Part 2 – “The Invasion Spreads”. I believe this one may be even more shocking than Part 1. This info is important for the church to see. Please share it with your friends if you can. Here is the link-

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  1. Julian Raven Jul 28th 2010

    Great job Brother….top quality in both content and presentation!!

  2. Andrew, thank you for having the courage to expose this filth to what is apparently an unsuspecting and naive church which is NO longer the church of Christ but the HARLOT church referred to in the bible.

    However you claim these people who endorsed Todd Bentley are the “top leaders” of the church.
    Their very lack of spiritual discernment, which you yourself refer to, and the enthusiasm they have for false teaching and obviously false “anointings” in general confirms my conclusion that each one of them is nothing but a fraud leading the unsuspecting to hell falsely believing they are born again christians. WHAT TRAGEDY IS THIS!

    For the sake of those who have so tragically allowed themselves to be deceived by such people as these we DESPERATELY need a grass roots movement which will take the church back to the Word of God and thereby to the God of the Word (Bible) so that some might be able to escape the harlot church in time to avoid the coming judgement.

    The time is short and “even the very elect will be deceived if God does not shorten the days.”

    My God has impressed upon me that it is absolutely essential that we “hold fast to the “biblical” traditions ……. taught by the written and spoken word of Jesus Christ Himself and His original apostles who were given the teachings of Christ once and for all. There is NOTHING NEW – only the same old rugged cross of Jesus Christ, repentance from sin and commitment to live for Jesus Christ in accordance with HIS Word (The Bible) which MUST be the sole basis of faith for those who are truly born again and lead by the HOLY SPIRIT.

    These original teachings are what the true believers of Jesus Christ and those who are truly born again are to contend for NOT the doctrines of demons introduced by these “anointed” ones.

    The preaching and teaching of doctrines of demons has resulted in this obvious opportunity for demons to invade the church.

    Demonic activity as a consequence of spiritual adultery may be likened to AIDS or syphilis being contracted as a result of adultery in the physical realm and the Bible itself does so.

    The message of any such grass roots resurgence of biblical christianity MUST be one of repentance from this spiritual filth and a return to expository bible teaching and preaching so that some may have a chance of responding positively and thereby turning to the GOD of the BIBLE before the JUDGEMENT which is about to come upon the FALSE church and the world.

  3. Seraphah Jul 28th 2010

    The supposed ‘Apostle’ C. Peter Wagner and the supposed ‘Prophet’ Rick Joyner are not disturbed by the Lakeland manifestations. Joyner has had this same spirit in his group for years. Of course the Bentley has been restored – if they did not ‘restore’ him, how could their ‘prophecies’ come to pass?

    It is not the single fact that Bentley was divorced and remarried. It is the fact that his marriage fell apart and he began a relationship with a younger woman who was the ‘nanny’ of his children (as well a reportedly drinking too much) DURING the Lakeland ‘Revival.’ Nor, according to staff from his former ministry, was this his first marital ‘indiscretion.’

    Wagner even admits: “It has become clear that he indulged in periodic drunkenness… Their marriage has been torn for years by his emotional attachment with at least one other female whose physical contact went beyond hugging and kissing and holding hands … it was clearly immoral. All of this was skillfully concealed by lying and by swearing close associates who had observed his behavior to secrecy.”

    Bentley went from drug addict to ‘ministry’ almost over night. He was according to himself ‘saved’ at 18 (1994) and he at Fresh Fire Ministries by 22 (1998) at the latest. There was no oversight, no accountability. Is it any surprise that he fell into the grip of egotism, false manifestations and sexual immorality? Far older and more mature men have fallen into the same trap.

  4. Andrew Jul 28th 2010

    Yes – we really do need a grass-roots movement to “take back” the church. The state of things is almost beyond describing.


  5. Seraphah Jul 28th 2010

    Sorry, Andrew – I don’t believe that you can’t ‘take back’ the Churches any more than you can ‘take back’ America. There are some Churches even here in the USA that are still God’s, but for the most part the others are gone beyond recall.

    You have to first aside the denominational Churches, who are all tied up in their particular ‘doctrinal distinctives’ and have shut out the TRUTH in favor of their particular pieces of the truth. Then you have to weed out the Purpose Driven Churches, the New Apostolic Reformation Churches, the Business Model Churches, the ‘Senior Pastor in charge’ Churches and the false Holy Spirit infested Churches. That leaves a precious few here and there.

    The problem is, you see, that the leadership in most Churches won’t let God get a word in edgewise. If the odd prophetic ‘John the Baptist’ gets in, they swiftly eliminate him – because they can’t allow anyone to upset the status quo. They want their artificially sweet and perfumed mausoleum rather than the living breath of God that challenges and refreshes. Control is the order of the day – not decent order, mind you, but control. Control has to keep a thumb on everything that goes on. It demands conformity to the standard determined by the leadership. Anyone who steps out of line and refuses to knuckle under is demonized and banned from the fellowship. Which is exactly what the Pharisees did to the real John the Baptist.

    That’s why John stood out in the wilderness and preached – because the ‘Church’ that claimed to be God’s rejected him just as they ultimately rejected the Messiah who’s coming John heralded. It’s no wonder John called them a brood of vipers. God repeatedly told the Jews they were stiff-necked and proud. Jesus said much the same. Stephen gave them their history of the repeated rebellion and finally ended with ‘You stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Holy Spirit; as your fathers did, so do you.’ Predictably, that got him killed.

    You would think we’d learn, wouldn’t you?

    Now, don’t get me wrong; a few – very few – churches will actually turn around. But, the majority will go on, business as usual. If they here the voice of the Prophet at all, they will get rid of him – and his disrupting message – as soon as possible and go back to ‘Church’ as usual.

    So, God is still calling His own out of the man-centered gatherings and back to Him. They won’t need buildings, organizations and movements to do His will. They will just do it. God willing, they will find others and gather for fellowship, but it won’t be organized or orchestrated by anyone but God. It is to be hoped that these that come out of the wilderness have better sense than to try to control God or take over. My grandmother had a proverb on her wall that was very true –

    The things we leave to God, God does, and blesses us.
    The things we choose to keep as our own, God lets alone.

    There was a song that was played at the old revivals:
    1. All to Jesus I surrender;
    all to him I freely give;
    I will ever love and trust him,
    in his presence daily live.

    I surrender all, I surrender all,
    all to thee, my blessed Savior,
    I surrender all.

    2. All to Jesus I surrender;
    humbly at his feet I bow,
    worldly pleasures all forsaken;
    take me, Jesus, take me now.

    3. All to Jesus I surrender;
    make me, Savior, wholly thine;
    fill me with thy love and power;
    truly know that thou art mine.

    4. All to Jesus I surrender;
    Lord, I give myself to thee;
    fill me with thy love and power;
    let thy blessing fall on me.

    5. All to Jesus I surrender;
    now I feel the sacred flame.
    O the joy of full salvation!
    Glory, glory, to his name!

    A wise old black man once told me “I’d rather surrender all to God than have Him take it from me by force.” It does give one pause …

  6. Seraphah Jul 28th 2010

    The first sentence should read “I don’t believe that you CAN ‘take back’ the Churches any more than you can ‘take back’ America.” Also, I left out the ‘Personality Cult” Churches.

    Blessings, Seraphah

  7. Andrew Jul 28th 2010

    I didn’t mean take back the “churches”

    I meant take back the CHURCH (Christianity) from those that have stolen it. It is like Christianity in the West has been “hijacked” in all kinds of ways.

    All we can do is speak the Truth. God must do the rest.


  8. Would it be fair to say that these leaders that we have seen in this video series, may be or are standing on the left hand of JESUS as goats when the SON of MAN comes in HIS glory “MATTHEW 25:31-46

  9. Gramma Jul 28th 2010

    Excellent work on the video – a great snapshot of the disease that is infecting so many people spiritually is the charismatic movement.

  10. Gramma Jul 28th 2010

    Excellent work on the video – a great snapshot of the disease that is infecting so many people spiritually is the charismatic movement.

  11. Seraphah Jul 28th 2010

    Brian – it’s quite possible you are right. They could repent, but it isn’t likely. Only God can say for sure. It is a horrible thing they do in God’s name.

    But, again, if you are saying “Than God I’M not like that!” check yourself. That was the Pharisee’s prayer. Instead, watch yourself, lest you also fall. It’s very easy, when looking at the error of others, to forget that you are just as able to fall as they.

    It behooves us. while watching this, to recall that these men may have been real at one time – and anyone can fall into the same trap as they have. Ego and pride has slain more servants of God than anything else – it was the sin of satan.

    It takes time to pull away and purge yourself of the teachings from these people, so widespread have they become. But it must be done, lest we fall into the same condemnation –

    12 For we dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves. But they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. 2 Corinthians 10:12

    Paul knew that we have this tendency to surround ourselves with like-minded people. This is a given. But we have to be careful that the like-mindedness doesn’t lead to a bunch of ‘yes men’ who agree with anything we say.

    Scripture shows Paul rebuked Peter – in public, in front of the others. Peter could have said “Why that upstart, who does he think he is! I walked with the Master, HE didn’t. Who is he to correct me!!” But he didn’t. He later refers to our beloved brother Paul.

    Correction and disagreement are not division or strife, they are blessings from God to keep us from growing too sure of our own holiness. Let’s not get like Korah (Core), who rebelled against Moses because he thought Israel was holy and needed no reminders.

    These are perilous times, perhaps the most perilous times in history – the end times. Deception is rampant. Are those around you both willing and able to correct you? Do you listen to correction or blow it off? These are important matters, because if we do not submit one to another, we will – not may but WILL – fall into the trap.

  12. Seraphah Jul 29th 2010

    Warning is good. People need to see and know the facts. But once the warning is given, what then?

    Presuming that we all agree that this is grave and dangerous error- Here are some questions that the Lord wants addressed that have not been asked –

    1. HOW did this error get into the Church? That is, what gave them entrance into the body?

    2. Who is responsible?

    3. What, if anything, can be done about it?

  13. Nicole Jul 29th 2010

    Is taking back the churches – really what God has in store for us at this time? Taking back christianity from those that stole it? Did Paul or Peter ever take it back from those that decided to turn a deaf ear to them? Is it not HIS Call to lift the veil off HIS PEOPLE and then use HIS SERVANTS to be there for those that are coming out of these false teachings? — The time will come and those that are called will be there for those people Maybe this is called Waiting upon the Lord and HE directs HIS PEOPLE and will call upon them. Will He not? We just have to be ready and willing. Our flesh sees this and we want to mount our horse and go “after them” but our spirit knows not to.
    I watched Lakeland Revival from almost the beginning to almost the end. I watched and believed, I watched and prayed for those that truly were coming to the stage and were hurting, sick, full of death and disease and I prayed for their healings, of mind, body, spirit. I watched as Bentley baptized these people questioning the Lord, as I watched in disbelief to the antics that he was portraying on t.v. I wrote, Dutch Sheets, C. Pierce, Wagner, Jacobs, and others — and received no answers to my questions. I cried out to the Lord and a few of my closest friends and then IT WAS THE LORD , that OPENED my eyes. I have come to realize that until one calls out to the Lord , and HE TRULY DOES KNOW OUR HEARTS, IT is HE and ONLY HE that can and will open our eyes , hearts, and bring those people to us that will teach us the truth. IT is The Holy Spirit’s JOB to truly teach us and lead us to those that speak the truth. Is it NOT? We read and view these websites of truth because the Lord has opened our eyes. Spreading the word of these false ministries is all well and good, but it will fall on deaf ears until the Lord opens them up . Some will “get it” others will not , not at this time and others will never get it. Maybe at this time, the Lord is wanting us to learn this and as HE DIRECTS US , the time will come maybe one person at a time, or many. As Andrew finally said — all we can do is speak the truth, and God will do the rest.

