NEWEST MUSIC VIDEO – Please Comment?

This song is more along the lines of our usual “Harmony-Worship” style. There are no swirling paintings in this video – I promise! Take a look below and please comment if you wish-

Posted in TV & Videos by Andrew on June 8th, 2011 at 6:26 pm.


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  1. indokiwi Jun 16th 2011

    Hey guys… great to see you still putting out the music. Enjoyed this song and vid. God bless.

  2. marilynk Jun 16th 2011

    Good worship song!!!

  3. Really liked this…I would love to see the words up on it, since I am hard of hearing.

  4. Laurie Jun 17th 2011

    Awesome! Loved it. Great worship music. Thanks for making this. God bless you!

  5. Liberty Jun 17th 2011

    That’s a good video. Your wife is very talented. Her heart for the Lord is very evident as she sings that song.

  6. gary/dagazz Jun 17th 2011

    good work Andrew. Great setting, well produced music and very well put together video. I felt this video would draw people to God and was definitely a tool to glorify Him, very refreshing in this day of ministries drawing attention to themselves. Bless you all, Gary

  7. Thank you for sharing this Andrew. I’m no music or video critic, so all I can say is that I truly enjoyed this and it was very nice to meet your family in these videos!

    If I may say, to me there is the aspect that singing and music etc, is as natural as talking or praying, the offering is to our heavenly Father and not for others to ‘judge’ per se, any more than we would sit in a prayer meeting and judge someone else’s heartfelt prayer, or even listen to a conversation and judge someone’s speaking voice, if that makes sense, I mean the thought wouldn’t even occur to most of us. The world judges such things and divides between talent and non-talent etc,and creating competitions, because they crave what is most entertaining for their flesh, but I doubt that God thinks that way, and it’s so sad I think it has put many in bondage in our society, in a way that we don’t see in less ‘sophisticated’ parts of the world. If you’re even caught whistling out loud on a city street in North America you might get looked at funny!

  8. Very nice. I like the natural God-made background setting too (the clouds, mountains, water). :)

  9. Andrew Jun 17th 2011

    Thankyou so much, my friends.

    Yes – it can be “dangerous” asking for comments, but it is a learning curve and though it hurts sometimes I feel it can also be a help to us.

    Really appreciated what you had to say.

    God bless you all.


  10. Beautiful, very well done. Good eye for back ground and lighting. Remember less is more, and the tripod is a camera mans friend. You can give each shot more time with less rapid segways so the video doesn’t look like it’s in a hurry to end. You can use a flat dolly with large soft inflatable tires to mount your tripod and slowly draw it to one side per shot, not back and forth. When adding motion to your shots by hand, it’s always difficult to judge just how fast or slow to move the camera. Just bring a broom to sweep the pavement from even the smallest rock or twig. We tryed this on a project in the past and a leaf made the platform bounce so slightly that we didn’t notice until we reviewed the footage. Also, if lighting ever becomes an issue, you can improvise with a white bed sheet layed down infront of your subject to eliminate shadowing, you can use a board under the sheet to tilt it if necessary. It works great outdoors at noon, and indoors with overhead lighting. The music sounded great aswell. May the Lord continue to bless you.

  11. Andrew Jun 17th 2011

    Thanks Rick.

    With this video the footage had to be shot handheld in the biggest hurry you’ve ever seen!! But I will go back to dollies in the future.

    God bless you!


  12. Kathleen Jun 17th 2011

    Beautiful song and beautifully delivered! Agree with Rick’s summation as to camera. That huge old building in the backround was fitting- built on solid rock as the singer was sitting on solid rock. What is the building in backround?

  13. Andrew Jun 17th 2011

    The tall pointy one is Mont St Michel

    The castle is maybe 100km from there – can’t remember the name. We just came upon it and decided to film!


  14. Beautifully done video. The song reminds me of the many deeply spiritual songs I have heard over the years at the coffee house I was saved at.

  15. Beautiful , words song and music… very grounded in the Word . The scenes and backdrops are appealing. However, there is way too much going on which distracts from the song.I had a hard time following and physically felt dizzy.I could not watch the video and listen to the music at the same time. I had to listen without the visual. I think to improve the video try using only one of the backdrops with your wife , or if you want to use the scenery just use that accompanied by the song and music only.

  16. This is very good — it would be wonderful if you could redo the video for “Amazing Grace.” I think it’s worth it — the song honors God and Christ.

  17. Absolutely wonderful music-your wife and family are beautiful from the inside out! I agree with the others that there was too much movement going on-focusing just on your wife and the song alone would have been perfect. The song was so beautiful and inspireing. I want the CD!! Where can I buy one???

  18. Absolutely beautiful!
    God bless you and your precious family.

  19. It is beautiful indeed. :-)

  20. Andrew Jun 18th 2011

    Thankyou for all the comments. Much appreciated.

    Susan, I disagree that we can just have them stand in a garden and sing with the camera on a tripod. These songs and videos are designed to get the message and the worship of Jesus in front of a younger generation that is very used to fast-moving stuff. For them this is not “fast” at all.

    The camera-work was hand-held in this case simply because we had so little time. But in future I would use dollies to smooth things out a lot more. But “moving” videos are a style that I like and I believe we need to be in that mode to reach the youth with a godly message in song.

    Bless you!


  21. David Marsh Jun 18th 2011

    Altogether lovely. A Holy Spirit filled family – that shines bright throughout the video. Beautiful.

    Well done and congratulations.
    You are a blessed man.


  22. Well done! Lovely and inspiring!

  23. Khandie Jun 19th 2011

    I absolutely LOVED THIS!!!! Love it, Love it!!!! Don’t know why I’m weeping right now, but I am…The song and her beautiful way of singing is just so moving! Great work Andrew, love the video very much!!!

  24. “He who holds the key” His name is YAHWEH.

  25. Holy Spirit inspired for sure….HE DOES KEEP ME FORM DRIFTING AWAY ! Thank you, Joanne

  26. Vicki-Lynn Jun 21st 2011

    I liked the song but would have loved your daughter to be playing the piano instead of the guitar playing,in the background for that particular song.
    Bless you all
    Vicki Lynn