look more and more like him every day – to reach out.

    What does this have to do with the video itself? – Nothing – but it does have to do with attitude and what comes out of our mouth.
    Especially on a Revival Christian Forum.

    I have even had a couple of christians come read here and remark aboth the attitude here.

    Andrew has been kind to provide this webb site for many I think we should be respectful of outr attitudes here towards one another.

    This is what I have been saying – like I said I am among people all the time that want nothing to do with christians even christians say this – because they don’t like what they see.

    I do believe it is important to stand up in truth – but in a right attitude.

    Like I said words can kill and wound – it is all in how we say it.

    Sincerely, Lynn