    Many that people send this to, will not believe it, if they are still associating with these people in anyway, and if they have not renounced it , repented and gone to the Lord for HIS GUIDANCE. People will turn a deaf ear until the Lord opens it up. We can pray for those that are involved , friends, family, the people we went to church with and those that are reading all the wrong books . I have found that people that want to know the truth will come forth -eventually.

    He has given many eyes to see the truth. And more will come.

  14. Andrew Jul 29th 2010

    All we can do is raise our voices and warn.

    It is GOD’S church, after all.

    We need a “Great Reformation” but we cannot “make” it happen. We simply do our part. The rest is up to God


  15. I only came across this site recently and it has resonated so much with my thoughts about ensuring teaching, revival aligns with scripture so thank you Andrew for this site.

    I do have two questions though.

    1. Regarding the drunk manifestations. What I do not understand is why you seem to say that it is wrong, linked to Kundalini when at Pentecost that is how those filled with the Holy Spirit appeared. So what is the difference between them and what happens now

    2. I have another concern in connection with the Deliverance Ministry teaching that is going on over the last 20/30 years and has really taken off. Sometimes I think that more time is given to Satan and his dominions as opposed to focusing on God…

    just my thought

    thank you

  16. Seraphah Jul 29th 2010


    *SIGH* Forgive me, Kaz – but I’m personally so very tired of hearing this repeated when it simply isn’t true. This is one of the false teachings of the drunk cult.

    “And they were all amazed and marvelled, saying one to another, Behold, are not all these which speak Galilaeans? And how hear we every man in our own tongue, wherein we were born? … we do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God. And they were all amazed, and were in doubt, saying one to another, What meaneth this?

    Others mocking said, These men are full of new wine.”

    The allegations of drunkenness against the believers at Pentecost was made by mocking unbelievers – not proclaimed by Peter as desirable. Peter told them that they were NOT drunk. It was the UNBELIEVERS that heard what they could not understand and decided to mock and call them drunk. All Scripture says is that they were speaking in other tongues – no slurred speech, falling down, laughing or talking nonsense – They were praising God!

    NOWHERE in Scripture does it connect ‘drunk’ with the Holy Spirit – it says they spoke in tongues and glorified God – and that is ALL it says. Anything else is adding to the Scripture.

    To equate the unction of the Holy Spirit with ‘drunkenness’ and call yourself a ‘Holy Ghost Bartender’ is not just offensive, it is blasphemous – and men using the mocking remarks of an unsaved crowd to justify it is worse.

    “Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.”

    As to deliverance, it is Scriptural, necessary and important, but like anything else it can and is abused by people. You are right, satan is given far too much power at times. But, he is also give too little. Peter warns us that “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.”

  17. 4Jesus Jul 29th 2010

    I found the following statement Kaz gave, very interesting in light that this is true, they did seem to think these people were acting drunk by what was happening here in Acts 2:13 when they did hear them speaking in their own languages.

    Although IMHO it does not say at that time specifically they were speaking in tongues either. But only says this is what they heard only.

    Meaning they may or may not have been speaking in tongues at all.

    Am saying this because of my hearing testimonies where men have been preaching to others in their own language, yet the people heard what they were saying in their language instead. As I understand it Arthur Blessed experienced this in another country while speaking in English, their hearing what he was saying in their own language instead. His finding out after asking the interpreter he had with him was no interpreting anymore. His telling him this was why to Arthur in english.

    Which caused me to look a little closer at what is recorded in that chapter. My realizing they probably was not even still in the upper room either, which I had believed before. But realizing because of it possibly taking some time for what had happened to these men to be announced abroad, they most likely were out on the street preaching and sharing Jesus instead of being still in that upper room by then as well, because of what it does say in Acts 2:5. So what happened to Arthur and has happened to others could have been happening to them as well. I mean, with God anything is possible isn’t it?

    So therefore, acting drunk and staggering round as if you are, may not be what they were seeing either. That is if that is what these people were doing. Meaning acting drunk like that would probably not be of the Lord in that case after all Kaz.

    I do see, and have seen for a long time things happening in meetings that I have questioned were of God for a long time. Even before the Toronto meetings happened. I was at a revival in springfield, MO. years ago seeing things happen with people that were passing thru the prayer line at the end of the meeting that did not look scriptural at all, that I knew of during a Rev. R. W. Schambauch meeting that did not seem right to me. And I am pretty much charismatic pentecostal. But when people start shaking like what was going on there, and in those films that Bro. Andrew has shown on here, I felt that something was very wrong even then. My husband and I choosing not to go thru that prayer line at all. And we were fairly young in the faith. Since then we also do not allow anyone to lay hands on us either, that we do not know well enough to trust either. Better to be safe than sorry, I believe.

    But I also tend to believe that even though it says if it were possible, the very elect will be deceived in these times, if we are one of the bride, or elect, walking in what Peter speaks of in 2nd Pet. 1:10, you will not be fooled. But you do need to seek Him for discernment and instruction as to what to do and believe at all times too. As HE :CHRIST” is the one we need to be listening to always, even over all men. Including me. As we are men that can make mistakes. And anyone that thinks they cannot has made a great big one already, by thinking that be so.

  18. pimpernel Jul 29th 2010

    I agree with your comments Wayne and Seraphah.
    I think the Word of God churches have been right all along eg the Brethrens and Baptists. The Word is the foundation because it reveals to us Jesus the Son of God.
    It does NOT reveal power, anointing, authority, etc that the Harlot Church is running after. Jesus Christ is the SOURCE of all power etc, it is in HIS Name and HE is the head of the church and will do as He wills. Why are these “leaders” taking that role as “head” of the church? They are not, Christ is!!!!! It was very interesting in this video that NONE of the “leaders” mentioned the Name of Jesus ONCE. Oh but wait, they have long since dispensed with HIM!!

    Acts 5;34-39 speaks to this. The Pharisees were concerned about Peter preaching in the Name of Jesus, and Gamaliel spoke these wise words . . .
    “If their purpose or activity is of human origin it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourself fighting against God.” (vss 38,39)

  19. pimpernel Jul 29th 2010

    Now I ask myself, what if it is of demonic origin? I guess we see the Book of Revelation will have some insights to give!

  20. pimpernel Jul 29th 2010

    Thnk you so much Andrew for standing up for the Truth. I have shared on Facebook too the link to this video. Debbie.

  21. pimpernel Jul 29th 2010

    Sorry I don’t think the above scripture is explained enough. What I meant was that a John the Baptist move cannot be stopped, whether it is in or outside the church and that God’s will ALWAYS prevails in the end.

  22. ” 1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.”
    Lets be honest folk, it has happened before and will happen again.
    Any dumb donkey can discern that this is madness,
    Peter went on to say:
    ” 14 Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children:
    15 Which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness;
    16 But was rebuked for his iniquity: the dumb ass speaking with man’s voice forbad the madness of the prophet.”
    The Word is always right – they are mad! End of story!
    Peter concluded
    “21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.
    22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.”
    Mathew :
    “15 He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?
    16 And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.
    17 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.
    18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
    19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”
    Bare in mind Jesus spoke to them in parables and without a parable He did not speak to them., it follows
    all the Gospel stories of Jesus are parables
    This parable in Mathew tells us that:
    The Holy Spirit of God revealed to Peter who Jesus was
    This revelation of the Holy Spirit was the rock on which Jesus would build the Church
    The foundation was laid during His ministry of 3.5 years
    The building began on the day of Pentecost (we as lively stones…)
    The ” keys” are indeed the Holy Ghost baptism.
    “This is my Church and the gates of hell shal not prevail against it.”
    the “shall” of “shall be bound in heaven:” and “shall be loosed in heaven.” is the imperative “must be” and is not as some have falsely claimed, a license for us to change the Word of God.
    Take heart friends “the gates of hell” includes absolutely everything the enemy can throw against us!
    “no weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper”
    “……Moses verily was faithful in all his house, as a servant, for a testimony of those things which were to be spoken after; But Christ as a son over his own house; whose house are we, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end.”
    Keep the Church, the House of God, clean, we should rightly disassociate ourselves from all who promote such abominations
    Pr Michael

  23. ServantForChrist Jul 29th 2010

    Yes indeed! We DO “need a revolution in the leadership of the church.” This is very disturbing. Discernment is greatly lacking, and people who see it as disturbing are told “don’t touch God’s anointed” and are therefore afraid to speak up. These, obviously, are NOT God’s anointed, but the lowly sheep aren’t sure many times if they are discerning properly themselves.

    Reminds me of Jeremiah 23 – “Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture…Behold I will visit upon you the evil of your doings.” There is blood on the hands of many in leadership because they are not warning the flock but are instead giving over to “doctrines of devils.”

    In the Bible, I don’t believe there was any time where contortions of the body were illustrated except when a person was being delivered of demons.

    Time to hide away in our prayer closets for wisdom, discernment, and boldness to speak up when God opens a door of utterance.

  24. Tom Bewick Jul 29th 2010

    I just finished watching the Keith Green tribute 28.28.28 live from the YWAM base in Hawaii.
    What a wonderful meeting that was to watch.
    I tried to imagine this same kind of “worship” in the video going on at a Keith Green concert, or anything even remotely like it going on back then, I just couldn’t. It would have never happened,

    The most striking thing to me about the meetings presented in the video, and my own memories of meetings that i unfortunately went to in Toronto in 1995, is there is NO preaching of Jesus Christ as Lord!
    This in and of itself fails the very test that Jesus told us in testing the spirits. They don’t preach Jesus or the gospel!
    Did you even see anyone in that video with a bible?
    They preach “more” and other nonsense never even praying in the Lords name!

    It is all about the pride of man and promoting people in “ministry” to be apostles etc…. It is all about having “power” and “anointing”. It is all about self. Remember the charismatic teaching of death to self? Wow, how far we have fallen!

    Where is the lifting up of Jesus, where is the humility that used to be in the church? Why all these leaders lifting up this one man Todd Bentley?
    To me that is actually more disturbing then the so called manifestations.I am weeping for the church. Lord have mercy on us!

  25. Thank you!

    The YouTube didn’t play all the way through, so I came here and it played fine.

  26. Daystar Jul 29th 2010

    As I see it we sure do need a “grass roots” movement to bring the church to it’s knees in repentance and to teach us by the Word how to be a Holy people, not yeilding to the soul at the expense of the spirit.
    Too often we “jump on the train” after seeing people we look up to being on it, this is one of the incidious dangers of the Lakeland Movement, some of these leaders have been touted as Great Ones for decades now,and have shown deep insights into & from the Word. How sad that they seem to have allowed themselves to be seduced away from Truth by a deceptive occult spirit.
    Having expierenced some of these meetings, stepping away from them and now looking more closely at these manifestations, I am in total agreement with Andrew.
    Thank you for standing up and spreading this abroard.

  27. “And I heard another voice from heaven saying, ‘Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her
    sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.’” (Rev 18:4 NKJV)
    My only hope is that some will read it, heed it, and come out of these Latter Rain
    revivals. There is no “new paradigm” as far as Christianity is concerned, just the same old narrow road that
    leads to eternal life in Christ. No immortality or streets of gold on this side of heaven. Just the truth. The
    Way, the Truth, and the Life – and that “old rugged cross”.
    It comes as no surprise that we are in the midst of a terrible apostasy in these last days as we have
    clearly been warned that it would come. It is still a little frightening that so many of God’s people today
    could fall for the same old lie that first deceived Eve so many thousands of years ago.
    “You shall be as gods.” The same old lie of Satan is the lie at the heart of the New Age Movement.
    Even sadder is the fact that it is the same lie that the Latter Rain “prophets” and “apostles” of “Joel’s Army”
    are putting forth today. You will become Christ – God on this earth. The heresy of Apotheosis. And yet
    thousands of Christians are swallowing it – hook, line, and sinker.
    The Church is trading her heavenly hope for an earthly delusion. Like those foolish virgins of the
    parable, their lamps have run out of oil. What they perceive to be oil, “the anointing of the Holy Spirit”, is
    instead a sensual counterfeit offered up by seducing spirits. This counterfeit anointing comes with a
    counterfeit gospel of a false triumphalism that will lead to a New Age “Kingdom” under Anti-Christ. They
    will accept Anti-Christ with open arms, perceiving him to be Christ, whom they mistakenly identify as the
    “rider on the white horse” of Revelation chapter six verse two.
    What is so desperately needed in the Church today is so desperately lacking – discernment.
    Discernment to tell the Spirit of Christ from the ecumenical spirit of Antichrist. To discern the true anointing
    from the false anointing, the true Christ from the Gnostic Anti-Christ of the Manifest Sons of God.
    If you are participating in any of these Latter Rain revivals or churches today I urge you to turn back
    to the Bible. Compare what you are hearing and seeing with what is recorded and portrayed in the scriptures.
    “Test all things, hold fast to what is good.” Call the leadership into account for everything they say, or teach,
    or do that does not line up with the word of God. If they refuse to repent – leave. Flee from the place and
    don’t look back. “Remember Lot’s wife.” I know it can be hard to leave a church, especially if you have
    family and close personal friends there. But if they will not hear you – leave them behind.
    The Latter Rain prophets are right about one thing – doctrine divides. Truth separates the wheat from
    the chaff. In the early Church the Apostles kept the deceivers and false apostles out. They did this by
    publicly identifying the heretics and warning the sheep of their false doctrines. Because of the diligence of
    the true apostles of our Lord, the false apostles and their followers were forced to leave the Church. The
    Apostle John writes:
    “Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many
    antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour. They went out from us, but they were not
    of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us; but they went out that they might
    be made manifest, that none of them were of us.” (1 John 2:18,19 NKJV)
    Today we face just the opposite situation in that the false prophets and apostles are in the majority in many churches. When they gain inroads into a church it’s more likely that only a minority will reject their
    false doctrines, revelations, and counterfeit “anointing” and stand on the Bible, being forced to go out from them

    2 Corinthians 6:17 (King James Version)

    17Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

  28. Stephen St. Louis Jul 29th 2010

    As a 12 year old boy I went to just one Airport meeting (I lived within 2 hours of Toronto). It absolutely astounded me how anyone could think that was of God. I even told my mother that there was something VERY wrong. She agreed and we never went back.

    A few years ago, I participated in a discipleship seminar put on by Ray of Hope Ministries. Their teaching was sound and, unlike Todd Bentley, they have a great deal of documentation supporting their healing claims. Their focus was NOT healing but in being a true disciple of Jesus Christ and doing what He did. Healing and casting out of demons was a result of following Christ.

    When I started hearing about some of the stuff going on at Lakeland, I contacted Ray of Hope and they confirmed that they were already having to deliver people returning from Lakeland of demonic spirits. One of the things I remember most from the seminar was the admonition to be careful who you let lay hands on you. Clearly you can see why. Impartation through laying on of hands isn’t a new idea and its not exclusively christian.

    As for taking back the Church….
    God has ever kept for Himself a remnant who have not bent a knee nor kissed Baal (1 Kings 19:18). We may be looking at that even now. Several months ago, the Lord gave me an insight during worship that I felt compelled to write down. I shared it with my pastor. The jist of it was that God was going to deal harshly with the Usurper Church and her leaders so that His true bride might take her rightful place once more. Whether this will happen before Christ comes back or when He comes back I can’t tell you nor do I believe it is particularly important. The main focus (and the reason why I gave it to my pastor in the first place) is that we need to make sure we are part of the Bride and not the Usurper. I believe God is going to kill many of those leaders in the same way He dealt with the first born in Eygpt. I hope and pray that they wake-up before that happens.

  29. Andrew Jul 29th 2010

    Very interesting and insightful post, Stephen.

    I truly long to see a Church that is pure and holy and “without spot”.

    To see anything like this there truly needs to be a “Great Reformation”.

    For that to happen, God needs to act in a massive way to bring it about. All we can do is co-operate with Him.


  30. Greetings Andrew:

    Just want to say thank you for these videos that you have put together. Also, thank you for sounding the alarm on this movement and on the meetings that took place in Lakeland. I live next door to Lakeland – saw and hear things that were so sad. One thing that sticks out to me on this over and over and you showed it in your video was the ones that spoke (false prophets) over TB. The question is – are they accountable to anyone? Yes, in the end they are accountable to God – but – while here, who are they accountable too? The answer is probably no one. So, they kept preaching. It saddens me that these people are known by some Christians as “the answer”. Blessings

  31. joan rachal Jul 30th 2010

    Thank you, much needed these days. Many do not discern what is not of the Lord.I pray this video series will help many see the deception.

  32. Excellent video again.

  33. Great job. Thanks for sounding the alarm. I haven’t followed Joyner or Wagner but now I know to give them a wide berth.

    There is so much sin in “churchianity”, e.g. Paula White’s multiple divorces and emphasis on sending her money. And Benny Hinn’s divorce proceeding and being seen hanging with Paula before his divorce is even final, Hagee’s affair with his secretary, etc., etc. etc. I can’t even stand to watch TBN anymore there’s so much in your face hypocrisy, sin, and disobedience on display.

    How about praying and asking God who to marry and just staying faithful and married? Haven’t I read about that somewhere before? Oh yeah–the Bible. The book these charlatans only seem to be able to misquote scriptures on to send them money but skip all the scriptures on repentance, obedience, and holiness.

    Well done again Andrew. Thank you!!!

  34. I don’t think Gods church has been hijacked, He will always have a people. But I do think things are going just as He warned they would. The delusion will get worse and worse and they will do more and more unclean and detestable things in the name of a “jesus”, but not The Jesus. The Kingdom of God will always be inside a people… but never a place anyone can point to and say, “there it is”. We will become more and more hidden.

  35. First of all thank you to Seraphah and 4Jesus for answering my “simple” question. The teaching of Brother Andrew resonates a lot with me. The thing is that I have been feeling “guilty” about not buying into many of the things that are being described. I have said time and time again.. go back to scripture, if it is not there do not touch it.. no matter how powerful it seems.

    Having said that, I still have a question. I do accept that many of the situations mentioned here do occur. But as Brother Andrew has said, revivals can be hijacked. So the question I have is..if hijacked then that means that at the begining they were genuine. It is jsut that I have spoken and met many people who have gone through Toronto ( not the beginings but in more recent times) who really do have a deep love of God. The Toronto blessing has birthed many good ( or so it appears to me) things e.g. the understanding of the Fathers heart etc.

    I am not trying to somehow validate the extreme manifestations mentioned here. But I can not deny that I have met many who have never manifested any of these things, who have a deep conviction of Gods love, of our sinfulness and who strive to live totally for God.

    I do not believe that we will ever have a spotless Church, in fact that for me is one of the biggest miracles that Gods love still spreads despite the churches!

    I just want to serve God to the best of my ability, in the knoweledge that if I relied totally on my ability I would fall so far short.. “wretched man I am” writes Paul but thanks me to God that by faith I am saved

  36. watchful Jul 30th 2010

    The things that stand out to me with this “manifestation movement” are perpetual immaturity (hence the bar scenes and revelry), mixture (lukewarm), no disciple’s cross, and no revelation – only the vain imaginations of man and a whole lot of it at that! Children imagine and play pretend games, but grown men and women leave childish ways behind them. We are to go on to maturity, that doesn’t mean no joy, but it means spiritual joy as opposed to seeking after self-indulgent fleshly feeling good. This is our spiritual journey, we are supposed to grow from carnal children into spiritual adults, becoming His spiritual people.

    Even the “Father’s heart” and “the Father heart of God” has come to me to have a ring of false doctrine about it – He is our Father, but not the same as even the best of earthly fathers. He is still the Lord God Almighty, and I think this aspect is laid aside – they’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater and have completely forgotten that He is also to be feared and that we are here to serve Him, not the other way around. (His Holy Spirit is the Comforter and it is when our hearts open to receive His comfort that we are healed – that’s the nature of His Comfort.) I’m glad He has brought this healing to some, but He’s much more than a big teddy bear in the sky, He is not quite the way they are teaching and believe.

    He is coming for a spotless bride, it’s hard to fathom that we can be made spotless and without wrinkle, the cost will be great, but I pray we will set our faith towards this goal. I think really the best way (maybe the only way) to really discern this situation if you’ve been part of it is to come away from it and get into the scriptures and pray – it was only when I came away that I was able to really begin to understand and discern and begin to get hold of the true gospel again. The Lord says to “come out of her my people”, so yes, it must be the only way and that theme to come out and be separate is repeated in the scriptures.

    When I was last at Toronto there was a cultish spirit, I don’t know if that has changed or not – don’t know for sure, but I have wondered if that cult bondage is the strong delusion the bible talks about. The only deception worse than cult deception that I can think of would be actual mental illness.

  37. watchful Jul 30th 2010

    …just thinking about that bride and what it means to be without spot or wrinkle…for sure maturity and readiness is part of the picture – a child is not ready to be a bride. Faithfulness is another – no other lovers (idols)…Purity, yes, and that speaks of holiness without mixture of the impurities of flesh, carnal nature…and more than that I’m sure, but that’s what comes to my mind at the moment…good question to ask the Lord about…

  38. Good word watchful,

    God’s will is to bring many sons to glory, and conform His called and chosen into the image of His Son Jesus Christ.

    When we truly believe that we can attain to the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ, we will leave behind the childishness and go on to perfection (maturity).

    The truth is WE are the church and the kingdom of God is within us, we need not worry about the blind leading the blind, God will deal with false ministers in due time, we need to seek first the kingdom and His righteousness.

    Matthew 15:12-14

    “Then His disciples came and said to Him, “Do You know that the Pharisees were offended when they heard this saying?” But He answered and said, “Every plant which My heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted. Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.”

  39. I was in the charismatic movement and I don’t quite understand why true believers still watch them and get outraged by their conduct, because I am here to tell you that they are a cult and their jesus is not the same one of the bible. I don’t get why there is any semblance in thinking correction or a move of God will change this.
    They are where they are because they refused to love the truth. I don’t consider them any different than I would other well known cults out there.

  40. HappyTrails Jul 31st 2010

    “Free”—A big Amen to what you have called out.

  41. Excellent video and insightful perspective! Very eye-opening!

  42. thank you watchful for your comments really thank God for your presence here.

    The question that arises in my head.. and I say this as someone who is desperately seeking God .. is that for the majority of people who turn up to tornto lakeland ( we in UK have had dudley etc) and the impression I get ( again i say this from a distance as someone who has not been to either of the places during their revivals), I jsut think that there are vast numbers of people who are honest followers of lover of God.. lets say in lakeland.. 10,000 people turn up to search for Gods presence.. ut of that.. lets say that 500 people manifest things that we consider as not of God. so 9500 people worship God in Spirit and Truth.. do you see the point I am trying to make

    Perhaps the experience that others here are different but I am a simple searcher of Gods love. It really does sadden me the deception that goes on -at the very least that I have also been decieved many times. But I trust in God more than in the power of the devils decpetion.

    I am not making my case very well brothers and sisters.. I just believe that in all these revivals I do believe God worked.. and yes i believe Satan did his utmost to hijack things. Let me be blunt..if lets say 10 or even 20% of people were deceived ..that means that 80 or 90% were not. there are so many people who are earnestly and genuinely searching for God.

    You know guys.. instead of concetrating on those that are deceived.. why do we not encourage and strengthen those who want Gods lvoe more, who realise that the truth is in repentance and turning to God, accepting what happened on the cross.

    thank you for reading this. I a really not trying to crisize anyone.. just want Jesus nothing else


  43. Andrew Jul 31st 2010

    Dear Kaz-

    You are right that most people showed up at these places with pure motives to really experience God.

    But as Todd Bentley says in the video, he and the others very deliberately went about “transferring” this very “contagious” anointing onto everyone there that they could. So it did not end up being some ‘innocent’ thing at all. Toronto was the same. It was all about “imparting” this spirit or ‘anointing’ onto people. So it was not innocent and the deception affected enormous numbers – not just small numbers.

    God bless you!


  44. Budddy Jul 31st 2010

    What I have found over the years, when I have gotten slain in the Spirit,I have always come away renewed and refreshed and wanting to seek God more, so how can that be of the kundalini spirit? Thats why I have always stayed in the powerful spirit filled churches and not the 3 songs and a teaching in an hour type churches, I just didn’t seem to come away renewed and refreshed

  45. Budddy Jul 31st 2010

    Would that be a good way to tell if its of God or the kundalini, if you come away renewed and on fire and seeking hard after Him?

  46. Is this what it means when it says in revelation that the church is the synagogue of satan? God seems to allow it for a reason, and, from what i have seen, still loves and blesses His people who dilegently seek Him, even though they might be off in left feild a bit or alot

  47. Andrew Aug 1st 2010

    I have not spoken about being “slain in the Spirit” because sometimes I certainly believe it can be God. The things I am focused on here are the ugly “jerking, convulsing, drunken” type of manifestations so prevalent across this movement.

    So I am not saying what you experienced was not God.

    But you do need to “test the spirits”


  48. AnDy777 Aug 1st 2010

    watched the video. Have been in these movements for some time, moving away from them in the last coupe of years for no real reason other than thats how it seems to have worked out with moving location.

    how does this tie in with being drunk in the spirit if it does at all,having read in Jeremiah 23 9 when searching for answers after watching the video :-

    Concerning the prophets: My heart is broken within me; all my bones tremble. I am like a drunken man, like a man overcome by wine, because of the LORD and his holy words.

    This would seem to indicate that there is a “place” (if that the right word) for being drunk which is talked about in the bible.

    Also on the day of pentecost believers got accused of being drunk. which is not as clear aas the above verse.

    jIs any one able to expand on the film saying about drunkenness and then the verse from Jeremiah above?

    thank you and blessings

  49. Andrew Aug 1st 2010

    The NT again and again warns us to watch against drunkenness in the Last Days. Being “drunken” is never a “good” thing in Scripture.


  50. Seraphah Aug 1st 2010

    The Pentecost thing was asked and answered many times. The ‘drunken’ accusation was mockery from unbelievers who heard and did not understand the tongues.

    I find it interesting that so many turn to the Jeremiah 23:9 verse to try to justify the laughter, staggering and foolishness of these so-called prophets and priests – These verses do indeed apply, read in context they speak very well to the situation:

    My heart within me is broken Because of the prophets;
    All my bones shake. I am like a drunken man, And like a man whom wine has overcome,

    Because of the Lord, And because of His holy words.

    For the land is full of adulterers; For because of a curse the land mourns. The pleasant places of the wilderness are dried up. Their course of life is evil, And their might is not right.

    “For both prophet and priest are profane; Yes, in My house I have found their wickedness,” says the Lord.

    “Therefore their way shall be to them Like slippery ways;
    In the darkness they shall be driven on And fall in them;
    For I will bring disaster on them, The year of their punishment,” says the Lord.

    “And I have seen folly in the prophets of Samaria: They prophesied by Baal And caused My people Israel to err.
    Also I have seen a horrible thing in the prophets of Jerusalem: They commit adultery and walk in lies; They also strengthen the hands of evildoers, So that no one turns back from his wickedness. All of them are like Sodom to Me, And her inhabitants like Gomorrah.

    “Therefore thus says the Lord of hosts concerning the prophets: ‘Behold, I will feed them with wormwood, And make them drink the water of gall; For from the prophets of Jerusalem Profaneness has gone out into all the land.’ ”

    Thus says the Lord of hosts: “Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you. They make you worthless; They speak a vision of their own heart, Not from the mouth of the Lord. They continually say to those who despise Me, ‘The Lord has said, “You shall have peace” ’; And to everyone who walks according to the dictates of his own heart, they say, ‘No evil shall come upon you.’ ”

    For who has stood in the counsel of the Lord, And has perceived and heard His word? Who has marked His word and heard it? Jeremiah 23:9-18

    Profane? Without a doubt.
    Adulterers? Also without a doubt.
    Lies? That too.
    Strengthen the hands of evildoers? Especially each other …
    Visions of their own heart? Also right on.

    “You shall have peace – No evil shall come upon you?”
    All you have to do is look at their ‘prophecies’ and see that as well.

    Jeremiah wasn’t excusing silly, slurred, hilarity. He was in deep almost overwhelming sorrow for the sins of those who were supposed to be God’s people.

  51. watchful Aug 1st 2010

    Kaz, regarding your post above, I think I understand what you’re getting at, it can be excruciating to see the things that are going on with those we know and love. But I think there is just no getting away from the sadness of when real people fall into major deception or away from the Lord altogether. These things bring grief to those who are looking on as well as grief to the heart of God. I’ve wrestled with this as well, and asked those “but why, Lord?” kind of questions. It’s one of those unfortunate facts of life, like death, that we don’t always understand but that we can give our burdens and griefs over to the Lord, seeking His comfort, trusting in His sovereignty and ultimate wisdom and justice in these matters. In the meantime our grief and questioning can bring us to the Lord to repent and pray for mercy and deliverance on behalf of these ones! Who knows but that I might have been ‘rescued’ out of this deception because of those who were praying like this for the deceived? The other thing is only God really knows the heart of individuals – people can seem to be running after God when really they are running after more feel-good experiences, or quick-fixes from heaven, which is actually fleshly carnality and idolatry in the sight of God and very displeasing to Him! They think they are worshiping Him when in fact they are not, they are worshiping other things and they are certainly not worshiping Him the way He has asked, the way Jesus worshiped and obeyed the Father.

    He is a God who is always pruning in His vineyard, pruning away unfruitful branches, and a tree that bears no fruit eventually will be cut down. His Bride must have certain qualities – holiness, Christ-likeness – these are the fruits of the spirit. But I don’t write people off, even though God doesn’t strive with them forever, if they don’t listen to the warnings and admonitions coming through His people who are awake, then it’s time to move on, but not necessarily judge them as being lost forever – today’s deceived one could be tomorrow’s martyr and it’s for the Lord to deal with them, we can’t see into an individual’s heart and we’re not privy to every detail of their life and spiritual situation, so I believe we leave that kind of judgment entirely with God with our hands off. But those who are awake urgently need to heed the call of the Lord to “Come out of her” so that we don’t partake of her sins and punishment. He is definitely judging a church in this hour which has been off the mark for centuries – the very system by which it is organized is fleshly and corrupt, and it corrupts those who participate in it – it’s not what the Lord had in mind when He established His ecclesia.

    What we are called to do as believers is to take up the disciple’s cross and follow Jesus. As far as I can see that cross is both the cure for deception as well as the prevention! There is no getting around the fact that suffering in whatever form the Lord in His wisdom brings into our lives, or that we are born into or stumble into in His sovereign will, is just a necessary part of the Christian’s walk. Without that cross, which is the mark of a disciple, how can we even be considered to be disciples and followers of Jesus Christ? From what I can see, this is the single most important missing ingredient in all the apostate churches, from which all the rest of the errors spring. Error comes from uncrucified flesh and the vain imaginations of the flesh and from worshiping idols. Without the disciple’s cross I realized we default into just another religion even though we use the name of Christ. One of the errors of the renewal and false manifestations movement that I see has been that they are forever seeking escape from suffering, forever running after “healing” rather than learning how to walk in the suffering and embrace it, and to grow up in it, and encouraging & strengthening each other as we carry our crosses in the meanwhile. We are to overcome God’s way, God’s time, as He leads, not by constantly running after a miracle quick-fix so we can escape our cross. When the cross has done it’s work but not before, ie, crucify our carnal nature, the Lord will pour in His balm into our circumstances. He could have done it anytime, but He is after something much more important and lasting than our earthly comfort. He is preparing His bride, and this is the only way that has been prescribed by God by which we can make ourselves ready. The children of Israel could have been brought to the Promised Land by a much shorter and direct route, but the Lord led them to wander and meander much longer quite deliberately in His wisdom in order to test and try and purify them.

    Anyway Kaz, its a bit long, but I hope some of that will make sense to you..

  52. watchful Aug 1st 2010

    On the subject of “drunkenness” in the spirit – when I look back, when the heavy presence of the Lord came, there would sometimes be a sense of light-headedness, relaxation, weakness, similar to having had a couple of drinks – just a bit “tipsy” if you will. BUT I believe it’s in the heart of an individual how they react to that – they can use it as an opportunity to rest in the Lord and reverence Him and partake of the comfort of His presence, or they can use it as an excuse and opportunity to act like an out-of-control drunken juvenile. The same principle as “The spirit of prophecy is subject to the control of the prophet.” (paraphrasing from memory)

    But when the presence of the Lord stopped coming, there was no more of that light-headedness either, so I agree that what they have now is a wrong spirit, the one they were actually worshiping when they should have been worshiping the Lord when He came, either that or some are just pretending and trying to flog a dead horse – trying to make the presence of the Lord come by acting as though it were there, when in fact it isn’t there any more. Oh I know, I was once there! But they forget the admonition of the Lord, “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” To do otherwise is idolatry.

  53. Wayne Aug 2nd 2010

    Well done Seraphah and Andrew.
    You have laid this drunkenness nonsense to rest where it should be left – DEAD and BURIED with the superspiritual wackos the Apostle Paul warns us about constantly.

  54. pimpernel Aug 2nd 2010

    Good comments watchful.

  55. satan loves nothing more than to hear some of you say, we give to much attention or time to the devil. In case you didn’t know, he’s here for one reason; to steal, to kill, and to destroy. But maybe you’re at the point where, greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Praise God, that’s great. That’s where we all should be. But sad thing is, we are not. Think about your family, friends, and loved ones. What are you going to do, let the demons of hell have them? You better find out what kind of power and authority you have over satan and his demons and how they operate. By the way, you have power over all the power of the enemy. Are you born again? Then you are an endtime warrior. Are you a believer, then you are supposed to cast out demons. Get off your cans and get into spiritual warfare. Your battle is not against any man. It’s not a flesh and blood battle. Flesh and blood battle is God’s. Your battle is spiritual. God said vengenance is mine. You’re a child of the King, your’re joint heirs with Jesus, you’re the seed of Abraham, You’re Kings and Priests. Rejoice, Rejoice. WE WIN!!!!!!!!

  56. That’s it watchful, my wife and I have had that same heavy presence of the Lord experience, and we weren’t flopping around on the floor and barking like a dog. And when the presence of the Lord left, the light-headedness did too.

    It reminds of the scriptures in Daniel 8 & 10 when the archangel Gabriel appeared to him, making him weak and faint.

  57. Andrew J Horton Aug 2nd 2010

    That was a good word “watchful”, the one which began, “Kaz, regarding your post above, I think I understand what you’re getting at…”… :-)

  58. Wayne Aug 2nd 2010

    Proverbs 22:3 says,
    “A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished.”
    The donkey is the “prudent man” here, and blind Balaam is “the simple.” Although recognized as a prophet he is so lacking in spiritual acumen that he is just like a foolish simpleton. Like so many today who like to present themselves as the “anointed” He cannot see wisdom; he cannot make a wise choice.
    However, the dumb donkey can!
    As a last resort, God takes matters one more step. He is always full of mercy, willing to give us that one more chance to make the right choice.
    At this point in history however He has to do something drastic if people are to recover from their foolish dalliance with the outrageous apostasy and some of the consequences of this spiritual adultery highlighted so well by this video by Andrew Strom.

    The desperate situation which the modern church finds itself in reminds me of the scripture where Jesus said, “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you that you should go and bring forth fruit and that your fruit should remain” (John 15:16). I believe the Lord examines our fruit daily. He has called me by my name and I am His for this reason.
    Yes Lord, I did not choose you – you chose me otherwise I too might be caught up in this superspiritual nonsense that is deceiving so many people and for this I am extremely grateful..

  59. Andrew J Horton Aug 2nd 2010

    “Andrew” said:

    “All we can do is raise our voices and warn.

    It is GOD’S church, after all.

    We need a “Great Reformation” but we cannot “make” it happen. We simply do our part. The rest is up to God


    Amen “Andrew”, that is the prophetic responsibility to raise our voices and warn – to bring the words of God which He gives us – and the intercessors responsibility is to pray everything which He puts on our hearts to pray and to keep praying until the burden leaves us…

    At the end of the day if God does anything it will be because He has done it – He is the one who puts on our hearts what it is that He wants us to do and He is the one who enables us to do it…

    I believe that the Lord is about to act and that it will be for His glory… :-)

  60. Wayne Aug 2nd 2010

    Proverbs 22:3 says,
    “A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished.”

    This is so relevant to those who have allowed themselves to be deluded by this spiritual filth that has permeated the church today.

    Unfortunately I omitted above to include the bible reference to Balaam and his donkey in
    Numbers 22:26-27
    (26) Then the Angel of the LORD went further, and stood in a narrow place where there was no way to turn either to the right hand or to the left. (27) And when the donkey saw the Angel of the LORD, she lay down under Balaam; so Balaam’s anger was aroused, and he struck the donkey with his staff.

    Again, the donkey proves herself wiser than Balaam.
    God frequently does this approach to try to get us to go in the direction He wants us to go rather than the one we want to go:
    First, He gets us in a wide place and allows us to make our decisions. It soon becomes apparent which direction we are going, which path we are taking. Then God begins to narrow the way, especially if He sees us going in the wrong direction. He catches us in a place where we can turn around and gives us an opportunity to make a right decision. If we do not do what He wants us to do, He will go a little further down the path—a little bit later in our life—to catch us in a place where the answer is obvious, and we can do nothing except stop, and say, “God help me! I’ve gone the wrong way, and I need you to open the path for me.”

    He does this to Balaam. He gets him to the point where there is only plunging on to destruction on one hand, and on the other, stopping and retracing his steps to where he can head in the right direction.
    This is the point where Balaam is in these two verses.
    The donkey simply lies down, as that is all she can do.

    The donkey is the “prudent man” here, and blind Balaam is “the simple.” Although recognized as a prophet he is so lacking in spiritual acumen that he is just like a foolish simpleton. Like so many today who like to present themselves as the “anointed” He cannot see wisdom; he cannot make a wise choice.
    However, the dumb donkey can!
    As a last resort, God takes matters one more step. He is always full of mercy, willing to give us that one more chance to make the right choice.
    At this point in history however He has to do something drastic if people are to recover from their foolish dalliance with the outrageous apostasy and some of the consequences of this spiritual adultery highlighted so well by this video by Andrew Strom.

    The desperate situation which the modern church finds itself in reminds me of the scripture where Jesus said, “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you that you should go and bring forth fruit and that your fruit should remain” (John 15:16).
    I believe the Lord examines our fruit daily. He has called me by my name and I am His for this reason.
    Yes Lord, I did not choose you – you chose me otherwise I too might be caught up in this superspiritual nonsense that is deceiving so many people and for this I am extremely grateful.

  61. Seraphah Aug 2nd 2010

    As I have said – If your first reaction was ‘Thank God I’m not like that!” you need to check yourself.

    This particular deception is not the only one out there – there are myriad traps that we can fall into, and all begin with pride – “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.”

    No one is immune – no one.

  62. watchful Aug 3rd 2010

    Hope Andrew doesn’t mind, but just wanted to say regarding the Elevator dream on the forum:

    “I saw an elevator such as I have seen in some Hi-Rises. It was round and clear with a 360 degree view. It was on the top floor of the highest building imagineable, it seemed to reach the clouds. ”

    This reminds me of the tower of Babel and all it stands for, a house built by human hands which God does not inhabit, and it puts me in mind of the call to come out of her – “Babel-on” (Babylon). The way “up” in the Lord is always down – lowly, humble, simple – the way to resurrection life in the Lord being through death. Those who did not trust but were frightened and got off the “down” elevator too soon without enduring to the end were the ones who stepped into the bottomless sink-hole.

    Phl 2:5-9 Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death- even death on a cross! Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name…”

    (Please no-one comment on this here, since it’s off topic over here and might start too long a conversation – i can read over on the forum if anyone needs to say anything, thanks.)

  63. seventeen Aug 3rd 2010

    i attended one of the prophet conferences back in 96′ it was overbooked and we could not hear the teachings – my spirit was troubled by the so called worship.
    i prayed and asked Yahushua to please allow me to worship in Spirit and Truth – a simple prayer – the next a.m., i was assigned to a smaller room – the prophet’s wife came in alone to lead us in a simple song – there were some of the big men there on stage – but as this woman began to lead us in a simple song on mercy, the Spirit of Yahweh fell and no one was able to stand on their feet – she kept bowing – i myself was on the floor – i watched “change” taking place in others. there was no shaking – just humble reverence –
    quietness and confidence – Be Still and KNOW that I AM Elohim. i am so grateful to a Elohim who answered this simple prayer – i received nothing else from the conference – oh i was assigned time and received a so called personal prophecy – nothing i didn’t already know by the Spirit Himself. that was my last need to go to a conference – now, i call them fund raisers.
    the wilderness time for the israelites should have been a growing time – our wildernesses is a growing time for us spiritually and should be teaching us to totally depend on our Father- it took me a long time to receive peace regarding my own personal walk as it was a lonely walk. i felt that i must be doing something wrong and that was why i didn’t fit in to what was happening in the churches and ministries – i needed to be more confident that Our Good Shepherd knows HIS sheep and a stranger we will not follow. the gospel is so simple – as Yahushua said to His disciplines – “Follow Me and i WILL make you fishers of men.” just follow HIM – His Word. i believe He was alone except for His relationship with Our Father. He taught but He was giving out – i speak for no one other than myself. i am alone and i just “am” – only Yahushua knows how He uses me – I need no other.

    Andrew, i think the video was excellent source to explain what is happening – it took me a long long time to become unhooked to such ministries.

  64. HappyTrails Aug 3rd 2010


    The GODLY EVIDENCE of being filled with the Presence of the true God is repentance, holiness, and the Fruit of His Spirit.

    ISAIAH 6:1-5


    from Merriam Webster dictionary:
    <Main Entry: 1binge
    Pronunciation: ˈbinj
    Function: noun
    Etymology: English dial. binge (to drink heavily)
    Date: 1854

    1 a : a drunken revel : spree b : an unrestrained and often excessive indulgence c : an act of excessive or compulsive consumption (as of food)
    2 : a social gathering : party>

    Americans, especially, are ADDICTED to their emotions ruling over their mind and body. (For instance…sports, sex, drugs, alcohol, exercise, eating, shopping, extreme thrills…..all these activities lead us to EMOTIONAL BINGEING.

    The American churches have neglected the teachings of what sin is; what sanctification is; and the majority have made a “new teaching” of what the soul of man is.

    2) the soul

    a) the seat of the feelings, desires, affections, aversions

    b) the (human) soul in so far as it is constituted that by the right use of the aids offered it by God it can attain its highest end and secure eternal blessedness, the soul regarded as a moral being designed for everlasting life

    c) the soul as an essence which differs from the body and is not dissolved by death (distinguished from other parts of the body)

    Luk 10:27 And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy HEART, and with all thy SOUL, and with all thy strength, and with all thy MIND; and thy neighbour as thyself.

    According to scripture, our HEART (spirit/our personality/the essence of who we are) was regenerated at the time of our NEW BIRTH.

    Tts 3:5 Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;


    Rom 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the RENEWING of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

    1Pe 1:22 Seeing ye have PURIFIED your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, [see that ye] love one another with a PURE HEART fervently:

    As you can see from scripture, it is easy for one who has been born again to desire to seek after God, BUT STILL BE CONTROLLED BY HIS UNREGENERATED/UNTRANSFORMED SOUL.



    2Cr 11:13 For such [are] false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
    2Cr 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
    2Cr 11:15 Therefore [it is] no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.


    Jhn 15:8 HEREIN IS MY FATHER GLORIFIED, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.

    THE FRUIT OF HIS SPIRIT IS WHAT JESUS IS COMING TO HARVEST….EITHER AT OUR PHYSICAL DEATH OR AT HIS COMING. (read the parables of the fruit and the one about the fig tree)

    Eph 5:8 For ye were sometimes darkness, but now [are ye] light in the Lord: walk as children of light:
    Eph 5:9 (For the fruit of the Spirit [is] in all goodness and righteousness and truth;)
    Eph 5:10 Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.

    Emotional highs and lows must be taken before the throne of God and ask Him to reveal His truth to us about each one and ask Him to sanctify our emotions, will, and mind.

  65. watchful Aug 4th 2010

    Here is a link to a popular false extra-biblical practice of soaking that we need to beware of which came out of the TACF kundalini movement and has spread all over – this is from John Arnott’s/TACF (Toronto Blessing) website:

    This is man doing what seemeth right to him, very similar to Catholic extra-biblical practices which have essentially replaced the genuine things of the Spirit. (eg, Sacrament of Confirmation, which has replaced the genuine infilling of the Holy Spirit).

  66. A couple of days ago, I posted these questions that I felt the Lord wanted asked. Some of these have been addressed by subsequent posts in whole or in part. I have been pondering them myself and have discovered at least some of the answers.

    1. HOW did this error get into the Church? That is, what gave them entrance into the body?

    The first answer to this, in its simplest form, is sin, both on the part of the people and on the part of the leaders.

    The second answer is the flesh. This ‘movement’ gives the feeling of being ‘special’ – of being somehow approved and affirmed by having one of these manifestations. Furthermore, we cannot confine ourselves to the ‘kundalini’ type manifestations, but must include other things like the gold dust, gold teeth, jewels and feathers falling and oil on the hands. The seeking after and participating in the sensations and the trappings of the ‘power’ these manifestations bring is seductive to the ego and pride.

    The third is the neglect of seeking the whole counsel of Scripture. Participants paraphrase and version hunt to find a wording to fit their ‘new revelation.’ They make such leaps in logic as we have seen with their trying to defend their ‘drunken’ behavior by citing the mocking of the unbelievers at Pentecost and claiming that all satan does is stolen from God. In this way they continue the heresy of John Robert Stevens (the father of many Latter Rain doctrines) that allows them to accept any demonic type manifestations as from God.

    2. Who is responsible?

    As individuals, we are called to discern between the real and the false. The abrogation of this obligation does not negate our responsibility.

    The leaders – Howard-Brown, Clark, Arnott, Kilpatrick, Hill, Cooley, Wagner , Sheets, Joyner, Bentley and anyone else who supported their error – bear a far larger part of the responsibility. Scripture says “My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.” (James 3:1) From the beginning, through their pride and refusal to accept correction from anyone outside of their own group, they fell into the error Paul warned us of “For we dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves. But they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.” (2 Corinthians 10:12)

    Furthermore, those who received this ‘impartation’ and carried it back to their home congregations are also to blame. Any ‘leader’ is responsible for what happens on his watch – in his church or group. Delegating authority does not abrogate that responsibility. The top man is still responsible.

    3. What, if anything, can be done about it?

    I do not believe that this can be stopped. The ends times are upon us, and most Christians are not even aware of it. Things aren’t going to get better, they are going to get worse. Stemming the tide in the majority of organized churches is just not going to happen. There will be individual congregations here and there that will turn around, but as Jesus said “Many are called, few are chosen.”

    Andrew Strom once wrote: “Are you willing to be a mouthpiece for the King? Do you have the “daring” that is required? If ever there was a saying that applies to this situation it is this – “WHO DARES WINS.” I have written about this before. Such boldness is simply a “must” for the hour we are in. Will you be such a one who DARES, my friend? The hour for reckless courage is upon us. Your long years of preparation have not been in vain. Stand up and speak the word!”

    Oh, that we may all have the boldness to speak for God in these dark days without compromise! But be aware, beloved, that they will throw you out and ban you just as Jesus said they would!

    Also be aware that before you can speak for God, you have to look to your own heart. If you don’t it will not be God’s word you speak – however spiritual and correct it might sound – it will be your own.

    That being said, there are a few more questions that have to be asked:

    Are you right with God and open to the call of the Holy Spirit? Are you ready? Are your hands clean? Or do you ignore the message and the messenger? Do you examine yourself or defend yourself? Is the truth more important than your opinion, your dogma, your preconceptions and your pride? Do you, like the Pharisees, ignore the message and the messenger because they don’t pull punches with you? Do you, like King Ahab, hate and ignore the true Prophet who speaks to you because you don’t like what they have said in the past?

    Andrew also wrote: “We are about to find out who gained their title and position by “presumption” and who is the real deal.” He was / is correct – but not only about the leaders in this video. This applies equally to every leader, whether in an Institutional Church, House Church, Bible Study, Fellowship Group, Discussion List, Bulletin Board or Forum. It applies to all – Andrew Strom, you, me – no exceptions.

    When this happens to you, in your fellowship (because I assure you, it will) – what will you do?

    Will you go to your knees or stiffen your neck?

    Will you bless the voice of God or silence it?

    Will you allow God free course or stifle the Holy Spirit?

    Important questions, for all of us.

  67. Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops. And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him.

    Another question – How do you lead others when you have yourself lost your way?

  68. Hi Andrew,
    Thank you for the videos.

    On my churchwarnings blog, there are a multitude of links, regarding the Todd Bentley angel-emma-birthed-Lakeland ‘revival’.

    Many of us remember well that the Lakeland ‘revival’ was greatly hyped/promoted by god tv AND charisma magazine. Very specially by Strang and J. Lee Grady.

    I noticed that in part 2 of your video, you make no mention of the part charisma magazine and Strang and J. Lee Grady played in pushing/hyping this ‘revival’. This you did not mention in the video.

    Also I noticed your remark in the last few minutes of the part 2 video which was preceded by photos of the NAR/ dominionists leadership. C. Peter Wagner, Rick Joyner et al.

    was your remark : ” we’ve got to know that our top leadership they don’t have any discernment”.

    Andrew, do you consider these NAR apostles and dominionists as your leadership?

    Another disturbing factor on your forum are the articles you have posted by J. Lee Grady.

    Has J. Lee Grady repented and denounced his affiliation with the NAR/dominionists?

    As far as I remember he is a card carrying NAR apostle.

    Then you promoted that south africa ‘revival’, which has NAR/doministist leadership like Cindy Jacobs etc.

    Andrew have you changed?


  69. Andrew Aug 4th 2010

    Swarna – lovely to have you on here.

    The 2nd video clearly states that Charisma promoted the “Toronto/
    Brownsville/ Laughter” movement around the world.

    After Lakeland was going, they changed their tune and Grady began to question it a lot. He really stuck his neck out. My understanding is that he left NAR and he also is not Charisma editor any more. He was one of the few who publicly really gave Lakeland a grilling.

    God bless you!

  70. Oh my God, I have been deceived!!!

    That is what my wife said when she phoned me up at work today. Now why did she say that? well this morning we received Brother andrew’s book about kundalini. She ended up reading the book as a “cannotputdownuntilIfinish” book. To be honest I praise God so very very much. The fact that the Lord oened her eyes Brother Andrew is a gift from God that I am so grateful for. My wife used to enjoy soaking a lot..I tried to mention to her that she ought to spend time in Gods word too.. but to no avail Today, she threw her collection away as she still believes she would be tempted to go back. We have had so many “interesting” conversations about revivals in florida canada etc. For me it was very very simple.. if it is not in scripture then I am v v cautious. But so many components I felt uncomfortable with.

    so many deceveid leaders out there.. but that is what the devil does.. attack the heads of churches that is what I think is happening.

    I pray that there would be more speakers preachers who accept Brother Andrews message. Let us focus back on Jesus.. such a simple message isnt it? Lord enlighten the eyes fo all those involved with Brother Andres Ministry, all those who come across his work. Prepare your people, many of us ( I include myself first and foremost) have wandered in the wilderness of deception, have had our golden calves.. but NO MORE. God is faithful, His love lasts for ever for His people…thank you so much Brother Andrew and all my brothers and sisters who have posted on this site


  71. Wayne Aug 7th 2010

    It is utterly demonic to assume that the Holy Spirit of God would contradict the clear teachings of the Word of God (The Bible) in any way. This is what these super spiritual wackos are doing.

    Any suggestion that the Holy Spirit would present a different Jesus to the one clearly defined in the BIBLE is clearly inspired by Satan in the very same manner in which SATAN inspired the fall of Adam and Eve. Let God be TRUE and every man a liar if they choose to contradict the Word of God in any way.

    The way to deal with these false prophets and false teachers is as clearly stated in the Bible itself

    2 Corinthians 6:17
    Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

    We MUST remain faithful to the Word of God alone if we are to escape the coming Judgement of God against those who do NOT love the TRUTH of the Word of God.



    When the tares have overtaken the field as it has done in the contemporary church the only thing to do is to follow the clear teaching of scripture as presented in
    2 Corinthians 6:17
    Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

  72. Wayne Aug 7th 2010

    “Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning
    our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you
    exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was
    once for all delivered to the saints.” – Jude 3

    The need to change his purpose is seen in the next verse:

    “For certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were
    marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men, who turn the
    grace of our God into lewdness and deny the only Lord God and
    our Lord Jesus Christ.” – Jude 4

    That men “crept in unnoticed” should give us pause…
    a. That such could happen, despite the many warnings given by Jesus, Paul, and Peter
    b. How much easier, then, for this to happen today when we live in a time far removed from those initial warnings!

    In light of this, Jude’s call to “contend earnestly for the faith”
    becomes even more relevant for us today…

    a. We ought to appreciate “the need” to contend for the faith
    b. We should understand “the how” when it comes to contending
    earnestly for the faith



    1. This I infer from the phrase “the faith which once for all
    delivered to the saints”
    a. The expression “once for all” can rightly be worded “one
    time for all time”
    b. That is, “the faith” (that body of doctrine which we are to
    believe) was delivered to the church “one time for all
    — Revelation was not to be repeated, nor was there more to be
    revealed later on!
    2. That God has revealed all that He would have us know is
    evident from such statements like those of:
    a. Paul, telling the Ephesian elders he had not shunned to
    proclaim “the whole counsel of God” – Ac 20:27
    b. Peter, writing that God has given us “all things that
    pertain to life and godliness” – 2Pe 1:3
    — If we have “all things”, and if we have the “whole counsel
    of God”, what else is there?
    3. Thus the Scriptures, which contain the faith delivered “once
    for all”, contains ALL we need to become what God wants of us!
    – cf. 2Ti 3:16-17
    4. When people suggest:
    a. That God’s revelation is incomplete, or it is still in
    b. Or that God’s revelation needs to be repeated

    — Then our task is to “contend earnestly for the faith once


    1. There were those in Jude’s day “who turn the grace of our God
    into licentiousness (lewdness)”
    a. Their doctrine of grace gave them excuse to sin
    b. So much so, that they engaged in that which was openly
    shameful (lewd)
    — Perhaps they said: “Let us sin so that grace may abound!”
    2. There are some today who pervert the grace of God…
    a. To excuse their disregard for the commands found in God’s
    b. To justify their lifestyle that is contrary to the
    principles of the Bible
    — For they are likely to say: “God is too loving, His grace
    is too wonderful, to condemn us when we are so sincere!”
    3. But those who “contend earnestly for the faith” will be ever
    mindful of what the grace of God truly teaches – cf. Tit 2:
    a. To deny ungodliness and worldly lusts!
    b. To live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age!

    1. Jude had to deal with those who “deny the only Lord God and
    our Lord Jesus Christ”
    a. The emphasis appears to be on the term “Lord”, used to
    describe God and Jesus
    b. The term “lord” comes from kurios {koo’-ree-os}
    1) Which is related to the word kuros (supremacy)
    2) Meaning “supreme in authority”
    c. These people were denying the authority rightly belonging
    to God and Jesus
    2. Today we often face people denying the authority of God and
    a. By their lack of respect to the Word of God
    b. By their setting up other standards of authority for what
    they believe or do
    1) Such as a synod, convention, council
    2) Such as a pope, bishop, minister, or their own person
    3. But those who “contend earnestly for the faith once
    a. Will recognize the authority which belongs to Christ –
    Mt 28:18; Ep 1:21-22
    b. Will recognize the authority delegated to His apostles –
    Jn 13:20; 1Co 14:37; 1Th 2:13; Ac 2:42

    [Clearly the need to “contend earnestly for the faith” is present, for
    just as there were those in Jude’s day who…

    – denied the all-sufficiency of God’s Word
    – perverted the doctrine of grace
    – denied the authority of God and Jesus

    …so there are such people today! How then shall we do it?]


    1. From the “Believers’ Study Bible”:
    a. The vivid expression epagonizomai (Gk.) is translated
    “contend earnestly” and is related to the English word
    b. The term is associated with strife and combat of a most
    vigorous and determined variety.
    c. The present tense of the verb indicates that the Christian
    struggle is to be continuous.
    d. Jude believed that the foundational tenets of the Christian
    faith were under attack. Nothing but vigorous
    counter-contention would be sufficient.
    2. The use of such an expression therefore suggests:
    a. The matter is serious; WE ARE AT WAR!!!!!
    1) Paul describes the nature of our warfare in 2Co 10:3-6
    2) And again in Ep 6:10-13
    b. This is not a time to be unprepared; we must arm ourselves!
    — We must therefore contend with vigor, even to the point of
    agony, for “the faith once delivered to the saints”!

    1. Paul defines our weaponry in Ep 6:13-18
    a. Girded with truth
    b. The breastplate of righteousness
    c. Feet shod with the gospel of peace
    d. The shield of faith
    e. The helmet of salvation
    f. The sword of the Spirit, the Word of God
    g. Watching with all prayer
    2. Notice that most of these things are for our own defense, lest
    we be lost in the struggle!
    a. The elements of truth, righteousness, the gospel, faith,
    salvation, etc., are needed for our own salvation as much
    as for those we seek to conquer
    b. Make sure that you let them “remove the plank for your own
    eye” so you will be able to see clear “to remove speck out
    of your brother’s eye” – cf. Mt 7:3-5
    c. Some people are so quick to take up the “sword”, they leave
    the rest of their armor behind!
    3. Paul also has something to say about other weapons that are
    “mighty in God”
    a. Such qualities as “the meekness and gentleness of Christ”
    – 2Co 10:1-6
    b. Making sure that we are first “spiritual”, and then
    displaying gentleness and caution – Ga 6:1
    c. Refraining from quarrels, applying gentleness, the Word,
    with patience and humility correcting the opposition – 2 Ti


    The call to “contend earnestly for the faith”

    1. is NOT a license to engage in “contentions” and “outbursts of wrath” – cf. Ga 5:19-21;1Co 3:1-3

    2. IS a call to vigorously contend with all the weapons at our
    a. First and foremost, with the Word of God, applied first to self
    and then to others
    b. But also, with the Christ-like qualities that are “mighty in God”
    to win people over to obedience to Christ

    3. IS the fact.. that many
    a. are not obeying Christ as Lord
    b. are perverting His teaching or setting themselves up as their own authority by suggesting they are receiving special revealtions
    …that makes it necessary that we “contend earnestly for the faith
    ONCE FOR ALL delivered to the saints”

    Dear friend, whose side of this battle are YOU on? Have you submitted
    to Him whom God has made both Lord and Christ? Are you continuing
    steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine? – cf. Ac 2:36-42


  73. Today was a strange day. Yesterday we received Andrews book Kundalini Warning.. my wife read it at work.. I read it in the evening. We were both taken aback by what we read.

    We prayed asking Gods forgiveness for giving in to deception. this morning when we woke up.. and we both had a feeling of emptiness.. or is it lacking.. you see we had both had links to Toronto ( never been there but had hands laid on from pastors who went there) and also Lakeland ( again never went there during the time of the “revival” but have got to know a few of the elders there). We found Bill Johnson and the teaching of Bethel Chruch, of Heidi Baker, of Ivan and Isabel Allum ( from Toronto) so powerful in our lives.

    And now we see things in a different light. Does that mean that all the teaching from those churches is wrong? Is there anything good that can come from those churches? where do we go, where do we find the teachers who will guide us? Yes the answer always has to be in scripture but somehow we have lost something that was important to us.. but probably more important that this is not a loss but a gain

  74. watchful Aug 8th 2010

    Kaz, it’s wonderful how the Lord is working in you and your wife’s lives, I just praise Him, He is so good! If the Lord does not lead you to a church or fellowship at this time, don’t worry – that’s a very common experience for those who are coming out of the Babylon harlot church. There is time needed to be alone with the Lord in order to get the wrong beliefs and teachings of man flushed out of your system and replaced with revelation understanding of the truth. I can tesify that Jesus is well able to be your Shepherd and guide through this season in the wilderness, and you will probably find this to be a most blessed time as you pray seeking the Lord, and reading the scriptures:

    1Jo 2:26 I am writing these things to you about those who are trying to lead you astray.

    1Jo 2:27 As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit-just as it has taught you, remain in him.

    1Jo 2:28 And now, dear children, continue in him, so that when he appears we may be confident and unashamed before him at his coming.

    May the Lord bless and keep you both as you journey on..

  75. Andrew J Horton Aug 8th 2010

    Hi “Kaz” and “Kaz’s wife”, ditto to what “watchful” shared… :-)

    I would also add that sometimes we need to let go of everything we’ve believed, unless there’s an unshakable knowledge that it is the truth of God, just let it go and let the Lord re-establish His truth in our lives…

    If there’s a doubt let it go, the Lord will re-establish it with deeper faith and clarity if it’s of Him, this has been my experience…

    There is always evil mixed in with the good in our experiences of “church life” and only the Holy Spirit can sift through it all and show us the difference…

    He will show you… :-)

    God bless you both, Andrew

  76. Watchful and Andrew, may you both be blessed for your comments and words of encouragement. We are so lucky that in todays time through internet we can access so many of the teachings live or at least download. But then double edged sword if we listen to teaching that is not of God. We will rest and search for His direction

    kaz and deborah

  77. Wayne Aug 8th 2010

    There are many books today that claim to be the Word of God. The Koran, the Islam holy book, claims to be the Word of God. The Book of Mormon claims to be the Word of God. The Hindus believe the Bhagavad Vita is the source of eternal truth. Karl Marx, with his atheistic world view, claimed his writing, The Communist Manifesto, was the ultimate truth. Adolph Hitler used his “Mein Kampf” to stimulate mass hysteria in war time Nazi Germany. A former Pastor of mine even stated that he “…..did not care about bible doctrine I only care about my anointing,” before swamping the former bible believing pentecostal christian church that I has raised my family in with a tsunami of Latter Rain and New Age doctrianl heresies and religious filth.

    All truly born again Christians, however, believe the Bible to be the Word of God and the eternal source of truth we live by. How do we know the Bible is the Word of God? Can we actually prove that the Bible is truly the Word of God? The answer is yes.

    Before I begin this discussion of the authority of the Bible, let me first quote the words of Jesus found in John 15:18. Jesus warns his disciples about the attitude the world will have toward those who follow Him. Jesus says, ‘If the world hates you, keep in mind it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own As it is you do not belong to the world. That is why the world hates you. 1 Peter 5:8 states, “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

    What is vital to understand from these passages is the attitude of the world toward God. The world is in rebellion against God, and worldly people under the influence of Satan seek to destroy your faith.

    In the light of the times we live in, it is important for Christians not only know what they believe but also, why they believe what they believe.

    I once heard an astounding statistic. It indicated that 80 percent of the college-bound students who profess to be Christians leave for school and return home no longer believing in Christ. One of the reasons is this: when a student sits in class and hears the professor discredit the Bible, the student doesn’t have a defense and is easily deceived into believing the Bible is no longer credible. This happens too often because Christians know what they believe, but not why they believe it.

    In my experience, there is no book that is criticized and attacked more than the Bible. Many intelligent scholars have written books that attempt to discredit the authority of the Bible. This is one of Satan’s goals: to get man to doubt the Word of God.

    To counter this attack we will study some of the evidence in the case proving the authority and divine origin of the Bible. This knowledge will enable us to make a solid defense of the faith when we are attacked.

    There has not been in the history of man a book that has rocked the world as has the Bible. The impact it has made is phenomenal. Some hail the Bible as the Word of God; others criticize and condemn it. With the Bible facing such great opposition today, and with many other works claiming to be the “word of God,” how do we know the Bible is the true Word of God? Let us take a look at the evidence.

    Internal Evidence

    The evidence for the authority of the Bible falls into two major categories: internal evidence and external evidence. I mean by internal evidence, the evidence that is found within the Bible itself. By external evidence, I mean evidence that is found outside the Bible, such as archaeology, science, philosophy, and ancient manuscripts. Let us first consider the former, the internal evidences.


    The first fact is that the Bible claims to be the Word of God. The authors knew they were writing the words of God, even though they often did not fully understand what they were writing. 2 Timothy 3:16 states, “All scripture is inspired by God.” 2 Peter 1:21 states, “No prophecy was ever made by an act of human will but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.” Jesus himself viewed the Old Testament as authoritative and quoted from it throughout his ministry.

    Holy Spirit

    Second, the Holy Spirit confirms to us that the Bible is the Word of God. John 16:13 states, “But when He, the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth.” The Holy Spirit who convicts the world of sin also assures the believer that the Bible is God’s Word.

    Transforming Ability

    Third, we have evidence concerning the transforming ability of the Bible. Hebrews 4:12 says, “The word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit.” Romans 12:2 says, “And be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The Word of God and the Spirit of God actually transforms the lives of people. The Bible has changed the lives of murderers, drug addicts, top government officials, business people, and students, to name just a few people from every walk of life who have been transformed by the Bible. No other book can make such a claim. This is because the Bible is not a mere book on good living but is literally packed with power. It is the Word of God with the power to change lives.

    These are only three internal evidences supporting the authority of the Bible. These of course are not the best arguments to use in a debate, but they are evidence. In the next section, we will study what I believe is the best internal argument.


    We have studied three internal evidences that support the authority and divine inspiration of the Bible. In this section, we will study the fourth internal evidence: the unity of the Bible.

    The Bible covers hundreds of topics, yet it does not contradict itself. It remains united in its theme. “Well, what’s so amazing about that?” you may ask. Consider these facts. First, the Bible was written over a span of fifteen hundred years. Second, it was written by more than forty men from every walk of life. For example, Moses was educated in Egypt and became a prophet over Israel. Peter was a simple fisherman, Solomon was a king, Luke was a doctor, Amos was a shepherd, and Matthew was a tax collector. All the writers were of vastly different occupations and backgrounds.

    Third, it was written in many different places. The Bible was written on three different continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe. Moses wrote in the desert of Sinai, Paul wrote in a prison in Rome, Daniel wrote in exile in Babylon, and Ezra wrote in the ruined city of Jerusalem.

    Fourth, it was written under many different circumstances. David wrote during a time of war, Jeremiah wrote at the sorrowful time of Israel’s downfall, Peter wrote while Israel was under Roman domination, and Joshua wrote while invading the land of Canaan.

    Fifth, the writers had different purposes for writing. Isaiah wrote to warn Israel of God’s coming judgment on their sin, Matthew wrote to prove to the Jews that Jesus is the Messiah, Zechariah wrote to encourage a disheartened Israel who had returned from Babylonian exile, and Paul wrote addressing problems in different Asian and European churches.

    If we put all these factors together, the Bible was written over fifteen hundred years, by forty different authors, at different places, under various circumstances, and addressing a multitude of issues. It is amazing that with such diversity, there is such unity in the Bible. That unity is organized around one theme: God’s redemption of man and all of creation. Hundreds of controversial subjects are addressed and yet the writers do not contradict each other. The Bible is an incredible document.

    Let me offer you a good illustration from apologist Josh McDowell. Take ten contemporary authors and ask them to write their viewpoints on one controversial subject. Would they all agree? No, we would have disagreements from one author to another. Now look at the authorship of the Bible. All these authors, from a span of fifteen hundred years, wrote on many controversial subjects, and they do not contradict one another.(1)

    It seems one author guided these writers through the whole process: the Holy Spirit. 1 Peter 2:21 states, “No prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.” The unity of the Bible is just one more amazing proof of the divine inspiration and authority of the Bible.

    External Evidence

    In our study on the authority of the Bible, we have studied the internal evidences, which are found within the Bible itself. Except for the unity of the Bible, most of these arguments are subjective in nature. Now we will study the external evidences of the Bible, that is, evidences found outside the Bible.


    The first external evidence is the indestructibility of the Bible. The Bible is the most well-known book in the history of the world, and no book has been attacked more than it. Skeptics have tried to destroy the authority of the Bible for the last eighteen hundred years. It has undergone every kind of scrutiny possible from archaeology, science, philosophy, and computers. Yet, despite all these attacks, the Bible proves itself to be true again and again. Each time the skeptics have been wrong, and the Bible has proven itself true. Just the fact that the Bible has remained steadfast in its authority after two thousand years is another piece of evidence supporting its divine origin.


    The second source of external evidence comes from archaeology. Middle Eastern archaeological investigations have proven the Bible to be true and unerringly accurate in its historical descriptions. Nelson Glueck, a renowned Jewish archaeologist, states, “No archaeological discovery has ever controverted a biblical reference.”(2)

    Dr. William Albright, who was not a friend of Christianity and was probably the foremost authority in Middle East archaeology in his time, said this about the Bible: “There can be no doubt that archaeology has confirmed the substantial historicity of the Old Testament.”(3)

    Here are a couple of examples of the historical accuracy of the Bible. A good example is found in Genesis 14. The Bible speaks of Abraham’s victory over Chedorlaomer and five Mesopotamian kings. For years, the critics stated that these accounts were fictitious and many people discredited the Bible. In the 1960s, however, the Ebla tablets were discovered in northern Syria. The Ebla kingdom was a powerful kingdom in the twentieth century B.C. The Ebla tablets are records of its history. Thousands of tablets have been discovered. What is important is that many of these tablets make a reference to all five cities of the plain proving the Genesis 14 account to be accurate.(4)

    Another example is the story of Jericho recorded in the book of Joshua. For years skeptics thought the story of the falling walls of Jericho was a myth. However, in the 1930s, Dr. John Garstang made a remarkable discovery. He states, “As to the main fact, then, there remains no doubt: the walls fell outwards so completely, the attackers would be able to clamber up and over the ruins of the city.” This is remarkable because city walls fall inward, not outward.(5)

    The March 5, 1990 issue of Time magazine featured an article called, “Score One For the Bible.” In it, archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon claimed Jericho’s walls had fallen suddenly. Many scholars feel this was caused by an earthquake which may also explain the damming of the Jordan. Additionally, grain was discovered, which shows the city was conquered quickly. This find adds credence to the biblical account. Further study by Brian Wood found the date of the fall of Jericho to match the Bible’s date.(6)

    Here are just two great examples of archaeology authenticating the historical reliability of the Bible. No book is as ancient, and at the same time, as convincingly accurate as the Bible.

    Indestructibility and archaeology are two external evidences for the Bible.


    There are many more external evidences for the Bible, but I’ll just cover one more: evidence from prophecy. The Bible contains hundreds of prophecies which have come to pass. No book in history has ever come close to the Bible when it comes to fulfillment of prophecy.

    The prophecies in the Bible are very specific and accurate. Nostradamus claims to have made hundreds of prophecies that have come true, but if you read his prophecies, you will find them to be vague and unclear. His symbols and language can be taken to mean a number of historical events. Unlike many such prophecies, biblical prophecy is very specific.

    Here are some examples. In Ezekiel 26, which was written in 587 B.C., Ezekiel prophesies that the mighty city of Tyre would be destroyed. Tyre was made up of two parts, a mainland port city and an island city half a mile off shore. Ezekiel predicted mainland Tyre would be destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, many nations would fight against her, the debris of the city would be thrown into the ocean, the city would never be found again, and fishermen would come there to lay their nets.

    In 573 B.C., Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the mainland city of Tyre. Many of the refugees of the city sailed to the island and the island city of Tyre remained a powerful city. In 333 B.C., however, Alexander the Great laid siege to Tyre. Using the rubble of mainland Tyre, he built a causeway to the island city of Tyre. He then captured and completely destroyed the city.

    Today, Tyre is a small fishing town where fishing boats come to rest and fisherman spread their nets. The great ancient city of Tyre to this day lies buried in ruins exactly as prophesied. If we were to calculate the odds of this event happening by chance, the figures would be astronomical. No, it was not by coincidence.(7)

    Here’s another example. There are over three hundred prophecies made of Jesus in the Old Testament. Prophecies such as His place of birth, how he would die, His rejection by the nation of Israel, and so on. All these prophecies were made hundreds of years before Jesus ever came to earth. Because of the accuracy of the prophecies, many skeptics have believed that they must have been written after 70 A.D.–after the birth and death of Jesus, and the destruction of Jerusalem. They have thereby tried to deny that they are even prophecies.

    However, in 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. These scrolls contained the book of Isaiah and other prophetic books. When dated, they were found to be written from 120 to 100 B.C.,(8) well before Jesus was born. It would have been an incredible accomplishment for Jesus to have fulfilled all three hundred prophecies. Some say these prophecies were fulfilled by chance, but the odds for this would be exceptionally large. It would take more faith to believe in that chance happening than in the fact that Jesus is God and these prophecies are divinely inspired.(9)

    No book can match the Bible when it comes to prophecy. Understand that I have only touched the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of additional proofs for the Bible, yet I have only mentioned a few. I hope this study has aroused your interest to further study the Word of God.

  78. AN ANOINTED ONE Aug 8th 2010

    The uninformed, the misinformed and the ignorant MUST stop posting on these sites.

  79. Andrew Aug 8th 2010

    But “Anointed one” – you missed out the ‘arrogant’ and the “prideful”. I wonder why?

  80. Understanding the Kundalini Spirit.

    Probably the best way to describe this Kundalini Spirit is to identify it as the spirit of this world. But that in itself is a bit of an over simplification as it is in fact just a small piece of a much larger picture. The kundalini spirit is in fact a legion of demons that fulfill a specialized task, but on there own they are not very effective, they have to operate in conjunction with other legions over them in order to effectively fulfill their role. What they are doing is mimicking the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

    There is nothing that can really be considered as original in the kingdom of Satan. All they can do is try and make a counterfeit copy of Gods kingdom and deal out deceptions from there. The infilling of the Kundalini Spirit is a form of passive demonic possession that is induced through different processes that make the victim willing to accept them. There is no one size fits all and they very their approach so as to make themselves appealing to their prospective new host.

    If the subject is religious as in Christian they will present themselves as the infilling of the Holy Spirit. If the subject is new age they will present themselves as the Christ consciousness or the tapping into the Devine or the entering into enlightment etc depending on the path the subject is following. If the subject is into the occult as in Satanism or witchcraft they will present themselves as what they are, empowering demons because that is what the subject is looking for anyway. A wizard wants power and they will give it to them. But in all cases it is the same demonic Legion operating through out.

    1Co 2:12 Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.

    Eph 2:2 Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:

    The subject accepts this counterfeit because this spirit is filling a place of emptiness in the subject, there are specialized legions beneath this legion that create that emptiness, thus opening the door for this possession to occur. More often than not involving astral projection or yoga or visualisation techniques or meditations that require the emptying of the mind. The victim is led in small gradual steps down the garden path into deception where they end up desiring this experience not knowing that it is the spirit of this world that they are receiving and not the spirit of God. Basically any teaching that says all roads lead to god is one of the deceptions leading to this form of possession! Once established in the person the influence of the Kundalini will hold sway over their logic thought processes and open them up to further deceptions while being able to block off anything that may make them reconsider what they have gotten themselves into.

    Now this Kundalini spirit legion falls right in the middle of a huge selection of other demonic legions that comprise the witchcraft lines in Satanism. Remember the satanic empire copies and mimics the kingdom of God so as to provide an easy access counterfeit of the real thing. The Kingdom of God is currently represented on this earth through the body of Christ. The Christians that are in Christ and that know their God are filled with the Holy Spirit that gives them access to the gifts of the spirit.

    The satanic copy of this is the Black witch or wizard lines that have been empowered by the Kundalini spirit and through their own will can now gain access to other demonic legions via the spirit in them to cast spells and curses. They represent Satans body on this earth. Of course the white witch or religious line and new ager’s all fall under the sway of this black witch wizard line as they have an active control over this demonic legion where as the others are in a more submissive role to the same legion. This is one of the ways that Satan holds sway over the whole earth.

    Lev 19:31 Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God.

    Lev 20:6 And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people.

    Deu 18:9 When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations.
    Deu 18:10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,
    Deu 18:11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.
    Deu 18:12 For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.
    Deu 18:13 Thou shalt be perfect with the LORD thy God.

    Now what needs to be understood is that the Kundalini spirit is only the lessor of two keys. The greater key is the demonic legion that goes under the name of Scirlin. This legion is the one that conducts the communications in the satanic empire.

    In the kingdom of God the Spirit of God is omnipresent. That is everywhere all at once. Gods Spirit dwells in Christ and Dwells in the saints with the result that through the Holy Spirit the kingdom of God is operating in a co-ordinated manner.

    There is nothing under the control of Satan that can duplicate omni-presence so the best they can do is mimic it. This is achieved with the use of the Scirlin legion of demons. Basically what they do is carry massagers and orders and curses around as in hells communications department. This unit is the one that gives and takes the orders to the Kundalini spirits that are embedded in their hosts, thus completing the illusion of the infilling of the Holy Spirit in what ever form the victim believes this to exist in.

    Now there is a singular demon running the show over this lot that is known from way back by the name of Nehebkau and considered by some to be one of the original deities.


    In Egyptian mythology, Nehebkau (also spelt Nehebu-Kau, and Neheb Ka) was originally the explanation of the cause of binding of Ka and Ba after death. Thus his name, which means (one who) brings together Ka. Since these aspects of the soul were said to bind after death, Nehebkau was said to have guarded the entrance to Duat, the underworld. D3 was one of the more important glyphs in his name, and although it was technically a variation on the glyph for two arms raised in prayer, it also resembles a two-headed snake, and so Nehebkau became depicted in art as a snake with two heads (occasionally with only one). As a two-headed snake, he was viewed as fierce, being able to attack from two directions, and not having to fear as much confrontations. Consequently sometimes it was said that Atum, the chief god in these areas, had to keep his finger on him to prevent Nehebkau from getting out of control. Alternately, in areas where Ra was the chief god, it was said that Nehebkau was one of the warriors who protected Ra whilst he was in the underworld, during Ra’s nightly travel, as a sun god, under the earth.

    When he was seen as a snake, he was also thought to have some power over snake-bites, and by extension, other poisonous bites, such as those of scorpions, thus sometimes being identified as the son of Serket, the scorpion-goddess of protection against these things. Alternatively, as a snake, since he was connected to an aspect of the soul, he was sometimes seen as the son of Renenutet, a snake-goddess, who distributed the Ren, another aspect of the soul, and of the earth (Geb), on which snakes crawl.

    Ka is also the Egyptian word for phallus, and so as the somewhat difficult to interpret (one who) harnesses together phalluses, he was often depicted in an ithyphallic manner (still as a snake).

    In order to bind this influence there is a need to come against Nehebkau and then the separate legions that operate under him. However you will find that the binding works better when reaching out to individuals. Blanket prayers over the whole church are not effective.

    This is what we have managed to find out about the legions under this demoness so far. It shows the progression to possession and then the control excerpted.

    *Nehebkau (Singular) (Over the demonic unit of Scirlin {main Key} -to summon other demons, communications dept) Under Seshat (curious Arts)
    **Kundalini spirit – ( this is the empowering demon line {counterfeit of Holy Spirit} in multiple areas covering both the black and white witch lines and carries curses) – {lessor Key}
    ***Poneroteros (more wicked)-under Kundalini
    ****Poneros (Evil Spirit)-under Poneroteros
    *****Kosmos (adorning the world)-under Poneros
    ****Konizo (receive reward of unrighteousness-worldy spirit)- under Kosmos

  81. Wayne Aug 9th 2010

    Andrew, As a bible believing christian humbly submitted to the revealed will of God I am strongly opposed to those who claim special anointings and thereby special revelation because of the obvious hypocrisy of their position.

    This, I think, is what you might be reacting to in your response.

    May I suggest that the arrogant and prideful are persistently uninformed, misinformed and ignorant because they enjoy being that way.


  82. tony, some amazing infromation you have provided but I am a little confused. Trying to understand this..why is so much emphasis placed on the name of these demons? Jesus only once asked the name of Legion and he did not use that. And surely the name of Jesus is above all names, the name before all will bend their knees.. so why so we have to name them. I do not understand the delivrance ministry.. but I see i is like this.. if someone has broken into my house, I give authority for say police to throw them out.. I am not interested in their names..Simialrly Jesus has given us the authroity to use His name.. why do we allow those spirits have authority to remain..just tell them to go in Jesus name.. once we declare that, what right have they got to stay we have broken off their rights..confused. I am sure there is a biblical explanation. Yes Jesus talks about binding the strongman, but after calvary devil is defeated and beaten.


  83. watchful Aug 11th 2010

    I’m not comfortable with that kind of information either, kaz. I don’t think we need to get that complicated, in fact it seems to glorify Satan’s kingdom and I find it defiling.

    Rev 2:24 “Now I say to the rest of you in Thyatira, to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned Satan’s so-called deep secrets…”

    2Cr 10:4 “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. “